DtRH 06/2018

DtRH 06/2018

Volume 3, Sixth Edition, Wednesday, January 10, 2018

And Already They Are Campaigning

For 2020

Article by Stratophericus


Let the Song and Dance Begin as the Fumes From the Swamp Overcome us.

Now Oprah is Being Touted as a Possible Candidate.  Maybe it is time to have a, cough, wise black woman in the, cough, White House.  She likely will have it torn down because apparently, Slaves built that house.  It’s a symbol of oppression and slavery of Negroes, doncha know?


Things are so crazy in the Jew Nighted States, next thing you know

Yoda will be running for president.


Given the incredibly rapid decline in the mean IQ of Americans, including Canadians, and well, Mexicans we know about their averages, we will leave those unmentioned, it would not be a wonder if Benjamin Nutanyahoo took a run at the Aweful Orfice/Oval Office since Israeli First dual citizens form a significant presence in USA corp. and that is considered perfectly kosher even to the traitorous Commie Pontifex Maximus; a Marxist Jesuit.  Are there any other kind of Society of Jesus members?

Speaking of Marxists.  What is your opinion of

Angela Merkel?

I can not imagine Donald Trump wanting to grab Angela by the pussy.  She is such a far cry from what a real woman is all about.  Angela is a hater.  She is destroyer of all that is good and decent in Germany and indeed, everything lovely which White People have built in Europe.  Angela is something other than a woman.  She certainly is a Jewish Cunt.

Two Photos of Real Lovely White Women

Note how Angela Merkel does not remotely resemble those fine females.  And, Angela is the exact antithesis of the Great and Magnificent Adolf Hitler who loved his people and his nation.

Speaking of Jewish Cunts, why is Hillary Clinton not in jail yet?

Donald Trump has been in office for a year and a malfeasant lizard like her and a horny goat, rapist husband are still breathing and walking about on the face of the planet in spite of the copious stacks of evidence clearly indicating that those two vermin are mass murderers and thieves of the highest level.  They, like so many others; the list is long, are laughing at us.  Those Jews and their minions think to themselves, what are the Goyim going to do about it?


Let’s fish for some answers to our Jewish Question which ultimately lies at the bottom of everything horrible on this planet including the legal plunder of the citizens to fund expensive election campaigns which never seem to end in the Jew Nighted States.  Many White People are in dire financial straits.  Negroes they get pretty much a carte blanche; there is evidence they all get paid and still they steal and riot and are ungrateful to White People and blame us for the fact they are not in Africa enjoying Negroland and all that entails such as cannibalism, witchcraft, and dirt floors with no plumbing.  Read Rowan Helper’s amazing book: The Negroes in Negroland.  You can access a free pdf download by clicking HERE.  Grab it before it is gone.  This book was published in 1868 before political correctness.

White People Need to Admit That we are not all the Same!

There is such a thing as RACE.  It is not a social construct.  It is a fact of genetics.


The First Thing White People Need to do is BE HONEST and do not trust the Main Scream Jews to provide your information ANY LONGER.


Be honest and admit to yourself that it is true; White People invented the modern world.  Indeed, they also invented much of the ancient world, as well. The other races are very good at copying what we have done, but they are not originators.  So, the first thing is to be


And all of our accomplishments.  Stand up Straight and never speak ill of your people.  Realize that it is the International Jew who is the spawn of Satan.  Realize that it is the International Jews who are trying to exterminate us and have therefore, just as they have done before, unleashed infected rats upon us.  Now, in the 21st Century, the rats look human and squeal, Allahu Akbar!

Jews Are At War With Us

They hide behind their Muslim War Dogs.  Note that although the Muslims profess to HATE Jews as much as they HATE White Christians we never hear about them raping and butchering Jewish women.  ISIS is right there, close by Israel and yet they do not attack that place.  And, Israel certainly is not admitting any so called refugees from the Middle East and is expelling its Negroes.  Arabs have no vote in that democratic illegal country stolen from the Palestinians with a piece of paper with some English words supposedly written by a Ziostooge named Balfour to the King of the Jews, Rothschild.




Somewhere between the rings of Saturn ought to do it.  Whilst we are addressing the issues which need to be addressed by presidential hopefuls is to also immediately attend to the Muslim Invasion which, if not stopped immediately, could become a very serious suffocating blanket of pre Medieval barbarity the likes of which NORAM has never seen before since the times of the extermination of White People by the red skinned Asiatics when they drifted over here so many millennia ago.

White People have to stop thinking that our superior qualities will rub off on other races.  That is just not so.  Chinese people realize there is a difference between the races and so do the Japanese.  They prefer to keep China for Chinese People and Japanese prefer Japan to be for Japanese people; the descendants of a head hunting cult named; Samurai.

White People have to stop their malfeasant, Jewish led politicians and hold them to account.  In Europe, citizen arrest those appointed EU fat cat ministers and put them in holding cages where Muslims can express their civility at them; throwing feces like angry chimpanzees, for example.  



And Politicians Better Begin Addressing That Fact Right Away Now That The Campaign Has Started.






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