DtRH 18/2018

Let’s Talk About Diversity

Article by Stratophericus

Europeans are being told they need more diversity.

Indeed in all White Nations, Jews are calling for more diversity through their many nefarious agencies; there being approximately 4000 in the Jew Nighted States alone.  In this essay I will prove that what the Jews think is the diversity we need is not the diversity we want and besides, we have lots of diversity already and do not wish to muddy it up with miscegenation.  Adding mud to a White canvas only makes for a muddy canvas.

A Smiling Dogon Woman.  

Dogon Women Using Modern African Technology

Let us take a look at White Europeans first of all in their physical manifestations. 

Hair colours are a very good example of the incredible diversity which is seen in the White Race.

Eye Colours

Are also highly diverse in the White Race

As are skin hues, from WHITE WHITE to soft brown.


Also note how much White Women resemble Angels

The eye colours of the other races are only brown or black.

Take a close look at the eyes of the people in the following photos.  It is plain to see how we are all the same race.


Does this look attractive to you?  Is this the diversity we want in our White Nations?

Miss Africa 2018






Two contenders for african mother of the year

The Judges


We are Down the Rabbit Hole therefore I wish to direct your attention to a Google search which is very interesting and revealing.  I looked up: African women in traditional costumes.  Here is the link to the Google page that came up.  LINK








Finlander German Ukrainian 










In Europe there is so much diversity that even within a tiny country such as the Netherlands, there are many different groups easily identified by the caps worn by the women.  Each town and village in the northern provinces have completely different caps.

We white europeans are diverse enough

We do not desire African or Middle Eastern


To Come and Pollute our Glorious

White Nations!





Photos of fire bombed cars in France at the behest of pissed off Muslim invaders who hate White Christian Culture and have no respect for the property of the unbelievers.  And our Jew led governments want to bring in ever more of those malcontents; the Jews’ War Dogs.

It does not take rocket science

It doesn’t take rocket science to realize that the importation of pre Medieval hive minded savages into our civilized White Nations is a HUGE MISTAKE.  They will never assimilate and be an increasing burden on us.  Eventually as the Muslims reach a critical mass in numbers they will use the Scourge of Democracy to fill governments with vehement racist haters of everything to do with White Christian Nations and eventually help the Jews to wipe out most of us.  Then the Jews will set the Sunnis against the Shias and the Wahabees; those crypto Jews in Saudi Arabia will rule ersatz Israel along with their brothers in Satan.

Fortress Rothschild


demand the immediate halt

Of the African/Muslim Invasion!


And the White Race is Just a Memory.




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5 thoughts on “DtRH 18/2018”

  1. There is no hint of any change for better in the madness being foisted upon us by an alien oligarchy. That will be a time of pipes and pitchforks.
    And it is becoming increasingly clear just exactly what the “Time of Jacob’s Trouble” really means. Because the House of Jacob never had anything to do with Jews.

  2. The House of Jacob. Jacob is Amenhotep II. Confirmed by the amount of sons, and the fact the “angel he wrestled with” was in fact a prince of the king. They were called “angels” and the king was “Lord.” It is all to conceal the fact that the entire history of the so-called “18th dynasty” is a cover-up of the invasion of Egypt and the murder of King Arta-tama…aka Amenhotep II by “Amyerteus” the only king of the so-called 26th dynasty. Amenhotep II was King Arthur. He was the last king of the 12th dynasty. All the other nonsense you read is an “Illusion” told by the “usual suspects”…the “Storytellers.” Amenhotep II…aka “Meliqart”…aka Hercules. Melik/King Art/Arta-tama…aka Bhima…the Hindu prince that “wrestled a demon all night.” Lastly, aka “Bhima-atta” (“Bhima (is) God”) the Buddha Abhitama…which is just an anagram of Bhima-atta.

    Illusion exposed.

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