DtRH 20/2018

Beauty is in the Eyes of the Beholder

An Examination of Myths About Culture and how we are not all the Same

Article by Stratophericus

African sculpture of a Negro female.  This could have been made yesterday or  several hundred years ago.  Being carved in wood, longevity is not assured.

Sculpture by White Frenchman, Auguste Rodin, circa late 19th and early 20th Century.

Carved in marble.

                  Several Venus figurines.







These Venus figures are common in Europe and although carbon dating is difficult, it is widely thought these figures date from sometime around 40,000 years ago.  Compare these with some modern day African sculptures and you will see that there has not been much of an evolution in the minds of Negroes.


Four examples of African sculpture.




Two Venuses and an Emperor.

What is the plural for Venus?

Venuses or Venusi?

Left is the famous Venus de Milo sculpted by Alexandros of Antioch circa 150 B.C.  To the right is the Augustus of Prima Porta carved in marble and likely a copy of an original bronze.  Circa approximately 20 B.C.  Below is the marbelous, Mazarin Venus.  We have no knowledge of the artists who sculpted the latter two pieces.  You will never find such works in Africa from any period in the history of that Dark Continent.

White People Evolved And So Did Their Art

Before we go any further let’s define what is Art and Culture.

Art, or The Arts are a reflection of culture; but not culture in itself.  Art is a part of the culture of a people and has several manifestations:  Visual Art is the association most people make when they think of Art.  Visual Art is expressed in several ways:  Paintings, Sculptures, and Architecture.  Under the heading, Paintings I include: cinema, still photographs and prints.  Paintings, as in all art, can be abstract or realistic.

Digital Abstract by Gertjan Zwiggelaar

Reflection, Bashaw, Alberta, Oil Painting by Gertjan Zwiggelaar


Performing arts are also part of the Art Equation.  Theatre; ballet, opera and plays, (cinema also fits here) are a very important expression of a peoples’ culture, however, these expressions are not permanent except when documented on some sort of media such as film, which is not very permanent, DVDs, ensures somewhat more permanence; but no electronic storage system is as permanent as a sculpture carved from stone.


Coloured drawing by Gertjan Zwiggelaar

What is interesting to note regarding the art of dance in many indigenous cultures, the people dance individually.  The men dance; each one individually around a fire.  Or, they all together perform the same pattern of steps over and over ad nauseam.  Women dance by themselves; the women’s dance.  However, what one does not see is planned out choreographies or men and women dancing together in the way we see folk dancing of the White Europeans where men and women dance together performing steps which have been passed on through time.  In indigenous cultures, such as the African ones, ballet can not evolve because a significant aspect of the culture of people has to do with the average level of intelligence.  The higher the general intelligence of a people, the more capable are they of expressing themselves in a wider range of possibilities.

The greater the intelligence, the greater is the imagination.


Retarded Races can Only do What Retards do.

In the case of South Africa, for example, the Negroes believe that a plastic pipe called a vuvuzela is a cultural accoutrement.  It is indicative of how Negroes, who have not much brain power and never invented anything can call a White Man’s invention; a plastic tooting pipe, a part of their traditional culture, which, just like retards do when you give them a drum or a horn, they will beat the thing or toot the horn until they pass out with no attempt at any sort of musicality.  That cacophonic cultural expression of thousands of vuvuzelas honking together destroyed the Soccer World Cup when it was held in South Africa.  I was able to watch about ten minutes of the event until I had to shut off the TV because the constant drone of those vuvuzelas made the whole affair a terribly annoying experience.  LINK

World Cup Soccer in South Africa

Here is another LINK to hear what thousands of those instruments sounds like.  We had to swallow the idea that those annoying negroes with their horns is a cultural expression.  The Negroes loved it and the Whites thought it was a terrible noise, highly distracting and merely the expression of thousands of retards trying desperately to out blow their neighbours.  Here we have another overt example of cultural differences.  Retarded races do not know they are retarded and therefore they have an attitude bordering on the idea that they are superior to White People.  The retarded person does not really know that they are inferior.  Just like a dog will try to be human some how by sitting on the couch with you.  In the case of a great Dane, s/he will likely sit on a chair just as you; ass down, feet on the ground.

‘Dog Interrupted.’  He was watching World Cup Soccer but got distracted by the horrible sound of the vuvuzelas.  You can see the expression of wonderment in his eyes as he is thinking, ‘WTF is wrong with those black creatures?’


