It’s Truly a Pirate Story to

Lose Yourself in


I just wanted to send you a quick message and tell you how much i am truly enjoying reading your book “A pirate’s Tale” You sold it to my bf a few months ago in random passing and i have finally found the time to get into it…I am half way through it and i must boyfriend may kill me if i don’t hurry and finish it soon. Unfortunatly i find finishing it to be bitter sweet…which is probably why i find myself taking extra time to carefully read each word.

I just would like to say that you have truly done your homework and even though i am only half way done its truly a pirate story to lose yourself in.

I look forward to sending you another message when this book is done and would also like to know if you have written any others that i may be able to buy.

Thanks for your time

Shawna Bauer

A Tribute to the Pirate in All of us

An epic romp on at least 5 of the 7 seas. From weeping to pounding your fist on the table and everything in between. A tale that can’t help but sweep you, the “Dear Reader” up into the late 18th century world of piracy on the high seas. The incredible detail of the story anchors you into the reading experience. The sense of anticipation as it unfolds keeps you looking forward to each new chapter. There are plenty of twists that catch you completely by surprise. Definitely an excellent read. I will look forward to reading it again. There has only been one other book I can say the same about and that was Lord of The Rings. Long after devouring this story for the first time, I find myself thinking about victuals and libations. A truly wonderful, centuries old journey through the life of a writer-turned pirate and the people he loved, lost and sent along their to way to the afterlife.

-Stuart Smith, Engineer

We alI really enjoyed reading this book, it was one that I had trouble putting down. I would highly recommend this book to others. It was a very good read.

-Debbie Michaels, Packing materials manufacturer

I was Captivated and Entertained
Well I read “A Pirate’s Tale”…and I must admit I was a bit skeptical at first, but….WOW! I doff my hat to you sir, I was captivated and entertained and I couldn’t put it down! Gertjan, I may not always agree with the philosophy or morals, (the Lord’s work???) or the politics as presented in the book but I didn’t need to get caught up in that I just went for the fun and fantasy of the story and FUN and FANTASTICAL it was. I loved every cliché you hit (the eye patch, the peg leg, the scar, etc. etc.) I loved it all! The sense of adventure,…great stuff!!!.

I wish I had the budget it would take to make this into a movie but honestly I wouldn’t know where to start. How does one make “the Pirates of the Caribbean” without the millions of Disney dollars???

However as a read I’d say it was the most fun forty dollars I spent in a long time. Gertjan my friend, thank you!!!!!!!

-Larry Reese

Director of Film Studies at Red Deer College

My added note:

Larry is a fabulous stage director who has already made two feature films, ‘Naked Frailties’ and ‘To the Victor.’ Larry is also a visual artist and writer. A true Renaissance man and an excellent friend. Larry played the preacher in Clint Eastwood’s movie, ‘Unforgiven.’

Very Hard to Put Down
February 26, 2009

Go back in time when life meant nothing. Imagine escaping to an island that you only had to leave for Adventure and Supplies. A very easy read but very hard to put down. You will find yourself holding your breath. Excitement ++’

-Helen Sieben, a happy customer in Red Deer.

Author note: Helen told me she had read, A Pirate’s Tale, non stop for 30 hours. ‘I got nothing done. I couldn’t put it down.’

Your Book, it Took me Away

You sold me “A Pirate’s Tale” at Wal-Mart in Red Deer about a week or so ago. I have really enjoyed your book, it took me away.

After going to the website for the book & reading your biography I realized we were both at LTCHS at the same time. Alas, I didn’t take art or drama but I was quite fond of computers.

I might check out your other books having enjoyed “A Pirate’s Tale” so much. Keep it up!


I enjoyed your book immensely

Hello, its Teigen Robin

I am the student you spoke to in the Red Deer Walmart who was interested in your book and was a writer as well. I dearly apologize on the tardiness of this email, it has been hectic in my life with moving, midterms, school applications, work etc. But I am working on the review of a Pirates Tale as we speak, but I will give you a quick little insight on my opinion to you as the writer.

I enjoyed your book immensely, your writing style was something I enjoyed and I liked the fact that this was done in a first person point of view, for if it would not have had the same effect done in any other way. I also like that the book itself is realistic and there was obviously research done. One of my biggest pet peeves is if a story or an aspect(s) is unrealistic or in the genre of fantasy, an unbelievable unrealistic. Yours was very realistic, the characters responded to situations how a real person would. You also avoided the annoyance that some writers fail to dodge: it is not all smiles and sunshine. Many books have a character face an dilemma and are able to solve it with happiness, and totally disregard hardships, pain and suffering. A Pirates Tale had a balance of both. As you said before, this book is meant for more of a mature read, and I agree with you. There was some heavy stuff in this that some would find uncomfortable for a while (it was nothing of the sort for myself).

Another reason it is more of mature read, is that it is long. Immature readers will often give up as soon as a long book slows down.

Overall this book was a decent read, research was done, and it made sense. It had some intense spots which left my mom threatening to ground me if I didn’t put down the book and do my chores. I would most definitely recommend this to anyone who has a mature reading level.

With due respect,
Teigen Robin

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