DtRH 07/2018

DtRH 07/2018

Volume 3, Seventh Edition, Sunday, January 14, 2018

Who is at WAR With California?

Article by Stratophericus



Those allegations came to me about two years ago when I was doing my daily read through the headlines on Rense.com; a habit I have established over a period of 18 years now.  If you are not familiar with what H.A.A.R.P. is I have several photos to share with you regarding the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program.  I read a marvelous book on the subject by Nick Begich, Angels Don’t Play This H.A.A.R.P. back in 2003.  You can watch a YouTube in which Mister Begich discusses this insidious military technology.


The first installation which we became aware of sits on a number of acres in Alaska and has been used for some time already to manipulate the stratosphere.  The thing is also referred to as an ionic heater because what it does is focus a very powerful electromagnetic beam into the upper levels of our atmosphere which causes the ions to heat up making the atmosphere rise up in a circular field as much as 30 miles in diameter.  When the atmosphere rises there is a vacuum left which must be filled and causes sudden massive rushes of air which we interpret as a terrible storm.

Or, the H.A.A.R.P. can be used to stop storms as well by redirecting the natural air flow as was done off the coast of California for a number of years which dried out the forests transforming them into readily fired tinder.

When the forests and the land was sufficiently dried out fires came next, wiping out huge tracts of forest and mysteriously wiped out entire neighbourhoods.  Indeed there were places were all the houses were evaporated  such as those 500 houses in a district of Santa Rosa.



Some have suggested that it is possible that Directed Energy Weapons may have been used to vaporize entire neighbourhoods.  It is also alleged that the fires were artificially started since it appeared as if fire balls were dropped in a number of places where the conflagrations began.  It was not because of lightning strikes.  Billions of dollars worth of infrastructure and personal property disappeared.


A Bridge Too Far Was Crossed by Significant Numbers in the Social Engineered 1960s.
San Francisco became the poster city for the Rainbow Thieves.

Do you remember when HIV/AIDS was first announced in NORAM?  We heard about this GMO disease amongst the sodomites of San Fransisco.

HIV/AIDS is a Weapon.

Indeed, the mentally ill sexual perverts were singled out with the disease because genetic engineers can make serums that are capable of differentiating very subtle genetic or other aberrations in the injected body; animal or human; there is very little difference regarding how specific characteristics are differentiated by the programmed genetically engineered chemicals injected into the hapless subject/victim.  A whole lot of people became ill and died in tragic circumstances with tremendous suffering by family and friends, as well as themselves.


These People Are Mentally Ill

Of Course it’s all A-Okay in California; the home of Hollywood and a huge barge of perversion

as we are learning about more and more by the day, especially since the truth came out about

Harvey Wine Stain.  (Weinstein)


Barge of Perversion

Indeed, Hollywood is a major factor in the war that has been ongoing against the White Race; it being the primary indoctrination and programming tool used by the Jewish Entity.

Their Tell Lie Vision is the main distribution tool and now they are disseminating their abominations directly via the Public Fool Systems where transgender weirdos are being foisted upon children in order to promote perversion and pornography.  The minds and spirits of impressionable Kindergarteners and Elementary students are being programmed into accepting mentally ill people as normal and not in need of treatment.  Some of these creatures are pushing to legitimize PEDOPHILIA and have already legalized BEASTIALITY.  Indeed animal brothels are beginning to appear in heavily Judified countries and one can literally fuck the dog.  The sorry nation of Germany is seeing such abominations and Canada is not far behind since the Supreme Court of Really Important Mentally Ill People; Jews some of them, legalized beastiality recently.






Legitimizing mental illness as normal to children is CHILD ABUSE and must be immediately addressed by the parents.  I suggest class action law suits against school boards and each individual board member who ratified this abominable decision to bring sick, twisted, Satanic potential pedophiles, in drag, into class rooms, regardless of at what level even high school.  In my opinion the preceding photos numbered 1 and 2 are of very dangerous weapons being used legally in increasing numbers of schools and unless this madness is immediately stopped will lead to lethal repercussions.

I guarantee that some of the children will be turned into un natural creatures who may very well become suicidal at some point or will exhibit behavioural traits which will be very anti social and isolating.  Of course the sexual deviancy which goes along with this psychopathy can also lead to very seriously dangerous health consequences.