A vuvuzela.  An Instrument of Mass Distraction.

Tomb of Ramses 2, a Gypo Pharaoh of the 19th Dynasty.  Still standing because it was made from stone.

Still famous after all these years.  Not making any royalties off condom sales though.

Let’s Look at Some Paintings

First Century, Roman.

 20th Century African.

20th Century Jewish.

The last picture is from the times of the Weimar Republic in Germany when the Jews had brought German culture down to its lowest common denominator and which was one of Adolf Hitler’s pet peeves, since he was such an awesome artist himself with classical desires for high flight artistic expression such as was achieved by the Greeks during their Golden Years; 500 – 400 B.C.  Those were the times of Praxiteles, Homer and Plato.

  Three Water Colours by Adolf Hitler








Clothing Represent Cultural Expression


West South American

These Negrettes have kept abreast of the latest in African fashion which has not evolved past the Stone Age.







A Negro with her latest neck piece on the left and a Kayan from Myanmar.


A White Woman Wanting to be a Kayan.  Obviously someone who is mentally ill due to Cultural Marxism which teaches that we are all the same and should adopt each other’s cultural expressions since it is all human after all. Cf: DtRH 19/2018.

I’z Gettin’ Reddy fer de Arves Fesival’

A Group of Contemporary Africans with Ceramic Head Gear and Spears


Young African Women With Perky Breasts not Having Nursed a Niglette yet.


Makeup is a Cultural Thing

Within various groups such as White People there are sub groups such as those who seek to devolve themselves into a more primitive, barbaric appearance so that they resemble third world indigenous people such as the following photos of modern primitives.  Note, in many indigenous tribes men also devote a great amount of time to making up their faces and dressing their heads with expressions more elaborate than a Jewish Mafioso’s fedora.

  The chap on the right has facial tattoos which resemble those of the Maoris of New Zealand.




 Meet the Maoris


A Massai from Negroland

A Modern White Fashionista Pop Queen.  Taylor likes red.

Spanish Red

Russian Red

Indian Red

Taylor Swift in my favourite red dress 

The Following Photos are of South Americans

Note the chap with the yellow feathers on the left above?  Do you see his lip disk?  That abominable practice also occurs, as you have seen, in Africa and now increasingly amongst mentally ill White People.  Is it just possible there has been cross Atlantic traffic in earlier times?  Of course, Martha.  Do you think ancient White People were stupid?  Phoenicians and Romans crossed the seas long before the Jew, Cristobal Colombo; a vile, serpentine exploiter and mass murdering Catholic psychopath who DID NOT DISCOVER NORTH AMERICA!  It had already been discovered a long time before.  Indeed, the Vikings even preceded that historic imposter.

Jewboy Cristobal, may his memory die in infamy.

Let’s Continue Looking at Clothing as Cultural Expression

                               Masai  Zulu


On the left a: Gorgeous Modern White Babe in a Blue Dress and on the right two views of a Greek man.  Under is a Greek woman with her tasseled apron.



On the left, four Japanese ladies in kimonos.  On the right we present a handsome Latvian family.

The Japanese people DO NOT allow immigration by other races and certainly will not let hive minded Muslim chimp hybrids into their nation.  The Japanese frown on intimate cross cultural expressions, especially miscegenation.

                                 Are you Finnish yet?  

On the left I present a little munchkin in her red Russian dress.  On the right I am showing you some German frauleins.  Zey are zo cute, no?





Above, a lovely European group of White Folk performing a traditional dance.  On the left are five women from over there.   And on the right I show you a group of dancing human looking alien crow like creatures with fedora hats.  Likely the spawn of Mafiosi, a malevolent infestation of alien beings who believe that everyone else is an animal in human skin and can be treated as such.  Indeed, this particular cultural group is likely not human and of an alien nature which thinks it is collectively, God and they are His chosen people who can do no wrong and there are no repercussions for their malfeasance.  Of course, we all know that they are deluded by the Lie of Satan that there are no consequences to your actions on Earth and Heaven is assured regardless of what you do.  Verily I tell you, that is not so and the Jews are deluded by their father who is the king of lies and the arch deceiver.

