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VOLUME 2, 78th Edition, Wednesday, November 22, 2017

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There you are, way out there on the periphery of a small galaxy; an insignificant little dot moving about on a small, blue planet; the third from a relatively minor star in a triune solar system in which one sun has stopped a goodly part of its function and another one is incoming and known by several names; the Destroyer, Marduk, Nibiru, the Red Sun, and Wormwood.  What has that got to do with censorship you are likely wondering.  How many people have heard about Nibiru?  How many people know about the five to seven planets which revolve around that red sun?  Who knows much about Wormwood’s 3,600 year and 36,000 year cycles?  Not too many and that is because of censorship.  Information about the third sun of our solar system is not common.  Indeed information regarding the Destroyer has been suppressed deliberately because the knowledge is not very pleasant and may be the reason why so many elites are allegedly going underground.

Let Me Clean My Lenses So We Can Zero In On Censorship Closer To Home

The Author Cleaning his Spectacles.

Speaking my mind has been a very identifiable aspect of my character.  Indeed I AM well known for an outspoken nature.  I am quick to compliment when deserved but I AM also not shy to voice concerns when warranted.  For those of you who have been following DtRH know this publication to be hard spoken and we’re not about to hold back our punches.  It is one of the reasons you bother to read the words published here.  I do not hold back my opinions in other venues, as well, three of which will now come under discussion.  Let’s begin with the first direct involvement with censorship and that is my experiences in Facebook from which I am now banned, once again and heading into 470 days of Facebook Jail in the Zuckerberg Penitentiary since 2016 when the incarcerations began.  I have narrowed down what the censorship board is having problems with and I will share that with you and reveal how incredibly childish and psychotic the FB censorship bots are.

Several days ago I was let out from FB jail and took a deep breath and posted that I had not been idle in my cell and had begun constructing, Stratophericus.com.  Then I left a few bits of conversation in threads plus a photo of my favourite red dress modelled by Taylor Swift.  I have posted that photo before along with photos of my favourite red, white, and black flags of the National Socialist Government under Adolf Hitler.  Beautiful flags with the vortex cross in a circle meaning;

Wealth & Prosperity for Everyone, Forever.  

I posted the photo of Miss Swift in a thread to make a point clearly identifying that there is no doubt about Taylor’s political bravery.  Under a photo of the amazing singer making a Sieg Heil salute and a quote by Adolf Hitler I posted a tiny comment because words were not really necessary; the photo says it all.  Posting that foto got me busted yet again from being able to interact with my FB family.  Do you not agree that the level of censorship being perpetrated by Facebook is absurd, clearly identifies the censors as childish psychopaths, and clearly identifies them as members of a belief system which makes little sense to sane human beings who want a better world free of usury and malfeasance.


The people of the Western World are mind controlled with an idea virus called, Democracy


The people of the Western World have been infected with a mind virus called, Democracy using an inoculation tool called, The Public School System which we at DtRH call, The Public Fool System; a place where people are intellectually and even physically pummelled by adults who have been led to believe they stand in place of the parents and have the right to brow beat, physically punish, destroy joy and imagination, and otherwise indoctrinate children with mind and soul destroying political correctness which embraces cultural diversity and expects people to embrace psychopathies which secretly preach that everyone who is not one of the chosen is an animal in human skin and the other strange belief system which teaches, either you believe in Allah or you are tortured and savagely murdered in cold blood.

White Europeans of the National Socialist Mind do not subscribe to the aforementioned sophistries and proudly wave our magnificent swatstika flags and shout; HEIL HITLER and SEIG HEIL! from the mountain tops.  Nothing to be scared of is there?  It is just words and flags.  Democracy got us governments which support censorship of our symbols and our White Pride.  And, democracy got us alien beings such as, Angela Merkel, Nancy Pelosi, Theresa May, Hillary Clinton and Justin Trudeau; four women and a wannabe who are so obviously mentally ill it defies Logic.

Why are those people not in jail?

We can name some others but it is a very long list and I AM confident that you are well aware who are also government leaders and mentally deranged or just plain dumb such as Maxine Waters or Diane Feinstein.

Anyway, I digressed, let us continue with censorship at the local level.

Canada advertises itself as a Free Democracy.

Canada Also Advertises Herself as a Police State.

