Acrylics, Aquarelles & Oils.  Collages, Drawings, & Prints.  Photographs, Photoshopped Imagery, & Ceramic Arts of a unique kind; handcrafted by Canadian Artisans.

There is nothing which speaks louder regarding your success in the world than to have fabulously beautiful original art & crafts displayed in your home.  Collecting beautiful things makes life more pleasant and rewarding.

Check out Gertjan's Gallery.  If there is anything in there you would like to own, please contact us and we can see if the item is still available.  Not all works shown in the Gallery are available for sale.

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Essays, Novels, Plays and Down the Rabbit Hole, hosted on

BOOKS by Gertjan Zwiggelaar:

All books are 6 x 9 Trade paperbacks.

Essays by

Emmanuel Truthseeker:

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Glorious Music

Gertjan has composed 24 CDs of original crossover Classical music and one Jazz Album.  To date he has produced 15 symphonies, numerous Concertos, Programmatic scores, Rhapsodies, and Sonatas.  CDs are available to order.  $15 Cdn plus postage per item.


YOU CAN LISTEN TO 22 ASSORTED TRACKS ON SOUND CLOUD.  These are the first published compositions which Gertjan began constructing, first in Garage Band and eventually in Logic Pro X.  Everything you hear came from Gertjan and were keyboarded by him in his Tyger Recording Studio in Red Deer, Alberta.  Gertjan's entire catalogue was composed in 3 1/2 months!  From October 2016 to February 2017.  CLICK HERE!

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Aka: Gertjan Zwiggelaar

Aka: Emmanuel Truthseeker

Is an award winning multi talented Artist, Composer, and a Writer of Blogs, Books, Essays, Plays and Training Programs.

He and his friends are here to help you decorate your home or office with high quality visual arts and crafts.

Gertjan is available to write what you need to have written.  Do you need a legal challenge written out?  Do you want a special letter for your loved one?  Do you need an annual report prepared?  What about a Training Program.  Gertjan's sales training program for automotive sales is endorsed by the Alberta Motor Vehicle Industry Council.

If you have a special need for some original music to grace your wedding or perhaps something fitting for a funeral or other important occasion please contact us.


It's Okay to be WHITE!
Gertjan's Father when he was a Dutch Marine in Indonesia, circa 1948.

Go DOWN the RABBIT HOLE in Audio or in Print

Down the Rabbit Hole is a semi regular publication in which Gertjan discusses all kinds of things which we are generally not supposed to talk about.


Gertjan goes down the Rabbit Hole with Andrew Carrington Hitchcock on the Barnes Review, Euro Folk Radio and Andrew's website every Friday.  8 A.M MS daylight savings TIME.