A Journey up the Congo

Into the Heart of Darkness

Music by Gertjan Zwiggelaar and his Amsterdammer’s Pro Harmonic Orchestra

Recorded in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada at Tyger Recording Studio

Art work by the Artist. Not Prince.  Me!  Gertjan.

  • Symphony Number 9.     1:04:42

Imagine travelling up the Congo River, deep into the Heart of Negroland on a wooden steamboat.  Africa is a place where cannibalism and human sacrifices are still practiced in this very day.  As you drift along, sometimes you pass a kraal where Negroes beat drums and do their thing.  The farther into the Dark Continent you drift, birds, wild animals and clouds of insects buzz and hum creating a background of sound which sometimes never lets up.  In an hour of programmatic music you can easily imagine where Joseph Conrad drew his inspiration.

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Suggested reading:  The Negroes in Negroland by HINTON ROWAN HELPER and published by G.W. Carleton in New York, circa 1868.  You can find this book as a free pdf on the mighty internet.  CLICK HERE