DtRH 15/2018


Regarding a Humanoid Named Nathan Rothschild

Article by Klaatubak

This is the story of a man named Nathan Rothchild. We were watching him pretty closely in the early years of the 19th century, (according to the humans’ Gregorian calendar). This clever man was the son of a mighty banker by the name of Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild.

We thought it was pretty funny when he said, ‘Give me control over a people’s money, I care not who forms their government, I will control those people.’ Since we already knew something about how bankers manipulated money, we were curious to see how he would achieve his nefarious scheme. The answer we sought lay with his son, Nathan, the focus of this story about a certain strain of human beings and how they do what they do on planet Earth.

Photo from my ship’s data base of modern day members of that certain strain of human looking creatures dancing about with a rabbit on planet Earth.

Nathan Rothschild

Being a Rothschild banker, Nathan was watched very scrupulously by other human beings who made their living hanging about in the London Stock Exchange and playing with money. These humans do not produce anything. They make nothing with their hands. All that these worthless beings do is manipulate money in their stock exchange.






When many countries of planet Earth were engaged in a huge war, at their final engagement called, the Battle of Waterloo, Nathan had the foresight to send an agent with passenger pigeons to the battle field. Humans used birds in those days for quick long distance communications.


Image of an Event During the Battle of Waterloo From my Ship’s Data Bank

Hence, on June 19, 1815 Nathan Rothschild learned 24 hours before anyone else that Napoleon had been defeated.

Napoleon was a small French emperor with delusions of grandeur.

Some claim he had a complex.








Actually Napoleon Bonaparte was a good guy and he was of normal height for a French man of the period.

Anyway, I digressed.

Next morning after the conclusion of the Battle of Waterloo, the clever snake,

Nathan Rothschild

Nathan slithered into the stock exchange and sold off all of his government bonds, leading everyone to believe that

England had lost the war with France.

Immediately panic struck human beings sold off every government bond they could until the national debt of Great Britain reached nearly zero.


Then, Nathan Rothschild bought up the national debt of Great Britain at a time when the British Empire was already spread across the globe and its pound sterling became the master currency of the planet.

This of course enriched the Rothschild Dynasty to such an extent they began to gobble up the world with their banking system.

Today this incredible family owns and controls the Earth’s economy through the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, The Federal Reserve, the IRS, and just about every central bank on the planet. One researcher estimated the Rothschild’s wealth to be somewhere in the neighbourhood of one hundred trillion American dollars. When that is compared to the estimate of the world’s total wealth, which is around 267 trillion American dollars, the average human being should be able to deduce that the Rothschilds own more than a third of the planet’s wealth.


When such a thing occurred on our planet, many millennia ago, there was a stop put to that pretty quickly. It is a wonder human beings have allowed this Rothschild menace to continue its voracious devouring of the planet when there is so much poverty and despair. On enlightened planets, such as ours, such things do not occur. Wealth, as you know, is shared and nobody is poor. On Earth there is more poverty than wealth. Humans are funny that way.  It is so tragic we are not allowed to show them how much better off they would be under National Socialism whose flag is so very similar to our own proud flag of Righteousness.



–End Transmission–



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