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Volume Three, First Edition, Tuesday, January 02, 2018


Let's Begin Talking About Stuff

Article by Stratophericus

What do you suppose was spent world wide for glorious fire works; spectacular displays of pyrotechnics raining down lethal chemicals onto all of those celebrating human beings jumping up and down and thinking, hoping, praying, that things will be different just because another day has passed?

The figure is staggering and of course, one should always follow the money trail to find out who benefits from this annual orgasmic display of popping colours; all of it just a memory within 20 minutes or less.

Literally billions of dollars are spent on this momentary circus taking people away for an instant from their concerns regarding where the next loaf of bread will come from.

If you are a Negro in the USA, Europe, Africa, Australia likely you will get it from the gubbermint or you simply steal it from a local store.

If you are White and financially destroyed, ending up on the street,

You many become a Disappeared into a FEMA camp person where allegedly, in one case; a very secretive installation in Nevada, a working guillotine has been spotted by a very astute observer of areal photographs of the place.  LINK

Or, like in South Africa you can end up living on a city refuse dump in a windowless shack of corrugated tin with no floor and no facilities.

Here, in Canada, where Somalis for example; with an average IQ of 60 or less and a Muslim hive mind set; who will be an unworking drain on our public purse and intent upon rape and murder of all of those who are not Muslims get $3,800 CDN per month.

I have read that many Negroes in the USA receive $5,000 USD per month.  Why is that?  And that is on going day by day, month after month and will be such forever unless we White People finally grow a pair and resist.  WE WHITE PEOPLE DID NOT ASK FOR ANY OF IT and we now know who is responsible.

Of course they don't want you to know the Truth, 'you bleating Goyim.'  They hide their faces and practice chameleon magik; changing names, inventing myths and religions, making movies, and Tell Lie Vision programs to keep the 'animals in human skin' ignorant of what is truly going on.  It is all in their Talmud which you can read for yourself in Comeandhear.com or in their Jewish Encyclopedia.

We will discuss them in more detail as we progress through this first illustrated essay concerning the state of the planet on the second of January in 2018.  Is it 2018, already?  Where has the time flown?  How have world events accelerated so fast towards Armageddon?  How did we come so far down a rollercoaster to Perdition?  Democracy is a major factor in this story.

The unfolding drama in South Africa is the 2ND order of business for this edition.

In previous editions last year we published articles regarding what is in store for White People there since they have not organized themselves sufficiently and are a victim of Democracy without guns and ammunition.  Two days ago the deadline came which enables the Communist Thug Government of the ANC to steal all property of White People without recompense.  Since the government is almost entirely composed of Negroes, whose ancestors drifted down from the north and have no legitimate claims to anything in South Africa, the White People have very little hope of surviving the year unless immediate aid comes from White Countries around the planet.  The Whites number just under five million, comprising just under 7% of the population of 55 million, who are mostly Black.  Negroes are cannibals and they believe in JuJu and Mumbo Jumbo.  They have not evolved past what Rowan Helper revealed in his 1868 book, The Negroes in Negroland...  


In previous articles I have spoken about present day cannibalism in South Africa.  Indeed there are archived articles by many others on Rense.com speaking about human meat and the high price White Meat fetches.  True stuff and that is in today's 21st Century in which so many White People are not paying attention and think that pre Medieval barbarity and savagery can not exist today because we are all so civilized.  And for those uncivilized savages who are being foisted upon the White Folk of South Africa and elsewhere, there are many deluded White Ignoratti who will gladly attempt to share their advanced culture with them thinking it will rub off on simple speaking creatures, not recognizing that their IQ is so low, they are stuck in a hive mind cult of rape and murder; pillage and plunder; mayhem and destruction of White Culture and White Christians.  I have not noticed reports of too many Jews being damaged by Muslims, have you?  We have read lots about White Women gang raped and murdered in the most brutal manner.  Even here in La La Land Alberta, a Somali Chimp Hybrid horribly murdered the young mother of the child of a friend of mine.  They found Jenna Cartwright's decomposing remains in a ditch near Olds, her head was wrapped in a plastic bag.  She had been horribly tortured to death.  The Somali chimp, Basheer Gashaan is still breathing and living at our expense.


The people who are leading events are all members of secret societies, dual citizens, Israeli firsters, and Judaic psychopaths such as Benjamin Netanyahu.

White Countries World Wide are Under Attack by Muslims!

