DtRH 19/2018

We Are At War!

With Principalities Not of This World & Their Minions

Article by Stratophericus




Take a good look at the photographs above and tell me whether what you see are human beings or something else.  Remember, we are living in the 21st Century.  We are living in a time of instant communications and lovely fashions; gorgeous women, perfumed and glorious; like queens of old, with hair; beautiful hair, so lovely and flowing.

Now contrast the photos of some of our gorgeous, angelic White Women with the following and tell me that you desire the former over the latter.  If you desire the following and you are White, you are one messed up mental case and ought to be institutionalized for being a proponent of White Genocide, bottom line.


Is that White baby hers?  Or, is it lunch?






‘Hmmmm, yummy,’ thinks the baby in the photo above. ‘Today I’m having baguette, brie, and green onions with my beautiful brunette Mom.’  The  baby on the right is thinking, ‘Hmmm.  Yummy. Sauerkraut, sausage and wienerschnitzle…’

Baby Jesus is grateful He is getting divinely inspired milk from a Mother whose air, food, and water were not polluted with the many nefarious and poorly disposed bi products of industry owned by creatures who do not care one wit about the health of the people or planet we all live on.  When the SHTF they will go underground and save themselves from what they are ever more speedily unleashing topside.  I am hinting at what is coming regarding the subtitle of this piece.  Principalities not of THIS world; as in topside being this world.

Read Gertjan Zwiggelaar’s amazing novel:

A Journey to the Underside

For a very entertaining look into the hollow Earth.  For an autographed copy contact us.  These books are now very rare in hard copy since the publisher has disappeared, leaving over 70,000 authors in the lurch.  If anyone reading these words has information regarding: America Star Books please comment below.  Gertjan’s books are available electronically but for which he has yet to see a royalty cheque.

      Photos of Mother and her lovely White Baby using the amazing breast to gain such a great start in life and build a strong immune system because of it.  Boobs are not just ornaments; they are meant for one of the most important gifts a mother can give her child.  I grew up in a place and time when breast feeding was considered perfectly normal and that is what mothers did in The Netherlands; a formerly White Nation where I never saw a negro except in a photo book my Father had on one of his bookshelves.

You know where this is, don’t you?  For such a tiny country, it has a HUGE reputation for the amazing White People who reclaimed the sea.

A lovely spot on the Google map of my birthplace; Amsterdam, Holland.

I recall it was one of those 1950s books when Africa was being popularized and the anthropological research into Negroland became something of interest for educated middle class White People.

  Negroes were exotic and strange to my way of thinking already back then in the 1950s; a time when life in Europe became wonderful for a short while before the Scourge of Democracy led most European countries to eventually let the Serpents of Satan into their governments. Those infected governments have now opened the gates to an invasion of human looking simian/human hybrids and have created the war in question.

On the left is a photo of a Jew with a cake on his head making a call to Lucifer.  He lets you think he is so holy with his prayer shawl with the long tassels.  cf: Matthew 23.

The 1950s was a time when a stronger attempt was being made to make White People think of negroes as brothers and equally capable of handling, Liberty, Fraternity, Equality; The Three Horsemen of the Apocalypse, in my opinion.  Tell Lie Vision and Hollywood movies began to present negroes in more prominent roles and as buddies of White People.  Please remember the important quote from Doctor Albert Schweitzer who devoted most of his professional life to the dispensation of modern German medical practice to the negroes of Negroland.

“The biggest mistake the white man has made is to give the negro the idea he is equal to the white man.”




Three powerful, WEAPONIZED words came from the minds of

The Founding Fathers of Perdition

The Illuminati.

Liberty, Fraternity, Equality.


This sorry individual has gone completely Africanized.  Big nose.  Big ears.  Messed up mental case.  Possibly a Jew; one of those otherworldly groups we are discussing in this essay.

Yup.  Those two Jews really should be around children, alright.  What do you think?  Are those Jews in the photo above, sane?  Imagine having to walk around wearing a cake on your head.  Or, imagine applying for a job when you are a member of a Hispanic gang in Los Angeles; the City of Lost Angels.

I wonder what part of the brain is infected with the, African Wannabe  virus.
Not looking too happy.  Having second thoughts about being like an African?
I have to clean my glasses to take another look at these silly chaps. 
Imagine what they will look like if they reach 67.










We Did Live in More Enlightened Times When Brains Were Not Rotted Out by Political Correctness.









Even the chimpanzee is wondering, WTF?

Not looking too happy either.  This sorry creature is highly modified.  Her genitals are very likely compromised, and of course, the ears and lower lip.  She may even have missing front teeth since that is also practiced in certain African tribes.  Apparently she can give better head because of it.  There is something about this Negrette’s eyes.  Look into them and what do you see?

