DtRH 05/2018

DtRH 05/2018

Volume 3, Fifth Edition, Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Why do People Become Soldiers?

Article by Emmanuel Truthseeker


It is a good question, wouldn’t you agree?  Why do people become soldiers?  It is a question worth discussing since there are so many rumours of wars today.


World War Three is on the Horizon.

The Main Scream Jews have been pushing for it.  Either the Jew Nighted States and her slathering sycophants; ie: NATO go after Russia,

the Jew S A bombs the crap out of North Korea,


Iran gets it.

One way or another they will have their war and people sign up to fight it, not really knowing the true reasons why but they sign up voluntarily, or are conscripted which is no different than impressment; when hapless inebriated sailors and other folk were abducted by the English navy, for example by impressment gangs roaming the harbours and kerplunking those unfortunates onto navy ships where the gun decks were painted red so as to camouflage the blood which would be spattered hither and thither when a massive ball of steel smashed through the ship taking out an entire gun crew.


Acrylic Painting by Gertjan Zwiggelaar

If a sailor survived such a thing and remained amongst the living with an amputated limb, there was not much recompense and life became a living hell thereafter for some, with but a tiny pension, if at all.  Some became a ship’s cook.

William Spavens wrote a biography.  He lost a leg but managed to make some money off book sales.

Those soldiers; who were navy sailors; (soldiers and navy sailors; I am classifying under the same word; soldier; a human being who fights at the behest of a single leader or a group of politicians led by International Bankers) never really knew the true reason for their sacrifice but were indoctrinated into believing it was all worth it and it was, ‘a bloody good fight for ol’ England’ and the King or Queen, Margaret Thatcher, Tony Blair or Mister Bush.

Or, the Emperor Caligula, Qin Shi Huang, the first Emperor of China, or the Emperor Wannabe, Barrack Hussain Obama; awarded a Nobel Peace Prize whilst overseeing a number of wars on this planet. 

Why do people become soldiers voluntarily?  We talked about conscription so let’s move on, because some people become soldiers for reasons of their own.


People become soldiers today, no different than in other times for the adventure since, ‘there is no life like it,’ that of a soldier.  One gets an opportunity to see the world; or a piece of it other than one’s homeland, so they think.  Some remained stationed on homeland bases throughout their entire career.

Digital Graphic by Gertjan Zwiggelaar

The war might be brought home and that is another story regarding soldiers and the only need for them in my opinion.  We will get to that part of the story.

Through the ages human beings have fought wars, each side thinking their cause is the righteous one.

Genghis Khan, the Scourge of God thought he was bringing peace to the world by killing all living human beings in his path, leaving pyramids of heads behind; which eventually became pyramids of bleached skulls.

Soldiers were rewarded by the head.  Greedy ones just kept chopping until they literally couldn’t chop no more and their blade was completely chipped and dull.  It did bring peace.  But, at that time the mind fuck known as Democracy did not exist yet.  People had no vote and did what the boss said.  So, peace yes, democracy, no.

Some Become Soldiers to Impress a Girl


Some Become Soldiers Because They Have Nowhere Else to go but the Army

Digital Graphic by Gertjan Zwiggelaar

And so they will fight Green Men, Blue Men, These Men, Those Men, and do not think about it too much.  Soldiering becomes a career and killing is just a matter of course.  Just part of the job.  No different then as now.

However, now the battle is not quite so up close and personal.  Hand to hand combat is rare nowadays.  A goodly part of the enemy will already be spattered hither and thither by airborne ordnance packages.

Some Join the Army Because They Like explosions

Military munitions developments require a lot of tests and some soldiers get to play with that lethal materiel.  Someone who left the military revealed to me that in basic combat training he got to unleash two shoulder fired rockets which cost $80,000.00 each.

Everyday, day after day, the mighty militaries train and test their expensive toys.  It costs the hard working Goyim most of their working lives to pay for all of it?  No different in Roman times when the people were also heavily taxed to feed the army.

Today the army/navy builds 12.8 billion dollar aircraft carriers in the United States.  That is not counting the hard and soft inventory; ie: planes and crew.  A large percentage of the population live in poverty and another huge sector struggles to make ends meet.

Most people who sign up for an army life do not consider the consequences.  They don’t think about being blown up and reduced to a life of pain and suffering if one lives through the ordeal and those valiant field surgeons manage to save another bit of fodder; an example of bravery and sacrifice for the cause of the day.

The Unfortunates pictured above fought for

Freedom & Democracy TM

They fought ‘over there’ in another nation’s wars; those promulgated by the Judaic Entity to further the Ersatz Israel Project.  Makes you wonder if those sorry soldiers think their lost limbs were worth the price.

Some of those legless, armless soldiers were assigned to Afghanistan to guard the poppy fields for Jewish Opium Commerce.  Why do you suppose there is more cheaper heroin available in NORAM for example?

