DtRH 17/2018

The Suffocating Blanket of Islam

Article by Stratophericus


Like a suffocating blanket, Islam is sucking the life out of Western Europe.

Already it is widely considered that Sweden is a lost nation. 


Indeed, Malmo is now considered the rape capital of the world and the Jews are leaving in droves, now that they have succeeded in destroying that once lovely land of Angels.


Swedish Angels


Psychopathic Jews

Now the Jews are hard at work destroying Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands… by opening the gates wide to an invasion of human rats

With even more diabolical diseases than the rodents which the Jews let loose upon Europe in the 15th Century via one of their principal operating centres; Venice.

Why do you suppose the Bard named his famous play, The Merchant of Venice and not, The Merchant of Amsterdam, since that city is also heavily infected with the parasite; so is London?

Shakespeare could have called his play, The Merchant of London.  He didn’t because Venice was the focus point for the Jews’ mercantile enterprises and nefarious schemes then; like Jew Yohk and the City of London are today.




Remember, you are Down the Rabbit Hole.

Lots of twists and turns are upcoming.  I am going to use many photos to illustrate my point about the suffocating blanket and why an immediate halt must be put on the invasion of the migrants; those fighting aged men of the Muslim persuasion; many of them are Negroes and they have a very natural propensity for violence; to wit their intertribal warfare, for example; or the torturing to death of White People in South Africa.

Look at how those chimp/hybrids react around White Women and what those vermin do to them.  Here are some LINKS for you in case you have no idea about what Muslim men, Arab or Negro, do to White Women and Girls.  You can check it out for yourself, one, two, three.   LINK 1, LINK 2, LINK 3.

Where are the White Men?

Too Busy Being Narcissists.

It is time to put an end to this Diabolical Madness at the hands of

Jews leading the charge.

Three Scheming Jews Contemplating Cracks in an old Wall

Since it is commonly agreed that a picture is worth a thousand words, I think if we contrast Us; as in images clearly revealing the beauty of our White Cultures with that of the Muslims.  I will add commentary where needed.  Are you ready to become very, very concerned?  In fact, are you ready to get really pissed off?

The Jews Laugh at us White Folks for Having Been so Gullible.

You can never tell if these sorry creatures laugh.  I doubt it.  Dressed like that and with no clitoris and a husband who beats you and makes you sleep on the floor, there is not much to laugh about, is there?


Some of our Lovely White Girls Frolicking in the Waves. 

They tend to laugh lots when they are happy which is mostly in our wonderful White Nations.  The sound of White Girls and Women laughing brings me great joy.

I doubt if these four Muslimas do much frolicking.  Note the creature with the towel on his head, just behind and to the left?  Likely their husband, grandfather, uncle, or some other male relative.  Those male Muslim psychos have to keep a constant eye on their women.  If a woman steps out of line, the angry chimp comes out.  That chimp also comes out against everything to do with White Christian Civilization.


This is not a photo of Muslim violence, but it might as well be.  I am using it as a symbol of the sorts of things Muslim fanatics do on a regular basis.  What concerns me particularly is once the Muslims gain the critical mass needed using the Scourge of Democracy the art museums of Europe may very well go up in flames and Mona will no longer be smiling since our Visual Arts are idolatry to the Muslims.


Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci in the Louvre in Paris, where a major infestation of human rats have helped to increase the rodent rat population due their cultural differences which the leaders of the EU celebrate as much needed diversity.  cf: photos below.


Islam is a Death Cult

Islam is not about a celebration of life and the beauty of Motherhood.

Water colour by the Amazingly Great Adolf Hitler who was far smarter than that plagiarizer Jew Einstein or that lying weasel, Eli; both Jews in need of a hair cut.

One of the 3 Stooges of Jewish Intellectualism

Eli Wiesel, Poster Boy for the Shoah Business and a master liar not easily surpassed.


This is a photo of human rats showing how much they love
German Culture

Note the white skinned traitors in the group?  They are likely Khazars.

Following are some images highly offensive to Muslims and reflective of a better time when fashions were lovely and women demure:

Muslims laugh at us.  They think they are superior to Christians.

These are six twisted sisters of the Catholic Persuasion.  Not the same belief system as that of Jesus of Nazareth Who would never demand that a woman cover her lovely hair or to not ever be a mother of amazing children.



Just looking at these photos of two of our lovely White females in two different age manifestations makes my heart fill with joy and happiness.  Our White Women are the physical manifestations of glorious Angels.  Looking at the younger one smiling at you, you can not help but smile back, can you?  Women are so powerful that a smile from a woman or a girl can make a man’s day.


There were more enlightened times in NORAM, now also under increasing attack by the Arabic/Negroid Muslim Invasion at the behest of our traitorous governments.


Colis de tabernac; as they would say in Quebec.


We Are At The Bridgehead!!!


We Are At War

There is no more time for sitting on the fence or pussy footing around this issue.

I Repeat:

We Are At War!

