A Journey up the Amazon

Programmatic Music by Gertjan Zwiggelaar

Amsterdammer’s Pro Harmonic Orchestra

Imagine a trip up the Amazon.  As you come aboard, your precious piano crashes into the water.  You will have to go it alone without a piano and listen to the sounds of the jungle as you drift up the largest river in the world.  Listen to the bugs, they never quit in that dank place where primitive human beings still hunt with blow pipes. Then, when your boat ride is finished, you join an expedition into the jungle to find a lost city.  Programmatic music at its very best.  ORDER TODAY.


  • A Journey up the Amazon in an Old Wooden Steamboat Without a Piano.  28:27
  • In Search of the Lost City.  28:02
  • A Celtic Aire for Bassoon, Flute, & Harp.  5:44

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