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“Oh, Look, Nippletitus!”

“Don’t Those Stars Look Just Like a Capricornus?”

Article by Stratophericus

Young Adonis and his Athenian girl friend were sitting together on a Greecian beach one evening when he pointed to a group of stars and remarked how they look just like a Capricorn.  Nippletitus, not to be outdone, pointed to another group of stars and suggested they look like a centaur.

The Capricorn and the Centaur are both represented in the zodiac. 

Why would ancient people see such creatures in the stars unless such creatures existed in the first place?  Indeed, it is my contention that chimeras were alive and well in ancient times.  Presently most people are swimming in the murky waters of ignorance due to overt manipulation of the tale we call, History.  In order to get abreast of this subject let’s examine the evidence further.

Let us begin with an examination of the Ishtar Gate; the eighth gate to the inner city of Babylon. It was constructed in about 575 B.C. on the north side of the city. King Nebuchadnezzar II was the boss at that time.  The gate was excavated in the early 20th century and a reconstruction using original bricks, completed in 1930, is now shown in the Pergamon Museum in Berlin.





The Ishtar Gate was decorated with very high tech bas relief tile work showing clearly that the Babylonians could reproduce living animals with tiles exactly designed so that no tiles joined on any of the creatures’ eyes.  In addition to bulls and lions; two animals representing masculine virility, they also represented the sirrush; a chimera which they invented.  All three animals shown were extant and were represented on that marvelous portal.  The Babylonians placed those animals on that entry into the mighty city to impress and to warn people.

Note how the sirrush is a composite of several creatures. 

Some have called it a dragon; however in my opinion, the dragon is a completely different creature and not a chimera, since it is an animal that is not a composite of several other animals, if in fact dragons existed.  I think they did, but being buoyant flying creatures, they, like birds, had hollow bones and did not leave fossilized skeletons.  However, there is evidence of dragons in colossi which are seen around the planet; gigantic humans and animals turned to stone. However, colossi are a different story and I will cover that in a future edition of Down the Rabbit Hole.


Many different cultures have stories about giants and dragons; not just the Chinese.




Aztec Dragonesque Sculpture

King Richard the Lionhearted came from the House Pendragon


Gargoyles are dragon like chimeras which are ubiquitous on European cathedrals most especially.  Many of them serve as drains; rain water pouring out of their open mouths.  Why this reptilian imagery is such a significant accoutrement on Catholic buildings is likely to bring attention to the fact that there are entities, possibly not of this world, with whom we are at war.  Indeed, Satan is often depicted as a serpent; or called, the Dragon.


The ancients spoke of Medusa, Merfolk, and the Minotaur.

Whether a woman with snake hair was real, that I can not answer; perhaps she was modelled on some crazy bitch with a bad hair day.  However, the existence of merfolk is supported with some corporeal evidence.  What appear to be the remains of merfolk have been witnessed and photographed on beaches in various places on the planet.  No remains of minotaurs have been found, as far as I know.  However, I am well aware of the cover up campaign being conducted by the various elite museums such as the Smithsonian in Washington.  The final scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark, a highly entertaining film made by the Jew Spielberg and starring the Jew, Harrison Ford, shows a huge warehouse full of crates containing artifacts which are not for public show such as the Ark of the Covenant, possibly.  This important scene is not just a movie fantasy but a revelation of what is the true story about the Smithsonian and other world class museums.  The question of course arises, WHY?  Why the cover up?  What is somebody so afraid of to let the goyim know what is the real history of this planet.




Skeleton hoaxes are infamous.  However, I offer several examples of what appears to be tangible evidence of various chimerical beings.  Two merfolk skeletons and two cyclops skulls.  Whether the cyclops is a chimera is debatable.  I consider cyclops to be a genetic aberration and not a being who is made up of assorted other creatures; which is what a chimera is.  However, the skulls are proof that the ancients were not making this stuff up.  They were actually seeing the assorted chimeras I am discussing here and those which are not revealed yet, as well as aberrations or ‘alongside’ evolutions.

Portrait of a Cyclops.


Two horned Cylops skulls.

Portrait of Moses by the Awesome Italian, Michelangelo Buonarotti.

Moses is often depicted with horns.

Lest you think that is mere fantasy, I offer the following photographs of Oriental Human Beings with prominent horns and a double horned humanoid skull.  These are not chimeras, but certainly present some credible evidence for the possibility of there having been, in the minds of the ancients, such horned creatures as a Minotaur, or those goat like Satyrs.


‘Gettin’ Down With My Favorite Satyr’


Some Greek Pony People.