Below, ‘Vier Meisjes van Nederland





Three Taliban from Afghanistan and three Saudi Arabian women in burqas; that marvellous cultural expression the Jews are pushing on White Nations.  Below a hive minded community of Buddhist monks who beg for a living and chant mantras all day.  Very productive, that.  What do you think?  At least they are not out bombing cars, raping women, and beheading unbelievers such as the Muslims are wont to do.  The only difference between a moderate Muslim and a radical one is the fact that the latter will cut off your head whilst the former will hold your feet down.





On the left is a photo of something called a, Drag Queen, a very mentally ill man who dresses in strange, womanly costumes and odd makeup and who thinks it is okay to legitimize his psychopathy to little children.  On the right is a United States Marine General with a whole lot of macaroni on his chest.  Military guys like showing off.  If I had a medal for every university degree, course certificates, book completions and publishing, and so on, I would have a chest full of stuff just like General Matthis.  I also know how to aim and shoot a firearm.  cf: My Website: Stratophericus.com and take a look around.  Read my curriculum vitae.  Look at my show record.  Everything is medal worthy; just as in the military every special assignment, course completion, round of duty could be awarded with some tin on a ribbon.  I wouldn’t wear them, though.  In fact, if you look around my place you will find a stack of certificates somewhere in a bookshelf.  My university degrees are not even framed but still in their presentation folders.

The Great and Wonderful Adolf Hitler wearing a very fine looking tuxedo; the quintessential expression of a White Man’s socio economic standing.  On the left are people from north eastern Europe.  I think they are either Latvian or Estonian.  On the right are four Swedes; people who now live in a largely Muslim nation of rapists and mass murdering psychopathic destroyers of a once proud and peaceful nation of Socialistic Democrats who embraced multiculturalism and accepted the influx of all black eyed, black haired, black skinned as a welcome addition of Diversity.  Now Malmo is emptying out of its Jews and it has become the rape capital of the planet.

A Negro Mom and her Niglet


In Canada there is an ubiquitous rodent named a beaver.  It is very adept at building a house for itself out of sticks and mud.  Indeed, this rodent is a hydrological engineer who is very good at building solid dams to create better circumstances for itself.  Dams were never built in indigenous Africa by the various tribes of stone aged people who have lived there through the millennia and never even carved out a plank to make a floor for their dwellings.

Castor canadensis

A Beaver’s House





Koussoukoingou, Attakora, Bénin





 Now for some White Architectural expressions







It is very easy to see the incredible difference between White People and other races just from the many examples I have shown you.  Even though there are exceptions to the rule and we realize that not all White People are equally brilliant and capable. We have slugs and regressive types amongst us but they are not the norm; they are the exception.  There are many White traitors amongst us who have allowed the Jews media to screw them up into thinking it is cool to look like a third worldian with face tattoos and piercings.  There are others who look White but are Khazars and not humans but some sort of alien manifestation hell bent upon destruction of everything good and valuable about the greatest achieving race on the planet.  The other races wish they were White.  Indeed there are many examples of blacks or yellows doing things to their hair, makeup and clothing to try and look White.  There are many stories about Oriental women having their epithelial folds adjusted to make their eyes look like White’s eyes.  Some even try to change their eye colour; which for all the races but the Whites is black.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and if the beholder is stuck in a third world mentality; as in a third world culture, their sense of beauty is different from that of White people as is evident from the many photos I have shown you.  The more intelligent the eyes doing the beholding, the more possibilities arrive with regard to differential and progressive developments within the culture of the beholder.  If the culture is regressive, as in a pre-Medieval one such as the Arabic/Muslim cultures, beauty is seen very differently.  Indeed, to the Muslim, the Art of the White Christian Nations is idolatry and therefore I feel extremely nervous about the great art museums of Europe.  Are we going to eventually see the Louvre up in flames.  What about the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam or the Uffizi in Florence?

Florence, Italy which gave the Renaissance such a head start in the 15th Century.  I think it was around 1:34 P.M on December 26, 1450 when Leonardo couldn’t sleep and painted up a storm.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and it is imperative that well meaning White People realize that what we consider marvellous and beautiful is not something other races appreciate and would prefer to not have; accepting a more sinister, fearsome, ugly reality as more suitable for human beings.  If White Human Beings do not wake up soon to what is ever more rapidly unfolding at the hands of the Jewish Parasite, we will become extinct within a few generations and everything we have built will eventually crumble to dust and we are just a memory, much like the Atlanteans and Lemurians of old.








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