A Handbook for the Righteous


How to Beat the Unrighteous at Their own Game.

By Emmanuel Truthseeker

Published by Truthseeker Institute circa 2014

This marvelous 49 page essay is the result of many years of research into the history and philosophy of law.  Learn who owns you and what you can do about that.  Read how we have all been manipulated into accepting a legal paradigm which is contrary to Natural and Common Law.  Find out how and why a certain nefarious group of evil schemers have over three millennia replaced God given law with an abomination called, Admiralty Law.

The Author wrote this booklet, which many readers have come to call, The Red Pill because of a legal entanglement he came up against.  Instead of hiring lawyers, those ‘Shysters’ to fleece him bald, the brave Author chose to stand up for himself in court and subsequently had to learn about the law and how it operates.  What he learned is that the legal industry is mostly a huge Jewish fraud.  There is no such thing as impartiality from the bench; which is a Latin word that means, bank.  Judge gets 30% of the day’s take automatically deposited into his or her pension fund.  Everyone is on the take in those courts where a Just Us System is in place and the Us is not We the People but members of a Cult of Satanists whose father was clearly identified to be Lucifer.

The Handbook for the Righteous comes bound in a plain red duotang if you obtain a hard copy.  More than 600 have sold in Central Alberta.  Pdf copies, which is how most purchase the information over the internet are sold for $50 Cdn.  A hard copy sold for $145 Cdn last summer.  One application alone can save you tons of money in legal fees and fines.

The Author saved $13,500 and a possible 60 day jail term with this information.

In Rocky Mountain House people used the information successfully to retrieve impounded long guns from the legal gang known as the R.C.M.P. whose head is the Queen of England etc. a reptilian pirate and the matriarch of a Jewish family of inbred psychopaths and pedophiles.  She is presently under an international arrest warrant for Crimes Against Humanity.  The so called, Windsors are actually a German Jewish family named, Sachsen, Coburg, unt Gotha.  Typical of Jewish malfeasance, they changed their name to avoid suspicions of their German Jewish roots at the time of the first Jewish effected world war in which millions of Christians were butchered in preparation for the second world war that followed.


A Handbook for the Righteous, or How to Beat the Unrighteous at Their own Game is a must have and should be read regularly.


In typical Down the Rabbit Hole fashion, Emmanuel Truthseeker takes the reader on a very interesting journey through the fascinating world of Truth.

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In Lacombe someone used the information to get an impounded car back from the policy enforcers.

In Red Deer, a young barrista came excitedly out of her coffee shop to inform the Author, who happened to pass by, that her mother had used the information in The Red Pill to save a lot of money on a speeding ticket; a false contract issued by an agent of the crown who can not contract when in his or her official capacity.  Only private citizens can contract with each other.  All of that is explained in a form that is easily grasped and utilized.

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