Do you really want more of these Sub Saharan and Central African humanoids in your White Nations?  Remember, they do not assimilate because they are incapable, having very low IQs; levels attained by intelligent chimpanzees and gorillas; that being 85 which is the average IQ of NORAM negroes.  In Africa the average is set around the 75th percentile.  Somalia is the winner with the lowest average IQs in all of Negroland.


Somalis not only have generally the lowest IQ of the negroes, they also have the HIGHEST propensity for violence according to statistics you will find in J. Edgar Steele’s awesome book, Defensive Racism.







J. Edgar Steele was framed on allegations he had hired someone to murder his wife; charges which she vehemently denied.  J. Edgar was hauled off to prison and eventually murdered by the Judified American Federal Government because of that explosive book.  Rest in Peace, J. Edgar.  You are a valiant Truth Warrior and will not be forgotten.


ALSO READ: Hinton Rowan HELPER’s:  The Negroes in Negroland; The Negroes in America; and Negroes Generally etc.  This book was published in 1868 before the Jews totally controlled publishing and pushed political correctness on us; mushing minds and rendering thoughtful people into muted,  frustrated, marginalized hermits speaking Truth to the walls of their caves.  Grab this book and print it out.  Hard copy is essential since I have a suspicion this book may be banned soon, since it presents an absolutely correct panorama of the negro character and how matters stand in their continent; Negroland.  LINK

Principalities not of THIS World

Please see my several articles regarding hollow Earth beginning with

Number One. DtRH 87/2017  LINK

That way I will not have to re-explain that information and we can jump right in to the next part of this discussion.  Remember I refer to topside as this world.

Many cultures have stories about the sentient reptilian presence on Planet Earth.  Indeed, David Icke, a very prominent researcher into matters esoteric wrote an amazing book titled: The Biggest Secret in which the presence of the serpentine is discussed; as in shape shifting reptilians who are also not of this world and in fact come from out there, as in the star system Draco.

Other beings from out there are said to have come from the Pleiades

It is my contention and that of other researchers that when this planet became available to receive visitors, since there were large enough access holes and the underside of the Earth’s crust was stable and salubrious at an earlier time than topside, beings from elsewhere set up under there and developed what are now very ancient civilizations which have had no access to topside for 8000 years, give or take a few hundred because the holes were covered over with ice which was dumped on this planet when comet Venus came into her orbit after having stripped most of the atmosphere from Mars.  The dump accounts for the flash frozen temperate zone creatures in the polar ice packs.  Admiral Byrd spoke of these things.  LINK    Also read Secharia Sitchin’s amazing book: The Twelfth Planet.  LINK

Photo of a flash frozen mammoth; a temperate zone animal.

Allegations abound regarding there possibly being a UFO base in Antarctica.  It is also highly likely, since the south pole access to Underworld is open increased contact has begun with beings from down there and from within the crust; some of whom may possibly be sentient reptilian bipeds. cf: DtRH 88, 89, 90, 91/2017.  Link to Archive.

The ancient underside peoples are to some degree responsible for the UFOs which are flying about hither and thither.

Bas relief from an ancient Egyptian tomb.

Do you see the helicopter in the image above?  What about the space craft and airplane?  What you are likely seeing are Vimanas in various manifestations.  An amazing book is available titled: Vimana Aircraft from India and Ancient Atlantis.  LINK

Some of the beings who came here are of a reptilian nature as is seen in the sculptures displayed below.  Other alien type beings; as in beings from out there or from in here look just like us and it is difficult to ascertain whether they are human or not.



I thought that you ladies reading this essay might enjoy this photo of a male human White guy on whose belly you can do your laundry.

One such alien group is called, Annunaki and they apparently hail from one or more of the satellites surrounding Nibiru; the Destroyer, AKA: Wormwood, Marduk, and Red Sun.  At some point in the development of affairs topside, Annunaki needed slaves to mine gold in Africa.  They bred those creatures and it is my contention those are the humanoids we know as the negroes.  Assorted simian DNA was crossed with human genes and that is how those beings came to be.

It is easy to spot the gorilla hybrids; they being the negroes with the huge flat noses.  The chimp hybrid is the one which is most violent and composes a goodly percentage of the human rats pouring into Europe.  The negroes with the huge buttocks, such as a Khardasian, for example, is likely a baboon hybrid.  Hence, the allegations from many sources that negroes are not human in the same way that the Whites are; who are possibly the descendants of Atlanteans.

The Dutch

Are likely descendants of Atlanteans given their prowess at land reclamation from the sea with complicated dyke and sluice systems.  They are very intelligent people and apparently so were the Atlanteans.  And the Dutch are White, White, White.