Many of the African Vermin are carrying exotic diseases of the mind and the body.  As for soul, they have none.

Sweden is considered to be a lost country for White People, who over the last number of decades have become so utterly Marxified and rendered into a simple minded, childlike state of guilelessness and have become ball less as eunuchs; whose women have a world wide reputation for easy virtues.  Swedes are like the Eloi from H.G. Wells's novel, The Time Machine.  Indeed, many police people are quitting their jobs there because they know it is now hopeless to stop the Muslim Madness.

The Jews are leaving the country in droves now that they have done their nasty business there and have opened the gates to the barbarians who will help effect the Jewish Agenda to wipe out as many White People as possible.  Remember, it was Jews who opened the gates to Spain and let the Moors in.  Also remember that throughout history, so far 110 countries have expelled their Jews once the people found out about what they think of non Jews and their nefarious schemes.

They have been at it for a long time!

In the former USSR Jews murdered upwards of 145 MILLION White Christians.  In the Ukraine they murdered millions of White descendants of German people with starvation.  In Armenia millions were murdered by Jews; many women crucified!  In Palestine on a daily basis people are murdered and maimed by Jews from Israel.

Germany became infected with a Ziotoad named Angela Merkel; the Angel of Death.

This foul creature is a Communist Cunt who was planted in the once mighty nation.  She is the exact antithesis of the Mighty Great Adolf Hitler; a man who cared deeply for his people and their welfare.  Angela Merkel hates White Germans because she is a Jew.  Many places in Germany White Christian Women are not safe any longer and are being warned to stay indoors or go out looking like a Muslima nun;

All wrapped up, even if the temperature is hot enough to boil water and fry an egg on the sidewalk where one now has to be careful because more and more public defecation and urination is accepted as normal and indeed sanctioned with city bylaws.  In one retarded city; I think it is Seattle, a city councilwoman suggested it was a racial gesture to hose down the sidewalks because it would suggest there is something wrong with pooping there.  It's a cultural thing.





The air craft carrier is the new Ford Class carrier which has cost the struggling Goyim of America, so far, $12.8 BILLION.  That is not considering the cost of manning and womanning the lethal vessel.  However, it is still a tin can floating on a sea of water within easy reach of very advanced missile technologies and EMP weapons.  People are homeless in the United States and yet billions and billions of dollars are spent to make and eventually render obsolete military hard ware.  Children there, unless the parents are wealthy, suffer outrageously in the Jew controlled Public Fool Systems of the nations rendering the majority of the Goyim children into Ignoratti who still line up at polling booths thinking they are making a difference and there will come Change.  I do not expect there will be much that will change as far as the continued destruction of the White Race and Our White Nations unless enough wake up in time and begin to do something about it.  Arresting compliant politicians would be a very good start.

The patsy state being hung out right now is North Korea, a country which lost more than 30% of her population due to American Zionist aggression.  There is little wonder that tiny country has militarized itself.  Knowing full well the Rothschild's intent on establishing their banks in the country and bankrupting the nation, North Korea has armed itself and is showing the world, especially the American/Israeli Ziotoads that they will not go down easily.  They are putting up a fight for survival.

In the meantime, whilst our attention is being distracted by the North Korea story, what is going on in the background?  I guess we will see as things unfold into this brand new year on an artificial construct called the Gregorian calendar.  Or if you are Jewish you have a different one.  Always wanting to be different and not assimilating; still practicing ancient psychopathies and wondering why intelligent, thinking Aryans are becoming ever more aware of your malfeasance and becoming virulent anti-Judaics.

To say, anti Semites is just silly and is a trademark of

The Shoah Business

Jews are but a small number in the global population and yet they control so much of the planet's affairs it is truly astounding.  And now look at the mess we're in.  It is high time to wake up White People.  You are at war, whether you like it or not.  It is being foisted upon you as part of the Agenda to exterminate the White Race.  It is why you have been disarmed and ammunition is now hard to get.  Just remember that mosques are weapons caches and when those pre Medieval psychopaths reach a critical mass in your city, watch out because the fireworks will start and never stop from then on.  This is a warning.  Please heed it and spread the word.  Direct people to these articles in Down the Rabbit Hole.  Become aware and arm yourself with Knowledge of the real story.

We will stop here at the end of this tunnel 

Down the Rabbit Hole.

We will explore another tunnel soon.

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