DtRH 13/2018


Communication Number Two

Article by Klaatubak

Human beings in many parts of the world practice a political system called, Democracy. It is based on a system of political organization developed in Athens, Greece in the fifth century before the prophet, Jesus Christ was born.

What is left of early Athens.  Various fixer uppers on and around a hill the Greek humans call, Acropolis.  The big temple is called the Parthenon and was blown up in one of those silly conflagrations humans get involved with called, War when programmed order followers blow stuff up indiscriminately regardless of the historic value and holy nature of such glorious architectural achievements.

A Symbolic Portrait of the Great and Wonderful Sovereign of our Universe known to humans as, Jesus of Nazareth.

Why human beings would chose to rule themselves under such a political system is beyond me, and another reason I find human beings so funny. In ancient Athens, only a very small group of citizens were allowed a vote to determine who would rule over the city. The majority of people living there were left out because they were, aliens.

Image I managed to retrieve from my ship’s data bank of an alien having been dealt a fatal blow in Athens when I was there in human reckoning; 437 B.C.  This photo was taken at 1:47 P.M. by human clock time in the Gregorian calendar month of July on the 13th day of that month.  It was an unlucky day for the alien whose name was Fred.

That is not to say they meant us, when they spoke of aliens, but other human beings who were not freeborn in Athens and belonging to an elite family. What most humans believe democracy to be, is really a clever tyranny of the masses who elect creatures called, Parliamentarians

who manipulate events in order to secure their positions in a place they call, The House of Commons; an expensive building where they can huff and puff and pretend to be very important while making momentous decisions which affect millions of people, good or bad. The funny thing about this human system of governing is that no parliamentarian is really held accountable for his or her decisions, except when humans organize something called an, Election or a lynching, but that is rare now.  Lynchings are considered to be politically incorrect.

Elections are always preceded by huff n’ puffery on a massive scale called, an election campaign. Parliamentarians and wannabe parliamentarians parade up and down in front of crowds of human beings who wave signs with their favourite parliamentarian’s name on them.

Sometimes a group of humans who support candidate A come to blows with humans who support another parliamentarian, candidate B over a difference of opinion regarding some trivial matter which has little consequence in the cosmic scheme of things.

Earth’s Inner Cosmos.

A Portrait of our home star system which humans call the outer cosmos.

During every election campaign parliamentarians promise all manner of outrageous things such as, they will personally balance the budget, they will personally reduce health care costs, they will reduce taxes, they will make sure there is a kibble in every dog’s dish, and so on.


When the campaign is over, the human beings who play the democracy game are duped into marking pieces of paper with Xs beside the name or names of the parliamentarians they want to see elected. It matters not at all if any of the humans marking the Xs have the slightest idea what the real issues are, or whether they are even capable of making a sound decision regarding their next round of leaders. Quite often humans vote according to tradition. It matters very little to them who the parliamentarian is, as long as s/he belongs to the right party. Individual worth has no value in cases such as that. Sometimes the worst sort of scoundrels become parliamentarians as a result.

We are not certain regarding this particular parliamentarian.  We are quite convinced that he is a hive minded Muslim homosexual traitor to his country based on the revelations of many very intelligent human beings.

An American feeble brained parliamentarian with a Japanese unit named Abe.

This is a photo of a human potato.

Arch criminals who on our planet would have been sent to Zekar 12 to work in the klukar mines.

Once elected, parliamentarians do what ever they can to remain in their comfortable chairs for four years, in order to retire from public life and draw a comfortable pension the like of which most human beings can only dream of.

The way I see this human foible is to observe that Democracy is very good for parliamentarians but not so good for the humans they are supposedly elected to serve. The only humans I see well served by parliamentarians is the parliamentarians themselves.

A parliamentarian named Waters with a fat bank account and delusions of grandeur with an IQ of a gorilla or intelligent chimpanzee.

It really is a funny story, that Demon-ocracy.  It is what destroyed planet 7X32 in the Lacuna System.  Too bad we are not allowed to interfere with human affairs otherwise we would have forced National Socialism on those primitive creatures, but, alas; we are not allowed to interfere and must merely stand by and watch the fireworks.  It is all very entertaining but I really want to come home.

—End of Transmission—



10 thoughts on “DtRH 13/2018”

    1. Reality: The Mes Iah is the smithie Yuya. “Mes” is Egyptian for smithie/smith.

      Reality: Yah Shua is Yuya, the Ya Shiva. He claimed to be a “god” as all kings and tyrants have done down through the ages.

      Reality: Hallelujah is AllaHu Jah…Yuya is even today witnessed in the traditional Islamic double palms inward towards face pose in death…look up his mummy online. Yuya was aka “YWH”, the name is enemy Amenhotep III spelled his name carved in stone at the still-existing Temple at Soleb.

      Yahweh IS AllaHu is the Messiah is Yah Shua.

      Look closely at his forehead, someone drove a spike through it into his right eye, popping it. Which is why Satan worshipers pose in photographs covering the right eye. Yuya/YHWH was the last king of the tribal area known as the “Kingdom of Media.”

      Sorry if your Illu of Sion is shattered…but Illu is another of the aliases of Yuya/Maya…Maya=Illusion in Hindu mythology. He was the Head Priest of Lower Egypt at sais and On….Sai-On….Illusion.