Some Become Military People Because They

Get to Drive a Submarine, Tank, or Multi Million Dollar Airplane.



In earlier times people enjoyed the thrill of driving a battle chariot,

shooting with a ballista,

or firing flaming balls with a trebuchet.

To hear veterans talk, sometimes it was hell and other times it was bloody good fun.

Some Become Soldiers Because

They Enjoy Killing!

These Three Stooges of Mass Murder Were Never

Soldiers but They did Send Many Millions to Their Deaths.

This guys does like killing certain humanoids.  Indeed, I agree.  There are some who deserve a good killing. 

Semper Fidelis.

Of course it makes it all easier if the enemy is turned into something not human as in; The Hun, Slopes, Camel Humpers, Japs,  and so forth.  I am convinced that the ancient Romans had nicknames for the various peoples who opposed their Pax Romana.  For the Egyptians, Gypos is a likely nickname they might have invented.

SenATES PopulOus QUOrum Romanum

The People and Senate of Rome

There was an almost 200 year period when there was peace in the Roman Empire under the Antonines.  The most famous of this line of Emperors is the Philosopher General, Marcus Aurelius depicted in his declining years before his son, Commodus suffocated him with a pillow in the magnificent film, Gladiator by Ridley Scott.

The peace had been obtained by force of arms, but it did bring peace and prosperity.  Indeed, the Romans were always very willing to assimilate foreign peoples and grant them citizenship.  Unfortunately, those well meaning Romans let the Barbarians in and eventually they destroyed Rome from within, just as the imported hordes are doing in Europe today.


How Many Women and Children do you see Amongst These Refugee Streams?

Migrants coming into Europe from the Dark Continent known in the 19th Century as NEGROLAND have already taken over Sweden.

Thanks to that Angel of Death, Angela Merkel and the creatures she represents; those slithering Commie snakes with the little pancakes on their heads, Germany is soon to fall as well to the Muslim suffocating blanket being pulled over everything decent and lovely about our White Christian Culture.

Angela the Commie Cunt With her Masonic Hand Sign

France is suffering under the negro Muslim Invasion.  Downtown Paris is now looking like a typical urban slum in Negroland.  Human feces and urine pervade the sidewalks and alleyways.  The stench resembles that of an African kraal.

These migrants are not civilized human beings but truly animals in human looking skin; albeit negro skin is very different from White People’s skin.  The only diversity they bring is poop on sidewalks and a great drain on the public purse.

What is now being unleashed upon White Europe is due to the Judaic presence in most of the governments there due to the Scourge of Democracy.  It is so very unfortunate that the Jewish controlled media was so influential in persuading; indeed indoctrinating the Ignoratti to believe that the Germans were some sort of nasty baby eaters and mass murderers of Jews; those poor suffering Parasites who had been expelled from more than 100 countries. 

If the National Socialist Dream had been allowed to come to fruition, Europe would have become a paradise for White People with extremely tight borders and none of the circumstances presently unfolding there.  There could never have come to be an invasion of African human rats and White Women would be safe and not having to arm themselves in order to protect themselves from being gang raped by a pack of rabid Muslims with sexual emergencies.

So, Now Has Come the Time For People to Become

Soldiers to Save Our White Race

Before it is Too Late!

And that is the best reason to become soldiers and why our soldiers should be on the homeland and not away somewhere else meddling in other people’s affairs, just as what Adolf Hitler advocated so many years ago.

Heil Hitler

Sieg Heil!

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  1. Ignorance on Jewish controlled masonic network keeps white people adjusting in loose of identity. Nordics are suffering acceptance of Arlen Specter conferences advicing multiculturalism, Specter a Jew was ushering the Black tsunami yet,
    No one in Scandinavia, Germany, France an the rest of Europe would point to indict Specter as a terrorist or, Israel expelling of Africans or Southafrican blacks emplacing Whites to leave the country.
    Whites do have treacherous Judas among them and those are the Masons, always presenting themselves as a philanthropic society but truly, a den of vipers when gathering at closed doors and always seconding Jewish designs.
    Keep in mind that European nobility and heads-of-state, EU bosses and parliaments in no case did raise their voice to stop the degrading of the Europeans into a fourth World encampment. All of these speaks for itself that Masonic secrecy and obedience has the answer.

  2. Note how many ‘Leaders’ hold their hands the way Angela does in the photo in this edition of DtRH. That is a Masonic hand signal. They are all in on it. We are being played like a decrepit orchestra of screeching strings and blaring brasses. All the world is a stage and we are but players. We don’t direct and stage manage the show.

  3. You are right about the jew pretending to be one of us so they can destroy our culture, I guess they have to ruin everything superior to them so that they can be on top. I do not want to be around the society they envision it will make the dark ages look good, They truly are the enemy of reason and truth and this article is kryptonite to them.

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