The Continued Adventures of Stratophericus

Photos by the Artist

Elk Having a Disagreement Within the Jasper Corporate Limits


The Author cleaning his glasses so he can see this adventure a little more clearly.

We are going to go on a trip to the Yukon with this page.  He and his friend drove up to Dawson City from Edmonton, Alberta in 36 hours and then spent 10 days poking about in that famous area which still spoke of those heady days of the Klondike.

It’s a long haul from Edmonton to the Yukon.

There are bridges to cross.

Long highways to drive.


Eventually you do get to Dawson City on the Yukon River.

The Roadhouse was not operating when the Artist was there.  This little shack at some time dispensed snacks and such like requirements for people waiting for the ferry to take them to Dawson City from the the west bank.  You can see the ferry in the photos.  You can see what Dawson City looks like from the west bank of the river.

Not all buildings in Dawson City lean to one side.  Lots of them are in a goodly state of repair, having been restored when the people of Dawson City realized they had a historic tourist place on their hands in the 1960s and people started making the long trek to get up there.

Note the strange looking structure below?  The Author and his friend are standing on the deck of the thing.  It is a gold dredge.  There are a number of them decaying all around the area.  The noise of those things dredging up gravel in the creeks must have been phenomenal and would have driven the Artist crazy.

Up here we are where the border between the Yukon and Alaska is placed.  You can see the spike and you can see a pile of rusting cans which were piled up near by.

Poker Creek and Chicken, Alaska are two places along the Top of the World Highway.  Great vistas are up there in the Great White North, such as Atlin Lake.

Atlin Lake, British Columbia.  We got there eventually by going over the top of the world highway into Alaska and then east to the top of BC where we spent some days camping there.

We Eventually came upon an aboriginal village as we made our way south through the middle of BC and found a whole lot of rotting totem poles as well as a few which were standing proudly for the odd tourist who might trickle in there.


Canada truly has some of the most magnificent landscapes on the planet where one barely ever sees another human being for days on end.  Canada has some of the last free wilderness on Earth.  Come visit us.


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