The Disney controlled imagery pertaining to the British occupation force called the Royal Canadian Mounted Police is used to advertise Canada.  Indeed a Mountie on a horse with a lance is a logo for the country.  The red livery is pretty much what Great Britain used for many of its slaughtering occupation forces because it doesn’t show blood stains and thereby does not turn other mind controlled fodder off the continued mayhem and murder.

The French wore blue.

Democracy, to our way of seeing the story is,

A top down tyranny of the masses,

Many of Whom are not Sane Because of MK Ultra Programming
Effected by Magazines, Movies, and Tell Lie Vision.

And not at all what people have been led to believe it is utilizing a fable regarding the joys of democracy for the people of ancient Athens.  To set the record straight, only about 1500 elites were able to vote back then, circa 450 B.C.  The rest of the people were mostly poor and had no say in how things were done.

In Canada, like in the USA, people are moved to mostly vote for one of two parties, albeit there are three in Canada; well four, but out west we don’t regard the Parti de Quebeqois as having any credibility.  Indeed, we at DtRH don’t give credibility status to any political party since not anyone of them is National Socialist; not even the N.D.P. which, when one considers the words of Meyer Amschel Bauer Rothschild,

‘Give me control over a people’s money, I don’t care who forms their government, I will control those people,’

It matters not ultimately who or what you vote for because the banks are owned by those Jewish multi trillionnaires and they control how people vote using the lying main scream media to elect creatures such as a Justin Trudeau.  Democracy got Canada what it has for a federal government, that being Liberal which is the equivalent of Democrat in the United States and is soft Communism.  It is that which now is bringing the people of the Western White Nations

An invasion of Muslim, pre-Medieval savages

to speed up the genocide of we who built the Modern World.

I AM not okay with the Muslim Invasion having read the Koran four times in preparation for the book, The Horror, An In-depth Look Into the Holy Koran.  I AM now revising that book which constitutes essentially a fifth read of that book of horrors.  It is a very trying business and not a happy task.  Anyway, since I know very well what Muslims think must be done to the rest of us, and are, indeed, doing what is proscribed there in many places such as, Germany, Italy, and Sweden; indeed in most of Europe, when I learned the new maintenance man for the subsidized building I was living in is a Muslim; indeed he admitted that to me himself, when it came time to do an income review in the office of the Piper Creek Foundation I expressed my concern.  When asked to put my concern in writing, I did so and prefaced my statement with, ‘Having read the Koran four times…’

Several weeks later I received a letter from the woman to whom I submitted the concern telling me that the Foundation prides itself on being tolerant of diversity and differences of belief and that;

“I am a bigot”

And if I so much as replied to the letter by phone or in writing I would be immediately evicted.

Hence, I had no choice but to move, especially when I was further informed that my apartment was too cluttered and if not cleared out I would be evicted.  I am a producer of Art and a collector of books.  It piles up.


There never was a problem with my place in the previous five years.  So, I put myself on a progressive path of self development and found much better circumstances.  However, the move wore me out.  It gets more difficult the older I get, and believe you me, I have moved a whole lot in my life.  Double digits.

The next instance of censorship in Free Canada was several weeks ago when I went to Shopper’s Drug Mart to pick up my mail and buy a few packaged groceries.  I noted there was a place mat in the bottom of the shopping basket half of which was a photo of a smiling Muslima staring back at me in her hijab. I complained to the till girl and she told me that they are not racist at Shopper’s Drug Mart.  I told her that it had nothing to do with racism and that Muslims are here to kill us.

Two weeks ago I again complained about the Muslim place mat in the basket to a young 18 year old know it all girl who has, ‘Muslim friends,’ and from her behaviour it was apparent she considered me just another crazy old man with bad thoughts. I mean, after all, she has Muslim friends.  Of course, for those of us who know about what is in the Koran realize that it is impossible for a Muslim to be friends with non Muslims.  The Koran is very explicit about that.

A day later I received a phone call from the manager of the store informing that I was no longer welcome there and that my mail box will be moved.

I asked several times if the calm voiced politically correct manager had read the Koran which, of course, he had not.

So, yesterday I learned that my mail is being sent back to the sender, which is considered tampering and I will take that up with the Post Master.

Isn’t it amazing how we, who speak the Truth and are trying to warn people about a Rape and Death Cult are muzzled and expected to just not say anything and let the invasion go forth without opposition.

Censorship is overt and spreading.

Now the ADL is setting up a monitoring centre in Silicon Valley to monitor all of our communications in search of we dreaded people with a legitimate concern about Jews and Muslims.

I find this very demoralizing.  What about you?

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