It does not appear that the tails on the humanoids depicted on the pottery are strapped on.  If they were, there would be a belt shown in the drawings on these lovely ceramic paintings.  The Ancient Greeks used pottery like painters use canvas today.  A craftsman would produce the ceramic ware; an amphora, a plate, a cup, or a krater, for example, and an artist would decorate it.  Those ancient ceramicists produced amazingly marvelous decorated pottery the like of which modern day artisans are hard pressed to emulate.  And, being Greeks, all manner of what modern conservatives would consider pornography was freely painted and, indeed, chimeras are not uncommonly featured since they are such an important component of Greek tales; indeed Homer wrote of them and you can discover that for yourself if you read his journeys of Odysseus in the Iliad and the Odyssey.

The Irish Are Renowned For Tales About Chimeras

And it’s not just because they like drinking cornucopias of ale or whisky and afterwards see things in the Twilight Realm.

The Irish speak of Fairies and Leprechauns.  They openly admit to the presence of the Wee Folk.


Yes, Mister O’Leary, genetic engineering has been going on for a long time.  It did not begin with Dolly the Sheep.  Genetic engineering is how we all got here in the first place.  The ancients just were better at it, since their products seemed to have been around for quite a while, whereas Dolly did not last very long.  Indeed, GMO is posing to be quite a problem at present.  Indeed, it is my contention that the contemporary tampering with DNA results in some chimerical bi products; some deliberate microscopic concoctions such as the weaponized H1N1 influenza virus crossed with Meningitis, which is presently devastating the people of NORAM.

Radiation is known to cause genetic aberrations.  The ongoing radioactive warfare against the Northern Hemisphere with the Atomic Bomb called, Fukushima, Daiichi could possibly result in chimerical mutations.  Indeed, it is even possible that some of the mutations we see depicted in the art of the ancients; the chimeras under discussion, may have resulted from nuclear war in the distant past.  Indeed, in my researches I have discovered in several sources that allegedly the geographical sites where Sodom and Gomorrah were located are still radioactive.  Possibly the following chimeras may have resulted from ancient tampering with the atom:



Why Would The Ancient Gypos Depict Their Gods As Chimeras?



or are these sculptures of Fallen Angels?

Now Let’s Take a Look at What Obviously Appear to be the Reptilian Beings Spoken of


David Icke’s Monumental Tome,

The Biggest Secret

The three reptilians shown above are obvious chimeras.  Who are those creatures?  Are they the beings of origin within the Earth’s crust?  Do they come from the underside?  Perhaps if you read Gertjan Zwiggelaar’s, A Journey to the Underside you will come to some interesting conclusions.  You will certainly enjoy a great tale, well told.  Available only in electronic formats at the moment.  cf: www.stratophericus.com.





These bizarre sculptures of obviously reptilian chimerical beings were displayed in the Iraq National Museum in Bagdad and were revealed to a wider audience with Mister Icke’s book which was published just prior to the Jew Nighted States storming into Iraq in 1991.  One of the first things that happened was the sacking of the national museum.  It is my contention they went in there to grab the evidence of the biggest secret which throws light on the true history of Planet Earth and the existence of so called, aliens.

The Sphinx is a Chimera

The mysterious Sphinx, of which there are many manifestations in sculptures throughout the ancient Middle East, not just Egypt.

David Icke indicated in his book, The Biggest Secret that the sphinx is a representation of genetic engineering whereby ancient bio-chemists mixed human and lion DNA to obtain the house cat and that is why the ancient Gypos worshipped those little critters and we have such a close relationship with them.







Note the winged man below?

Is it just possible that the winged man is indeed a true representation of what was/is.  Is the winged man an angel?  Is he an alien?  What exactly is an alien anyway?


Winged Man From Babylonia

Something to ponder

We are in confusion now regarding whether the planet is a ball, a half sphere, or a flat plane under a dome.

Why does it matter?  It matters with regard to the word, aliens.  If there is a hollow earth, and there are beings who live inside the crust and on the underside, as per Hollow Earth Theories and the writings of Admiral Richard E. Byrd et al; including Jules Verne and Gertjan Zwiggelaar, the aliens are actually indigenous beings on this planet; indeed it may be that they have been here a whole lot longer than us topsiders.  Perhaps the winged human beings shown in the image above are the beings whose DNA was used to make some of the chimeras depicted in those ancient sculptures.

Or, perhaps it was the winged reptilian humanoids, also shown above, who made the winged humans?  There are more questions, it seems, than answers regarding the real story of what was on planet Earth and how did we get here.

Some researchers contend that Africa was one place where some kind of human and simian DNA was manipulated to create the Negroes; who manifest in various ways reflective of their simian ancestry.  Please, those of you reading this, do not take that to be a racist statement, it isn’t.  It is merely a statement regarding the observations which one can easily make for oneself with open eyes and which have been expressed by paleontological geneticists.









To Be Continued

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