I suggest that pedophiles are a weapon and must be defused with extreme psychiatry, castration, and possibly a rope for those who are repeat offenders.

In California very mentally ill people are important, influential politicians who are also weapons hard at work destroying that once great state.  

Feinstein is a Jew.  Jews exhibit more than 200 identifiable psychopathies.  Do you think that Diane was missed when mental illness was handed out amongst her people?  Not likely.


Diane Feinstein and Jerry Brown, are two very dangerous weapons who promote legislations which are terribly detrimental for the people of California.  Insane legislations concerning what is legitimate to promote in the schools as I already spoke of.  Indeed the photo of the Satanic drag queen comes from California.  The governor of the state, who is that Brown fellow, is a dangerous weapon who has promoted tax regimes which are crippling people in that tragic state.  He also implemented legislation demanding that children be vaccinated by Jewish poisons or not be allowed into Public Schools.


What develops in California eventually drifts north and east, infecting people everywhere except in countries where that information is not welcome such as North Korea.


Another weapon being used against the people of California are Mexican migrants who are a constant presence on the borders and are eagerly sought after by the farmers who need cheap labour because they, like so many farmers do not get huge profits from their produce and need to keep costs under control.  Farming is an expensive and precarious enterprise.  There are many allegations that Mexican/Latino people are a significant factor in violent crime statistics in California.

These tatooed chaps are very dangerous.  Can you imagine your daughter bringing such a tatooed fellow home for dinner.  The ones with the facial enhancements would be particularly difficult to be sitting across from since the facial tatoos are terribly distracting, in my opinion.  In California there are sanctuary cities where illegal migrants are welcome and are helped to deflect the federal immigration agents.  Recently a young woman named Kathryn Steinle, 31 was shot by a Latino Illegal.  All kinds of excuses were made for the man to suggest the illegal gun went off accidentally.  See Here.  Similar types of excuses are made for blood soaked Muslim Psychos who are also a weapon foisted upon the people of California and elsewhere in the world where White People have achieved magnificence.


The Question is,

Why California?

Why is California under attack with weather weapons?  Why is California having to suffer so much devastation?

One answer is: DISASTER CAPITALISM. Property in California is VERY EXPENSIVE!

Rebuilding destroyed homes and infrastructure generates a whole lot of shekels.

California for a long time was a White Paradise.

Scenes of Paradise on the Pacific

Give a Woman an Inch and she has a new Bathing Suit in California

With the influx of Muslim Madness such scenes of Heavenly Bodies in a Celestial Sea will be no longer so ubiquitous.  In fact, such visions of Angels will disappear altogether as Sharia Law becomes the practice; all thanks to a weapon which was unleashed upon the planet a couple of centuries ago and is called; DEMOCRACY, which is a top down tyranny of the masses who are totally controlled by the weapon called, the Main Stream News.  The former word I call, Demon Ocracy and the latter; The Main Scream Jews.

Wolfie the Disinformation Disseminator

Movies coming out of Hollywood are a weapon which legitimized all kinds of abominable behaviour such as  miscegenation.

The ideas promulgated by Hollywood; a place run by the Jewish Entity is an effective weapon which also promoted the consumption of alcohol and tobacco.  In many movies both tobacco and alcohol are prominently displayed and consumed which sets an example and indeed implants the desire in people to use those products which as you well know have resulted in huge numbers of dead and dying.

It’s kinda dark in here, Leroy


If Bogie does it it’s got to be swell


Jackie Gleason liked to tell us how sweet it is.



The Judaic Entity makes a ton of shekels off the tobacco and alcohol industries.  They also make a ton of money dealing with the aftermath of tobacco addiction and alcoholism.  They even make money off the embalming fluids and fancy boxes.

It would not surprise me if Judaic elements own the ground you are to be buried in.  If you plan ahead, they might give you a break on a tombstone on which the information will be wiped pretty much clean in a couple of centuries or less.

Hollywood produces prescient films from time to time because that is part of the game.  The Goyim have to be appraised some secretive or even overt way warning of things to come at the hands of the International Judaic Element which so readily can get its hands on the latest American military equipment to showcase in their movies.