Now, a manifestation of the war we are in indicates that for the second year running

The most popular boy’s name in The Netherlands is,


It was quite an Alahu Akbar moment when I read that.

‘Alahu Akbar, WTF?! Moment on a Train Trestle.’  

-photo of the Artist by James Mill

The Mayans and other tribes of Mezo America and Mexico claimed to have contact with reptilian beings from the underworld.  Indeed, caves and deep, seemingly bottomless pools were regarded with superstitious awe.  Much of the peoples’ imagery portrays reptilian beings.

A double headed snake.  The double headed creature idea is interesting when you compare this image with the ubiquitous double headed eagle about which I wrote an article a short while ago.  cf: DtRH 91/2017

The Aztecs, for example have reptilian looking gods and practiced human sacrifice on a prodigious scale because if they didn’t, the reptilian beings of the underworld would keep the sun underground and not let it emerge for another day; the Aztecs believing that instead of the earth rotating and making the day and night, the sun went underground and thereby made the night.

In Oriental cultures we see reptilian imagery prevalently displayed.  Dragons are common images in China and Japan, for example.







Richard the lionhearted, king of england

Richard came from the House of Pendragon

Note the transition from dragon to dragonized lion?

Replica of Richard the Lionhearted’s Shield

David Icke identified the existence of shape shifting reptilian beings whom he called, Draconians in his historic book, The Biggest Secret.  It was published in 1999.  In that tome illustrations supported his argument without question.  Some of those photos were of sculptures of reptilian bipeds, several are holding human babies which were on display in the Iraq National Museum in Baghdad.

One of the first things the Jewish led American armed forces did when they came back to bomb the crap out of Iraq in 2003 was to sack the Iraq National Museum and remove the evidence of the shape shifters because it is, The Biggest Secret.

There are quite an assortment of alien beings on this planet.  By alien I simply mean beings who are not human but may look like us, such as Jews, for example; or Muslims.  There are also human looking beings who are benevolent but who originate on the underside of the crust.  There are beings who have come from Outer Space, some have lived here a very long time.  In the case of the Draconians, according to David Icke, they have been here since about 450,000 B.C.  Contact between various races of beings have been effected from time to time and those owners of UFOs have not hidden themselves from various humans around the world since his and her story was recorded. UFOs are nothing new, Martha.

An inscribed stone found in Mayan ruins.

A golden airplane from an Egyptian tomb.

There is a whole lot of alien activity on this planet.  Principalities not of this world are pitted against each other and against human beings on this planet.  For some alien beings, humans are food.  For others, humans are an entertainment.  For still others, humans are a fearsome group hell bent upon the destruction of this planet; something they have witnessed before.

Apparently the places where Sodom and Gomorrah were located

are still radioactive today.

Regarding Archons

One of the most insidious manifestations of an alien presence is the Archon; a seemingly malevolent, pre personal spirit which can inhabit and control a human from the inside.  According to several researchers, the Cathars exposed the presence of the Archons in the Catholic Church and were therefore persecuted, tortured, and exterminated during the Albigensian Crusade to wipe out the Cathar heresy.

Apparently the shapeshifting malevolent Draconians derive a great deal of special pleasure from extreme angst which they extract from human beings through horrific torture which produces a huge amount of powerful chemicals in the body.  Here is a link to a YouTube about the Chemistry of Fear.  Draconians operate best when there is a low energy vibration on the planet where they have taken up residence.  Planet Earth has a whole lot of fear and loathing doesn’t it?  A whole lot of human beings live in scary circumstances; physical, financial, and/or mental today.  Prescriptions for psychiatric pharmaceuticals is at an all time high.

Here is another link pertaining to the shape shifting reptiles.  LINK

And about aliens in general: HERE and HERE and HERE

The Contact Began a Long Time Ago

A marvelous little book by the former metro desk editor of the L.A. Times, Phillip Krapff, The Contact Has Begun chronicles his abduction experience which allegedly took place over a four day period whilst his wife was away and nobody would have missed him.  Phillip has a 30 year professional journalism career under his belt.  He certainly would not risk his credibility with a book of false claims.  And, as a journalist, he would have documented the five Ws which he did.  I read the book twice because it is fascinating and highly revealing about a certain alien presence on Earth.  Indeed, the book explains a whole lot regarding our UFO experiences.  LINK

My Conclusion:

It is my opinion that creatures such as those shown in the many photos supporting this essay and the ones following indicate some sort of Archonic presence.  Indeed, looking into the empty eyes is most revealing and indeed, the accoutrements; the women’s accessories indicate something entirely inhuman and diabolical.


