Down the Rabbit Hole

Volume 2  77th Edition  NEW EXPERIMENT EDITION  Tuesday, November 21, 2017

I thought I would try something different for a change.  DtRH has been published as a pdf document for 76 editions this year, which includes the 40 part series regarding a trip down the rabbit hole of Islam.  That series was eventually compiled into a book.  However I have found some editorial issues upon re reading the thing and am working on a revision.  It is a tedious work since the Koran is a very tedious, repetitive task and slow going at the moment.  I will continue to plow through it and hope to have the new version available by next week.

The art work illustrating today’s rant is one of my abstracts which I composed some years ago.

Let’s talk about what is happening in

Rhodesia, (Zimbabwe) and South Africa today in general terms.

You are aware that a coup is unfolding in Zimbabwe, yes?  You realize that the aging, senile Robert Mugabe has lost it and could very well end up lynched from a lamp post.  His young wife has no backing to speak of and is on tenuous ground.  One of two vice presidents is attempting to take over the reigns of government and the entire story is a mess at the moment.  However, there is an exemplary moment here when a terribly deranged dictator is finally being thrown from power.  What will replace him we will have to wait and see.  Democracy is apparently practiced in that former White Land with so much wealth and promise; now a fourth world of people who can not govern themselves being still anchored by their DNA in an earlier manifestation of humanity; tribal and ruthless.  Read: Helper’s, The Negroes in Negroland to gain a better insight into what is what with Negroes.  The book is available as a pdf.  I suggest you download it and print it off.


The book was published in 1868, at a time when people were not politically correct and not afraid to admit what they observed with their eyes and ears; with their nostrils and the tingling sensation at the back of the neck.  The editor of that amazing book, Hinton Rowan Helper gathered first hand accounts from many sources; White People who went to Negroland and came back alive to tell about it; Explorers, Doctor Livingstone being one of them, Exploiters, Missionairies, and so on.  The first chapter of the book is titled: Cannibalism in Negroland.

As you no doubt are aware, by now, having followed news from South Africa posted on, that human meat is openly available in Africa; indeed the Blacks openly admit that White Meat is superior and fetches the highest prices in the black markets; where slavery is still a practice, as well.  The best human meat is that which has suffered terribly; for hours and perhaps days on end; tortured to death so that the meat has the best JuJu.  You see, they still believe in witchcraft down there in Negroland.

Unfortunately for the White People of South Africa and the few left in former Rhodesia, the Blacks who are the Communist ANC, and indeed the majority of the population down there are not indigenous to the region.  The black Negroes are interlopers whose ancestors drifted down into the paradise which White People had built there and began systematically over time, as their numbers increased; they reproducing prolifically, and the scourge of Democracy began to suffocate the White People out of existence, first in Rhodesia and now in South Africa where Democracy achieved Communism’s goal, everything is upside down and the once magnificent nation has a currency that is not worth anything.  The South African Rand, once one of the planet’s most stable currencies; even circulating as a one ounce gold coin for a very long time is losing value.

Now because the essential ingredients which make up the Black Interlopers are not exactly the same as those ingredients which make up White People, but, the Negroes are predominant, they are easily moved by the International Entity to consider the White People as the reason why they, the Blacks are what they are and that the ancestors of White Boers, for example were oppressive slavers and so forth which is total NONSENSE, of course.  Blacks and many other people can not distinguish the difference between white skinned Khazars and the White Descendants of Europeans.  It was the former, along with Muslims and Negroes in Negroland who carried on the slave trade hence White People must never allow themselves to be ashamed for what Jews did.

Negroes were imported into North and South America by design to mess with the glorious White developments which accrued there.  The destruction of the White Race has been ongoing for a long time.  It is now being speeded up with the infestation of human rats into Europe by Jew led NGOs; those ‘well meaning humanitarians’ hell bent on saving rapefugees from Negroland; all of them infected some how with any or all of the following: diseases of the body, bugs on the surface, low IQ, no education or training, sex crazed and obsessed with White Girls, a low desire to work, a great desire to wreck things White People have built and to bring everything down to a fourth world sewer status like where they came from.  Lots of them are Muslims but without any refinement; just an overt desire to rape and kill in order to be the best Muslim and go straight to Paradise as a glorious martyr.

White People in South Africa are Facing a Genocide

In December the ANC Communist government whose leader, Jacob Zuma never passed grade one is going to begin grabbing the land and property of White People in South Africa.  Actually this has been happening already since the ANC instituted a labor policy which put a whole lot of White People out of work and threw them into desperate circumstances with no hope of finding work in order to care for and feed their families.  White People are now living in shanty towns and squatter villes.  One such group of about 300 White People, men, women, and children were living on a piece of land the ANC needed for some bogus reason and forced those descendants of the Boers who built South Africa onto a refuse dump into tin sheds with no windows, leaking roofs, one door, no facilities and no floors.  Indeed the Negroes of the ANC forced 300 White People to live amongst the flotsam and jetsam of an urban place.  The stench was enormous.

The symbolic nature of that outrage should boil the blood

of any White Human Being reading this.

White Women with babies, forced to live on a dump with no running water.  The suffering is unimaginable.  That alone constitutes a serious Human Rights Issue and yet, the lame U.N. does nothing and western nations keep bringing in more chimp hybrids with the Muslim Mind Virus, (MMV) to wipe out White People in all of our nations instead of helping those desperate White People in South Africa.


Write your politicians.  Email them. Talk to them in their offices.  White People are Worth Saving.

There is a flicker of hope in South Africa if the people can just get over their petty jealousies and adherence to traditional thoughts, which like anchors keep progress from happening down there.

People of South Africa who desire Freedom from the Communist Yoke must support the secession claims of the King of the Khoisan, Cornelius III to separate half of South Africa according to the ancestral land claims of the true indigenous people; the First People of the South Western Cape.  Without the United State of Good Hope succeeding, there will be no refuge for White People in South Africa as the Negroes go full cannibal in 2018.

Regarding: Dearborn, Michigan

is now a Muslim city in the United States;

not so united anymore once again and Negroes are again a significant reason for that thanks to the International Entity.

Civil War is Brewing in the U.S.A. methinks and it will be along racial lines.


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