      1. Very interesting, farang. I appreciate your input. Amazing, isn’t it, how modern words and names come from such ancient times and have gone through so many transformations as in how to write the words and their meanings. They who control the definitions control the his/herstory. There are nefarious schemers who have been hard at work burying the truth of how all of this came to be on planet Earth. My suggestion is to read the Urantia Book and gain another perspective. The more mountains we climb, the more we ultimately see. You have climbed some mountains, I can tell. The mountains are not necessarily physical. It’s a metaphor.

  1. Why are the alien races either afraid of humans or find humans funny or pitiful or pathetic? You races make fun of us or pity us and always have to leave a trail of bread crumbs because “aliens don’t interfere”. Yet the mere fact that you post these articles could be seen as interference. Anyhow, been reading this crap and experienced much since a kid and have found even if all true, these aliens serve no purpose to humanity. Especially since I don’t have anything to do with the souless elite and simply have always wanted to be free and left alone to coexist with mother nature. But this is not a nurturing world. And the path has forced me to be a part of the nonsense I despise no matter what path I choose. In conclusion aliens have never been helpful. God has never been helpful. Science has never been helpful. It is all nonsense in this fakeality. And I am tired of reading or hearing the same formula of articles and lectures and books from Edgar Cayce or Ramtha or Lazarus or Val Valerian or Jonathan Livingston Seagull or Tenth Insight or David Icke or Eckhart Tolle….etc…. etc….etc…. they all pity humans… make fun of them… which doesn’t really help the asleep or the red pilled. And they all offer a quasi spirituality that isn’t practical for this slave hive mind mentality. It just messes people up worse…. again even if all true. Either leave us alone or damn well give us substance that will actually help us! Enough games. Enough blessings. Go back to the paradox you came from. I’ve wasted enough years on channelings, spritual journeys and meditations. Enough already and just get me past this waste of time fakeality or just leave me be.

    1. Jesus of Nazareth is quoted in the Urantia Book to have said: ‘Let each man contemplate God in his own manner under his own fig tree.’

      I have spoken of this quote before and changed the fig tree for, fruit tree. Your conversation with your Creator; The Universal Father etc is a private one and should never be debased with a public show of piety.

      I suggest take a read through the aforementioned book. It is available on line.

      As for us, aliens, not contributing. That is not true. However, the political affairs of human beings are merely a lot of actors jumping about on a stage who think they are important to the play. Most only have bit parts and could be left out and easily replaced with another character. It is when they start meddling with nuclear bombs when alien intervention has been effected in recent times. This planet is shared and the aliens are no more interested in irradiating this place than we are.

      As for the, ‘leave me be,’ that is exactly what is meant by the quote from the Urantia Book. You get that, don’t you? Ultimately we are responsible for ourselves. My articles point out truths about humanity and the story unfolding on this planet. They impart information with a touch of humour to add some honey to the prickly pear pie.

      Thanks for your comment, SG

  2. Yes, all my posts are “awaiting moderation”: Truth and Reality are a sometimes painful thing to accept…Stark Reality. We shall see if this site is strong enough to accept it.

    BTW: I took a screenshot to document my post…and I will follow up to see if these facts are “vanished.”

  3. BTW: “Yah- Shua” is the husband of the “Queen of Sheba”: Istar/Ishtar/Shauska. She is the wife of Shiva, spelled “Sheba” in northern Akkadian, which is “Hebrew.”

    Tae=”King.” TaeSheba was her husband: King Shiva. He was aka “Tushratta/Dasaratha/Dushartha.”

    Too bad your spacecraft can’t Time Travel…you would have known these facts. Oddly enough…Yuya/Illu/Elu was the “alternate name for the Greek god of Time Chronos. It means: HE ALTERED THE RECORDS AND HENCE “ALTERED TIME.”

    An ILLUSIONIST. The “Great Deceiver.”

    1. If one has good data bases to draw from, Time Travel is not necessary. And, besides, it is physically not possible since we do live part of our reality in a 3-D situation with physical objects such as planets which are positioned differently in the total scheme of things every nano second. To go back in time, physically, and actually be there when Stanley Kubrick made his photos of the moon landing, you would have to go back to the physical space where the planet was and must be physically for you to manifest there physically. That would mean this planet leaves an exact physical image of itself every moment in time and that is just not the story, is it? As for people tampering with the record, that is a fact. They who control the story control the people. Thanks for writing, farang. I appreciate your information. I like learning new things. I do not claim to know it all. Only the Father knows it all and what is unfolding is just as much a revelation for Him as it is for us.

  4. Allegro’s book The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross (1970) argued that Christianity began as a shamanistic cult. In his books The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross and The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Christian Myth (1979), Allegro put forward the theory that stories of early Christianity originated in an Essene clandestine cult centred around the use of hallucinogenic mushrooms, and that the New Testament is the coded record of this shamanistic cult.[22][23] Allegro further argued that the authors of the Christian gospels did not understand the Essene thought. When writing down the Gospels based on the stories they had heard, the evangelists confused the meaning of the scrolls. In this way, according to Allegro, the Christian tradition is based on a misunderstanding of the scrolls.[24][25] He also argued that the story of Jesus was based on the crucifixion of the Teacher of Righteousness in the scrolls.[26] Mark Hall writes that Allegro suggested the Dead Sea Scrolls all but proved that a historical Jesus never existed.[27]

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