All the World is a Stage

Actors everywhere.  An ecclectic world full of fun and adventure.

All Compositions by Gertjan Zwiggelaar

Amsterdammer’s Pro Harmonic Orchestra.

Accordion and Voice: Gertjan Zwiggelaar


  • Walking on a Street in Amsterdam.  2:18  The accordion is a popular instrument in Holland; that being the province where Amsterdam is located and the birth place of the Author.  It’s just possible one might walk along some narrow street away from a canal and hear someone playing that marvelous instrument of which the Artist has two; a German Horner and an Italian one which is broken.
  • A Sonata for Woodwinds & Strings.  13:54  Combining assorted woodwinds can make such lovely harmonies in glowing colours.  Add to them some well played strings over a period of ten minutes or more we call it a Sonata.  You can call it something else, if you like.  Music is fluid that way.
  • New World Order.  22:32  We live in a Jew World Order.  Jews control just about everything which matters, including most people’s religions; religion being your way of life.  Now we are nearing the end of the second decade of the 21st Century and a heavy, red fog is starting to choke the life out of the White Race which is being exterminated world wide by Muslim savages who have been unleashed upon White Nations.  We are now in those times spoken of in The Bible; those terrible times when the Sons of God must marshall their forces and defeat the enemy once and for all.
  • A Foggy Wednesday Morning on the Coast.  9:38  For those of you who have been to a coastal region, or those of you who, indeed live in coastal areas know that when the fog comes, out come the fog horns as large and small vessels strive to identify their presence when visibility is ZERO!  It takes a long time for a large ship to come to a stop.  One must be very vigilant when there is a foggy morning on the coast.
  • Pastorale for Early Spring.  6:55  Spring is when snow and ice melts and drips and drops onto the receiving soil ready to pop out May flowers.
  • A Piece for Organ & Chamber Choir.  11:33  The voice sounds are electronic, of course.  ‘I have yet to work out words for the song.’  Perhaps you will come up with some words for yourself and interact with this track; that being what it is meant for.  You see, music is not one sided.  In this case you are given the opportunity to advance your own intellectual development.  The more you make things up; as in engage with your imagination and the combined forces of your Mind Spirits; there being 7 in total in a human, two brained species, the more you can grow your IQ which is not a fixed quotient.  Don’t let anyone tell you that you are dumb.  You are dumb if you want to be.  If you push yourself, the Stratosphere is too small; believe me.  If it was not so, I would have told you.
  • Children’s Games for Brass, Organ, and Chamber Choir.  5:54  Do you remember your childhood?  Have you watched children at play?  Sometimes children can be very nice to each other and sometimes they can be cruel as Hell.

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