Other alien beings are as suggested, the human looking shape shifters who David Icke identified back in 1999 and who have increasingly revealed themselves since they are losing control over their ability to keep their hologram in phase.  Apparently their hologram depends on the mean vibration rate of the planet which is 7.83 Hz.  Due to the fact planet Earth is slowing down her revolutions on her axis, she is wobbling ever more and more. This slowing down is due to the gravitational effects coming from Nibiru.  Now the planet is vibrating well beyond 10 Hz and the shape shifters are phasing in and out.  As this slowing down continues until the Zero Point when the planet stops rotating for three to four days, more of these reptilians will be seen by more and more people.  We are only seeing the beginning of this phenomenon unfolding.


Captain James Tiberius Kirk & Associates boldly going somewhere.


Portrait of a Klingon Commander.


The Urantia Book speaks about good and evil and many other important things.  The Book tells of the order of things in the universes.  Indeed, it speaks about the balance of good and evil and explains that there are planets where Light and Life has been achieved and war is no more and evil does not thrive.  It also speaks about other planets which have totally malevolent populations. This idea was portrayed by the Klingons of Star Trek fame.  Urantia/Planet Earth is unique in that there is a balance of good and evil existing side by side.

A scheming Firengi contemplating malfeasance.

Other evil sentient creatures were portrayed by the Firengi in the same TV and movie series.  The Firengi are an alien race which is precisely how Jews are; conniving, scheming, shekel seekers who would sell their own mothers if it would gain them an advantage.  Read the excellent book of Matthew number 23 in the New Testament of the Christian Bible to learn in a nutshell what Firengi/Jews are.




The movie, Soylent Green depicts the truth about humans being food for a certain species of alien.  Indeed thousands of people go missing.  Over 60,000 children disappear in the Jew Nighted States every year.

Remember the H.G. Wells story, The Time Machine?  Remember that the human race had divided into two separate species; the Eloi and the Morlochs.  The latter ate the former.  The eaters of humans were a very alien appearing being very well portrayed in the original film which is well worth your time to watch.  The book is also, awesome and worth the read.  I have done both.

Since we are Down the Rabbit Hole and there are so many tunnels, let me show you the entrance to one.  H.G. Wells was a member of a secret society which investigated the esoteric.  Indeed, H.G. was privy to some information which helped him write his books.  Jules Verne also belonged to such an organization and hence was able to predict submarines and flights to the moon.  (Albeit, humans have not gone to the moon in the conventional way; as in with a rocket.  It is possible humans may have gone to that artificial satellite with a space portal. Cf: DtRH 16/2018

Many, many allegations have come to light that a cabal of cannibals; indeed, Minions of Satan control the planet; made up of a majority of Jews who run corporations which are governments and controllers of out of control military industrial complexes with retro engineered alien technologies some of which are turned against us for many nefarious reasons.  You can read all about that in the true news at Rense.com.

Digital Image by Gertjan Zwiggelaar

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

Lucifer & Satan et al are Real

And You Had Better Realize This Fact Sooner Than Later!

In ancient times, writing things down was not an easy task and people did not pursue that unless there was something very important to write about.  They wrote about malevolent spirits and named some of them.  Some of those names have come to us in ancient books and three of those names are:  Lucifer, Satan, and Beelzebub.  These are aliens Ladies and Gentlemen.  And these are three very dangerous aliens who have no good plans for you and indeed have been a very influential and powerful presence on this planet.

Hence, it is my opinion that alien beings; as in beings who we mostly have not seen, have only heard or read about, but about whom a whole lot of people have spoken and are increasingly speaking about, these are the Principalities not of This World.  Some of them are good and some of them are evil.  It is the evil ones who are causing all the problems and their minions include the Jews and the Muslims who are out to get us White People off the planet so that they can turn it into a Global Gulag Farm.

Wake up White People!

Jesus Was Right!

We Are at war with principalities not of this world!

It is Time to Lock and Load and Begin Preparations.

For there are rumours of war and geological upheavals.


We are now into those terrible times predicted in John’s powerful visions of the end times.




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To be continued…






























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    I’m not sure how we are going to defeat the evil that is taking over the planet, Dr. Chiappalone might have the answer, he has also written articles on Rense and has been on Rense Radio.

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    1. I have posted your first comment, Beau. You focus on a lot of negatives. I presume you are a negro from the way you talk and totally omit the fact that even the clothes on your back and your Nike Airs come from White Man’s industry. Our history is glorious notwithstanding the Khazarian influence who are not true White People but are the reason for most of your complaints. Africa is one of the richest continents on the planet for natural resources and yet the indigenous population did nothing with any of it except build stick huts with mud floors and cloth flap doors and no windows. There are not even out houses in kraals in Africa. No sidewalks, no sewage systems, nothing. The stone age remained stuck in time in Negroland.

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