The Holocaust of WWII

Is a very incredible story and must be examined closely because so much depends on people knowing the Truth.  The International Element which is trying to wrest control of this planet shrinks in the Light of Truth.

Truth is abhorrent to the Masters of the Lie.

Make your deal with the Devil and it will come to haunt you.


Taylor Swift in my Favourite Red Dress

This photo has gotten me banned from Facebook several times even when I used it to make a point, never indicating I either endorsed or rejected the image.  It is a photo of Taylor Swift making a political statement; albeit I do agree it is the correct one, but it is remarkable how the Jews, whose representative in the Facebook community is Mark Zuckerberg, run away from this image; how it makes them hateful and forever keeping me in Facebook penitentiary where I can only look at what happens in the yard through the bars of the little window of my solitary confinement facility.  Truly psychopathic behaviour too afraid of an amazing symbol so much more beautiful than two intertwined triangles.  The same censor board which operates on behalf of Mister Zuckerberg also doesn’t like my favourite red flag.

A battle worn flag of the Kriegsmarine.

And, of course, those crazy Jews do not like the following, either.

A Beautiful Flag bearing the vortex cross in a circle which means: Wealth and Prosperity for Everyone, Forever.  Hail Victory!


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Pirate Flags