One such recent prescient film is titled, 2012; the year when the S… was to have hit the fan and people’s circumstances significantly affected; those who remain alive.  The film predicts that three major geophysical events will hit the Jew Nighted States; which is a shit hole in places such as Chicago, Detroit, and Washington D.C.  The three events are: The entire west coast up to and including Vancouver Island will sink into the irradiated Pacific Ocean; now mostly dead on the west coast thanks to Judaic Malfeasance in connection with the nuclear disaster in Fukushima, Japan.  The several unstable gashes which run along the west coast; fault lines can be further destabilized using H.A.A.R.P. technologies.

A Lovely Scene in Yellowstone Park

This was a tree at one time in Yellowstone.  All that is left is a stump.  When you examine the top from the air you will quickly see that it was sawn.  Remember, giants roamed the earth and men of renown.

Yellowstone is about to blow up any minute.  When it goes, it will make the Mount Saint Helens disaster look like a very minor eruption of an unstable slag heap; which it is.  Which is what volcanoes are; slag heaps left over from a very long time when this planet was mined by very much larger humanoids; 40 feet tall or more.  The Smithsonian Disinformation Service has kept this under wraps.  The movie in question predicts that Yellowstone goes off and by chain reaction sets off the horrible events on the coast which shows scenes of Los Angeles lifting up and sliding at a 45 degree angle into the frothing Pacific.

On the East Coast events unfold in a very sorry manner when the Cape Verde Island slag heap erupts and sends the entire west side of the main island into the Atlantic causing a tsunami which, according to computer models, rises up to the height of a 100 story building and moves at great speed inland for 500 miles!  The film 2012 depicts that.  And that is what I think is the plan.  It is one of the reasons so many wealthy elites are moving south to Patagonia and to Tasmania.  And, they are moving underground where entire cities exist in massive cavern systems which are thousands of miles wide and long, and several dozen miles high.  Or, they move right through the 1000 mile thick crust and take up residence on the underside where conditions have stabilized now that the polar holes are completely open, once again.  Read: A Journey to the Underside by Gertjan Zwiggelaar.  Amazon.com or from the author at: Stratophericus.com.  Barnes&Noble.com also.  If you Google, Gertjan Zwiggelaar you will find even more places to obtain this book; even though I make not one cent since my books have been stolen from me by a publisher who has left over 70,000 authors in the lurch.

I digressed.  Let’s get back to the weapons being used against California.

There are plans underway to bury the nuclear wastes from San Onofre underneath the defunct nuclear power station.  The thing sits right on the coast between San Diego and Los Angeles.  I always thought it to be a most ominous presence sitting there on the sand whenever I drove past it when I was sojourning and conducting commerce in the area.

San Onofre Nuclear Facility


Nuclear power plants off gas radioactive steam.  They are a very expensive, extremely dangerous way to boil water.  It is a judaic enterprise and therefore it is fraught with malfeasant intent.  When you consider that Nathan Stubblefield was able to tap massive amounts of electricity from the ground; the planet being a dynamo and Nikola Tesla unlocked the mysteries of electrodynamics we do not need nuclear power.  Electricity production need not be dangerous and potentially disastrous.  However, for the immediate future a major weapon affecting California and also is responsible for rendering the trees so brittle and flammable is the Fukushima disaster continuing to leak death into the Pacific for seven years and counting.



I Think I Have Just Answered The Question

Who is at War With California?

It’s the Jews!

Who are at war with the entire planet.




Check out this link re: mk ultra and a master plan


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  1. I hope Dr. Chiappalone is right and the real Powers That Be in the Universe will soon correct the Celestial Error and the Viables will be sorted out from the nonviables. This seems like the only way evil is going to be stopped from taking over the planet.

  2. You are correct about the jew being the enemy of Humanity. I am astounded at the length folks wiil go to in order to deny jes are the cause of so much suffering and misery and still exhist . They can be brought down and should be for the sake of. the world. My group of friends now say how jew of you when ever we encounter a person who acts or does shitty things, especially when comes to buying or sellin.g The reactions go from shock to agreement . Seems a hell of alot of people are tuning into the real root problems. Patton realized quickly who the real problems were arisng from

  3. Great work. Since the Joogle Machinery has thoroughly Shadowbanned me from the entire world, it would seem, or else some of their useful Goyim in the NSA/CIA/FBI whatever, since traitors and cowards abound in a world that drinks the blood of innocent children, I salute you for your courage and honesty! You stood on the right side against evil!

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