And the sooner you realize that fact the better off you are.  It is time to take defensive actions at first and to become extremely prejudicial in the near future.  You will have no choice.  The issue isn’t so much the firearms.  The issue is, AMMUNITION.  Without the latter, the former will not function.  And, believe it; what is coming at the hands of Muslims for all unbelievers is brutal and savage and reflective of a period of history we call THE DARK AGES.

Here Comes Another Boat Load Into Europe

The invaders are being flown into NORAM.  Many of the human looking vermin are covered in bugs and filled with exotic diseases.  The airplanes are not cleaned well enough to get rid of crawlies and viral vectors.  If you think this through, would you ever trust going on another airliner?  Not this cowboy, that’s for certain.

Can you envision a little Muslim boy dressed like that and expressing such an imaginative leap?  Not.  Little Muslim boys dress like all Muslim men are admonished to dress; in the garb of Medieval desert dwellers.


In Some Places the Police are Instructed to Resist

Apparently not so in Great Britain where the police are told to stand down where Muslims are concerned.  After all, Muslim Madness is a cultural thing and nothing to worry about according to Treasonous May; the Crime Minister.

The face of treason and utter madness.

The Policy Enforcers of our western nations are mostly trained by Israeli security goons in the techniques of harassing, torturing and/or summary execution of civilians who are considered to be potential enemies of the state.  People who do not go along with the Jew imposed invasion of the nation by the Muslim Scourge are particularly suspect as are Christians and other White People of Conscience.


The Great Man; Adolf Hitler amongst an adoring crowd.  He was a strong proponent of OUR GLORIOUS WHITE RACE.



Just by looking at this image of the slimy Jewish Cunt you get a clear picture of what that thing is all about.  Is there not one man amongst those uniformed order takers?  One shot to the cranium and Merkel could have been sent back to the Communist fires which spawned her and Germany saved.

Angela Merkel is a Spawn of Satan.  Digital image by Gertjan.



Speaking of Satanic Spawn.  Here is another one.  Some think it looks like

Herman Munster.

Under the suffocating blanket of Islam, such flights of fancy as The Munsters could not happen.  Indeed, flights of fancy by Muslims is not really possible since they are hive minded and subscribe mainly to only one book;

Not exposing themselves to the joys of fanciful, insightful literature.


No fancy drinks for the Muslim.

Life has to be more like something resembling a desert.

Can you imagine a Muslim

Barber shop quartet?

What About a Muslim Pipe Band?

We lived in better times when the law enforcement agent was a friend and our nations were White and safe.  It is those once peaceful White Nations where great flights of imagination resulted in technological wonders so well reflected in this image of a magnificent Maglev train.

The magnetic train is such a far cry from the technology developed by Negroes in Sub Saharan and Central Africa.  Indeed, not even the boats they come over on, or the planes which fly them into NORAM were invented by them or their ancestors. As for the Muslims inventing much, they are too busy praying to Allah and looking over the shoulders lest that blood thirsty entity should strike them because it felt like smiting someone.  Read: Emmanuel Truthseeker’s, THE HORROR, An In-depth Look Into the Koran, available from: Stratophericus.com. and you will learn what Islam is all about and why you should be very afraid; indeed, Islamaphobia is the only philosophical position you can take once you know what they believe and are up to.

We Are At War And Unless White People Wake Up Soon We Could All Be Bleeding

This is a very dangerous book in that the ideas contained therein promise men that if they are good Muslims they may get to a Paradise where boys dressed in green and young, bashful virgins are there for their pleasure whilst rivers and fountains abound and thick carpets are spread with sumptuous pillows.  The virgins are the colour of corals and red as rubies.  In other words:  WHITE GIRLS! and BOYS.












The creature on the left forgot his beanie.

If these Muslim guys gain total control of your White Nation, you can kiss goodbye to your ability to do what you set your mind to; such as compose serious music, paint pictures, or write books as is illustrated by examples of the assorted works of

Gertjan Zwiggelaar.



Self Portrait c 1981


A Clown in the Rockies.  A watercolour.


Three of 24 CDs by Gertjan Zwiggelaar.
Available from Stratophericus.com.


Gertjan With Six of his Books


Under Muslim rule, Gertjan would most likely already be dead;

His head on a spike.


It is time to call the invasion off and send all Muslims and Jews packing back to some other place; not this planet.  Perhaps between the rings of Saturn might be a suitable location where they can fight it out with each other’s psychopathies.


Better Get Used to it and Begin Your Preparations.

Sieg Heil. Hail Victory!



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  1. It used to be a pleasure to visit foreign countries to experience different cultures. Everyone lived in their own surroundings (borders) not bothering their neighbours. I’m talking about childhood excursions from the weather related, dreary Northern Germany to the sunny and warm expanses of Italy. Or even Austria in the fifties and sixties.

    The more adventurous types vacationed in Morroco or Tunesia, even then being warned to stay away from the real Islamist areas unless they wanted to get mugged.

    What I’m trying to say is this was then, no problem with savages invading Europe, just our tourism supporting the numbnuts and being curious about how they live. I guess now we have the reverse ‘tourism’ from the nether years except they are not paying their way, forcing their presence on almost every European country demanding a lot of freebies.

    How can you stop a Voelkerwanderung? I don’t know.

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