DtRH 14/2018


A Look at Earthlings’ Money

Article by Klaatubak

Human beings have used all kinds of different things as a means of exchange. As long as the different things had an intrinsic value, it could be regarded as a suitable exchange for goods or services. Salt, precious metals, sea shells, special rocks, are some of the things humans have used for, what they call, money.

Eventually two precious metals, gold and silver became the standard exchange medium. Because these metals are not as plentifully available as base metals, they have intrinsic value. An ounce of gold in the Middle Ages could buy a human being a very good quality suit of clothing. Today an ounce of gold can still do that; buy a person a good quality suit of clothing. Gold has held its intrinsic value. The same can be said for silver.


For an ounce of gold a man can dress well at any time.

Several millennia ago, a unique group of people began to specialize in the handling of money. These people became bankers and money changers.

Painting of Jesus of Nazareth Chasing Money Changers From the Temple.

As more and more people began depositing their gold and silver with these people, the bankers began to realize that not everyone comes for their gold or silver all at once. The bankers came up with the idea of lending some of the gold and silver out to others and charging a fee for that service. The fee is called usury, or the, interest rate. Lending out other people’s gold and silver came to be called, fractional reserve banking. It is a very clever system to steal the wealth of nations.

Over time, the bankers have become ever more devious. Now they have but a tiny fraction of the amount they are supposedly holding on deposit and have inflated the amounts lent out based on the thin air which they are holding in their vaults. The money the banks lend out is charged with interest, however the banks do not produce the interest when they manufacture the money. They only print the principal. Hence, if all humans were to pay off their debts, there would be no money in circulation and a whole lot more poor humans lining up at food banks. It is a wonder so few humans have figured it out. And those that do, usually end up marginalized, in jail, or dead.

Too bad we are not allowed to meddle in human affairs and can only watch helplessly as a gang of thieves and murderers destroy their lovely blue planet.

A Gang of Destroyer Parasites.

If we could we would reintroduce National Socialism and enable human beings to see the light revealed by one of the earthlings’ greatest leaders in his marvelous book, Mein Kampf  and once again see our magnificent flag fluttering in the gentle breeze of freedom.

Photo of the Great Leader in an Admiring Crowd of His People.



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