DtRH 09/2018

DtRH 09/2018

Volume 3, Ninth Edition, Friday, January 19, 2018

Photo of Anne Frank, writer of extreme holocaust porn and hate literature.


Article by Gertjan Zwiggelaar



Following is my letter to Canada’s ambassador to Germany.  You may copy this email letter and modify it to suit your needs.  Other people to contact are: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.  The Attorney General for Canada, The Attorney General of Alberta and perhaps send a nice card of support to Monika.  Addresses are added below.


Dear Mister Dion, brlin@international.gc.ca

I hope this Email finds you well and happy.

Alas, I am not happy and I will explain why.

My friend, Monika Schaefer was kidnapped by armed agents of the German government.  She was kidnapped brutally and incarcerated in a maximum security prison in Munich.  This overt criminal act by the German Federal Government is a serious breach of international law and the bonds of friendship which Canada and Germany have shared for a very long time. Abducting a citizen of another country is not legal and can never be legalized no matter how much one argues the point.  Monika Schaefer came to Germany in good faith to visit family and friends and to attend a court hearing for a brave German woman named Sylvia Stolz, charged with some other absurd nonsense similar to what Monika is charged with.

The issue is, Mister Dion, that people are being hauled into criminal courts for discussing a colossal myth which has snared millions in a web of deceit and overt lies about the Jewish version of WWII and what supposedly happened to them at the hands of the National Socialist Government of Germany.  The facts of the official story regarding the Holocaust have all been debunked and proven to be completely false.  Indeed, the entire Holocaust story was a marvellous invention which has justified the theft of billions of dollars in reparations for something that did not happen as well as it justified the theft of Palestine.

It is incumbent on you, Mister Dion, as our representative in Germany to express your utter disgust at this blatant illegal act against a citizen of Canada and you must demand the immediate release of this fine woman; a person whom I have known for a while now and for whom I have a great deal of respect.  Monika couldn’t hurt a fly to save her life, if you get my drift.  She is no threat to anyone and certainly is of a hugely higher caliber than the alleged refugees imported by the thousands from Sub Saharan Africa.  If anyone ought to be in jail under extreme observation it should be those refugees and the members of the German Federal Government who are traitors to their White Race and to their nation.  

I will expect an answer by return email in the near future.

Without Prejudice,

Gertjan Zwiggelaar


Justin Trudeau: pm@pm.gc.ca

Jody Wilson-Raybould, Attorney General for Canada: Jody.Wilson-Raybould@parl.gc.ca

Kathleen Ganley, Attorney General for Alberta: ministryofjustice@gov.ab.ca

Chrystia Freeland Minister of Foreign Affairs: chrystia.freeland@parl.gc.ca

Germany’s Ambassador to Canada Mr. Werner Wnend:  info@ottawa.diplo.de

Thought Crime Prisoner, Monika Schaefer,  (I will post the address as soon as I find one for her Jewish maximum security dungeon in Munich)

12 thoughts on “DtRH 09/2018”

    1. Alas, Torus, I think you are correct. However, if thousands of letters come, it might make a difference. At least we did something.

  1. The jewish holohoax is now so ingrained in the goyim psyche that sovereign states will now give up their own citizens to these bastards without a second thought. Monika joins the ranks of those incarcerated for the crime of telling the truth.
    Ursula Haverbeck, Sylvia Stolz, Horst Mahler, Brendon O’Connell are just a few of the thousands who have been thrown into dungeons by these creatures.

    1. Yes Charlie , no doubt a large amount of unfortunate jews were abused in WW2 having been left behind by their zionist kin who fled to the USA to plunder their education / media , ‘legal’ and financial industries. This fact never stops the abuse of truthers though :/

  2. Thank you for your comment Charlie.

    Remember, the first Inquisitor General who wrote the manual on how to effectively torture people was Tomas de Torquemada. He was a jew in monk’s clothing. Jews are a chameleon alien species which is completely and utterly anti Christ and hence a danger to life and beauty; harmony and peace… The Judaic Entity is hell bent on death and destruction and are using their Muslim war dogs and their Negro pets to do a lot of the dirty work, especially that of genociding the White Race.

    Truth to the Judaic Element is like light directed at cockroaches; they scurry thither and thither to get back to the dark where nefarious schemes are cooked.

  3. Here you go:

    Frau Monika Schaefer
    Schwarzenbergstr. 14
    81549 Muenchen

    In the light of stories like Keegstra’s, Zuendel’s, Topham’s and others I doubt it will make much of a difference writing in her support. But, if it makes you feel good go for it.

    It seems like Carolyn Yeager implies that if Monika had stayed out of that court room (((they))) probably would have left her alone. Now, what does that tell you about people having free movement and free speech? Both are becoming more restricted by the day. So, everyone stays home, sheltered in place so to speak, and doesn’t cause any ‘trouble’ to our overlords.

    Used to be a sci-fi nightmare. But is it anymore?

    1. Thank you MachtNichts.

      Writing to the compromised minions of the enemy indeed will have little effect. We have returned to similar conditions in Germany as were in Spain when the Inquisition rained terror on the thought criminals. People were incarcerated and held without them knowing anything about the charges, who charged them, why, and so on; all the while held in miserable conditions and tortured with no access to representation. Indeed it has been stated that Canadian government officials can only visit her once every six months. And, of course, being the milquetoasts that our government officials are; all of them stooges of the International Jews, Monika is now at the mercy of those venomous creatures; those serpents and Children of Satan. Best thing we can likely do is pray for Monika Schaefer. Germany has been lost to the parasite.

      1. “when the Inquisition rained terror on the thought criminals”
        I’m sorry, you are not doing yourself, nor the cause, any favours if this is your understanding of the matter.
        Educate yourself quickly.

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