DtRH 10/2018

DtRH 10/2018

Volume 3, Tenth Edition, Saturday, January 20, 2018



Still Leaking since march 11, 2011

Article by Stratophericus


The seventh anniversary of the nuclear disaster at the Daiichi power plant in Fukushima Prefecture, Japan is coming up.  Seven Years! and the problem is still with us and has resulted in very significant compromising of the creatures and plants of the Pacific Ocean.  Indeed, I suggest you do not eat sea food from the northern Atlantic and Pacific since the likelihood is, it is radioactive!


The effects of this disaster are being felt

world wide. 

Here is a link which will extrapolate this information.  LINK



Nuclear Power Plant
Cooling Towers Appear So Ominous

You can see from the nuclear flow charts that the we are in big trouble in NORAM


Every day, day after day, the entire protection outfit those workers are wearing is destroyed, including the helmets.  There are 100s of workers.
Some have already died from radiation poisoning.





There are places at the plant which are so radioactive a human being will die within minutes.  Even robots melt.

Nuclear power is an extremely dangerous


Expensive way to boil water!


The Nuclear Power Industry is Jew Science and Technology


That makes me wonder how it is possible that we can send satellites out there through the van Allen belts into super hot, radioactive outer space.  What do you think?  I mean, if robots stop functioning within short order within the radioactive power plant because of the radiation, surely satellites which NASA sends into outer space have to suffer compromise.  I am beginning to suspect that the entire NASA space program is a hoax of some kind.  What are your opinions?  We know the moon landing was staged in an earth based film studio about which the late Stanley Kubrick could have informed you.


Where did they store the lunar landing module on that rocket ship?  When you look at the size of the thing, there is no way it was stored on the Apollo craft.  Also, note the fluttering flag.  There is supposedly no atmosphere on the moon.  No atmosphere means, no wind.  Also, note the lack of stars in the sky.  NASA, which means; Never A Straight Answer, will tell you there are atmospheric anomalies on the moon.  Again, I ask you, take a look at that lunar lander compared to the size of the astronaut; who is standing beside it in his space suit made up of some aluminum fibres and rubber in which he is supposed to bounce about in temperature fluctuations from minus 180, or so, up to very high temperatures when exposed to the direct sun light.  No film on earth can withstand such temperature fluctuations either; hence, the photos are bogus and so are the space suits; especially considering the X-ray levels on the moon.  Film would have been fogged or fried.  Oh, and yes, btw, you do know that the photographer astronaut had a white painted Hasleblad camera strapped to his chest without a viewfinder and with controls that can not be manipulated with a pressurized glove and yet, look at how perfect those photos are.

Radiation is a very insidious phenomenon and it gets in everywhere.  Cancer rates are skyrocketing in NORAM.  Indeed very high radiation levels are even being measured in Pittsburg.  Tokyo is highly radioactive.  Indeed, in our opinion, the Japanese people are lost as a separate manifestation of the Oriental race.  The likelihood of them reproducing normally is quickly ending.  Indeed, I would begin screening Japanese visitors for radiation content before letting them across our borders.

Maybe I am being overly sensitive.  What do you think?  Before you add your comments, take a look in Rense.com on the right side of the site where you will find a whole lot of information regarding the Fuck up which is Fukushima.

If you have suggestions how to fix this mess, please add them to the comments below.  I thought a fusion bomb could do it.  What other options are there?



Fukushima is an Extinction Event

Just Another Way to Wipe us Out.

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    1. Others will tell you if you don’t think about it, it will all go away. We are thinking into reality all of the malfeasance on the planet. Of course this is not realistic. We live on a planet with billions of others; some human, some not. Some humanoids do good and others do evil. It is time for the good to get rid of the evil and treat them like unwanted bugs.

      Well, if you think about this, we might have less trouble if everyone followed this suggestion: ‘Let everyone contemplate God in their own manner under their own fruit tree.’
      Over and Out.

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