A Pirate’s Tale

by Gertjan Zwiggelaar

This is the first novel I have had published.  It was released to the world by Publish America based in Frederick, Maryland.  We agreed to place it in the Historic Fiction genre.  This incredible story is packaged in a 6 x 9 inch Trade paperback format which comprises 547 pages of swashbuckling adventures as the protagonist, Peter Mann and his friends and enemies travel through time beginning in 1775 and ending 1837.

Peter Mann begins his fictional life in Halifax, Nova Scotia where he is a newspaper reporter for the Halifax Morning Post.  Peter is fascinated by pirates and gets the opportunity to interview a fictional famous pirate for a book he plans to write chronicling the adventures of the practitioners of the sweet trade.  He has no idea what lies in store for him as he gets right caught up in the action and adventure.

This story is a very unique take on piracy.

In the official website for the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise the founder states in a forum: ‘I don’t read books.  I don’t like books.  But, Gertjan Zwiggelaar’s, A Pirate’s Tale is an awesome book.’

One lady complained that she made a big mistake opening the book.  ‘Thirty two hours later when I got done reading, A Pirate’s Tale, it had consumed an entire weekend and I got nothing done.  Thanks a lot.’

Five Star Reviews are common for this inspired tale.

We have copies in stock, but, since the publisher has apparently gone out of business we’re not certain at this time what the circumstances are.  At present this book is rare.  You can order an autographed copy by contacting us HERE. 

SINCE THIS BOOK IS RARE, an autographed copy will set you back, $99.95 Cdn.  That includes postage.  It is a heavy book.  Weighs in over a pound.  So, for a 100 bucks, you get over a pound of fabulous entertainment and a collector’s item, as well.



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