A Journey to the Underside

By Gertjan Zwiggelaar

Published by America Star Books in 2012.

This 606 page ‘Sci Fi’ adventure is an homage to Jules Verne’s novel, A Journey to the Centre of the Earth which was published in 1864.

The Journey has been updated in order to take advantage of the truth pertaining to the planet’s hollow nature.  Hollow Earth Theory is not a theory, it is a fact.


Eight explorers from the University of Alberta investigate a gigantic duct work discovered during excavations for a new convention centre set into the North Saskatchewan riverbank in Edmonton, Alberta.  Things are not exactly as they first seemed down that duct work.  The earth’s crust is more than rock magma and oil.  Eventually the explorers find their way to the underside of the crust where things are a whole lot different than topside.  The Earth is even more incredible than you think. This amazing story explores esoteric research into hollow Earth theory in a very original way.  Be ready for the ride of your life as you journey to the underside.

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