10 thoughts on “DtRH 21/2018”

  1. I’m proud to be white, but this is just fucking stupid. You’ve taken extreme cases of both sides to compare. I could just as easily find beautiful non-white people to pair against hideous-looking whites. Is this some sort of .gov disinfo site?

    1. Photos of pit bulls, pretty girls, tatooed people, African negroes in various manifestations, nothing extreme about any of it. These are photos of what is. Extremes as you call them, are good examples of where a society has gone. There is no moderation any longer and anything goes. I am not a government psych op. I am someone who has honest eyes and tells you what he sees. Whether you agree or not, matters very little to me. Down the Rabbit Hole is meant to be controversial and perhaps extreme at times. If you do not like the content, don’t tune in. I did not invite you to come and read my articles. That was your choice. Thanks for writing.

  2. No matter how you slice it, the differences are enormous, No other hate is as violent as is the hatred we call -jealousy. Separation, rather today or a thousand years from now, rather, by law or by choice, separation of the peoples will happen. The question is: will there be any white people, then, for the others to separate from, when push goes to shove.

    1. Eventually human beings will all have a light brown skin. Diversity will be gone and the infrastructures of nations will eventually wear down and pretty much everything will be reduced to a lowest common denominator. That is, if we stay on the present course. Computer models are suggesting that Newton was correct and everything will eventually be done by 2060.

  3. A frightening aspect to this cultural disparity is some of the White beauties pictured here will go down for Black men; a tragic loss for the White community. They will be, like murdering gang bangers, among the living dead.

    1. A real push began with Sidney Poitier in, Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner. Then white/black buddy movies abounded. TV also pushed more and more negroes on people who were incapable of turning the thing off because they have no hobbies, do not read, and what else is there?

  4. When I saw this my first impression was what kind of degenerate mind in the 21st century could come up with this?. A really sad insecure individuals. No wonder the world particularly the USA is in so much trouble!!! In fact the human race is ONE spirit manifesting itself in different forms to gain experience. One thing that is clear is that RENSE and others like him need help!! What has this so-called advance culture left humanity to date -‘Pedophilia’ ‘killers’ ‘murders’ killed even their own President, wars for 200years etc how could we forget the buildings and railways that enslaved Whites, Asians, and African people and destroyed the indigenous American people?. This culture is just amazing! Even these ‘sick individuals’ because that’s what they are ! we try to see the light of God!

    1. Emma, Jesus identified that we are at war with principalities not of this world. There are physical manifestations of that in the photos I posted of the obviously possessed creatures who totally mutilate their temples; ie their bodies. We are NOT all the same and we are NOT all one race. That nonsense is one of the reasons why we are having problems with massive invasions of sub Saharan and central African Muslims and believers in witchcraft; ju ju and mumbo jumbo. These creatures are not able to become civilized Christian White Europeans; they lack the native intelligence to attain such lofty heights. And, it is not WE White Europeans who did most of the nasty business you refer to. That nasty business is largely at the hands of JEWS!!!, the murderers of the Son of God and all that is decent and true. Learn who your enemy is and please, Emma, do some serious reflection under your own fruit tree. Talk with the Father and learn some Truth for that will set you free. As for Jews being able to see ‘the light of God’ that is not possible since they collectively believe that they are God. I suggest everyone to begin seriously addressing the Jewish Question and answer it once and for all.

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