DtRH 23/2018

South Africa Farm Murders

Are not robberies gone wrong

Article by

Gertjan Zwiggelaar


Thousands of White Farmers and their families have been tortured, raped, chopped up and killed by the descendants of sub Saharan and Central African cannibals; black as coal and savage as ancient Mongols.  Those ancestors were members of assorted stone aged tribes with a natural propensity for behaviour which is not like that of White People.  White People may be robbers, and some do commit murder; but no White Christians torture an 80 year old women to death with an electric drill until she has bled out.  That is NOT a robbery gone wrong; it is bloody awful murder in the first degree and a symptom created for South Africa by the International Entity hell bent upon the genocide of the White Race.

Since 1963 it is estimated over 90,000 White People have been murdered by Blacks in South Africa.


The numbers began to extrapolate after F.W. de Klerk

Became a Traitor

And he also became a vile criminal who gave South Africa to a gang of black Communist thugs led by their gorilla noses completely by the alien entity which appears to be extremely racist and lies about everything in the media it owns and totally controls; Film, Magazines, Newspapers, Television, The Internet, and most people’s minds.




Most people have been completely indoctrinated, for example, to think that Adolf Hitler was a monster and that the White People of South Africa have it coming to them because of Apartheid.


Let me set you straight on that so you will understand that the hated system in question was necessary and a very good thing for both the Blacks and the Whites of South Africa.

As a preface for what is to follow let me bring your attention to a very revealing book which was published in 1868; The Negroes in Negroland by Hinton Rowan Helper which is available as a pdf download.

I suggest you read this revealing book which is a compilation of observations from explorers, missionaries, and visitors to Negroland in the 18th and 19th Centuries.  People such as the famous explorer, Doctor Livingstone are quoted in that incredible, pre political correctness era when the Entity did not yet have total control of the printing presses.

Today there is hardly a book one can pick up without some mention of the Holocaust, for example, or making some comparison with the Great Adolf Hitler and some sordid fantasy of the Entity’s psychopathic brain.

Anyway, to continue, regarding the book by Mr. Helper.  The first chapter of the book is titled: Cannibalism in Negroland.   I think that is pretty revealing, would you not agree?  Other chapters deal with witchcraft, JuJu and mumbo jumbo, kraals, human skulls and sacrifices, slavery and so forth.  Once you have read the book you will completely OVERstand; not just UNDERstand, the basic characteristics of the Negro and you will immediately realize that they are not the same as White People.  Indeed you will come to realize that it is completely correct to say that the Negro is a genetic experiment which became prolific in Africa; the result of various simian and human DNA splices.  Yes, Virginia, there has been genetic engineering going on here for a very long time.  Read my previous DtRH about Chimeras.  LINK

Now let us take a look at what is the true story about Apartheid.

Both the Blacks and the Whites realized that we are not the same and therefore, the Blacks desired to have their own bantustans within the nation of South Africa; which is the first multicultural experiment in the world, by the way; the population being made up of the first two groups who are indigenous to the region; the Khoi Khoi and the San, then the Hollanders called, Boers, after whom followed the Entity and its English horde of rapacious thieves and the Huegenots from France.  The East India trading company brought Malays and told East Indians about the beautiful African region and so Guptas came there and so did many Chinese people; all of them realizing that South Africa was a place with great potential and they built a mighty Christian nation in a wild and untamed place.

One hundred and fifty years after White and the others had built up the place is when the Negroes arrived from the north, having consumed entire tribes like locusts ravaging fields and forming a new tribal organization called, Zulu; the most feared and significant group in South Africa.  Other groups are Bantu, Xhosa, etc. but it’s the Zulus who became the most powerful negro tribe with a demonic involvement with very diabolical practices; all of them spelled out in the book,

The Negroes in Negroland.

It is because of the bizarre nature of the Negro culture that it was a highly desirable practice to keep everyone apart so that the Negroes could torture, enslave, ritually murder, and eat each other without interference from the state.  Indeed, honest Negroes from South Africa who lived there during Apartheid will freely admit that it was a good policy and everyone benefitted.  Nobody from the pre ANC, mostly White government bothered the Negroes about their smelly kraals, which the Whites realized were no different to some degree from unattended animal pens, but, so long as the Blacks were content it was the best thing for everyone in South Africa.

The Whites built some of the finest hospitals and schools on the planet for the Negroes in South Africa and afforded them all kinds of opportunities to thrive.  Alas, the Entity stirred them up over time to resent White People and began to be indoctrinated into thinking that White Boers were the enemy of Negroes and now South Africa is in turmoil as it quickly descends into complete anarchy and chaos.  Disgruntled Blacks are burning trucks, trains, cars; anything that will burn, even each other.  Blacks in South Africa with the encouragement of the Communist thugs and the International Alien Entity are today effecting a GENOCIDE of White People; some of whom end up in Black meat markets.

Thousands and thousands of innocent White People, some young children, others are ancients of days, and yet, the savages; those dark skinned descendants of chimpanzees, gorillas and Neanderthals et al, grin and laugh as the fingers of a woman’s hands pull away from her hands one by one after she has been hung up from rafters by those very digits.

The TERRORISTS cavort and chimp about as the wife of a Boer is raped in front of him as he is duct taped to a chair with his eye lids cut off so he has to watch and see his beloved wife, the mother of children also watching in horror, being savagely compromised and decapitated; her precious blood used to write, KILL WHITEY, KILL THE BOER on the walls of the home which was built there by their great great grandparents.



Come to Washington D.C. on MAY 31st

PLEASE join Helgard Müller and 1000s of others in front of the WHITE HOUSE beginning at 8 a.m. to protest the genocide of White People in South Africa.  Maybe someone in the American government will pay attention and encourage the United States to help STOP the Genocide.


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1 thought on “DtRH 23/2018”

  1. De Klerk, was a Rothschild agent as the overturning of South Africa was a Rothschild gambit, Jews, chasing diamonds and gold, want no interference.
    If white people all over the world don’t wake up every nation where white people are the majority will soon be just another South Africa. As for myself, I am tired of hollering about the lack of concern white people have for one another, let’em get what the folks in SA are getting, soon, they will, I and my loved ones only have to die once so we can handle that.
    I wish white people had the Jews and the idol Jesus stuck up their butts, such sickness of mind is deadly. It is a shame white people are so brainwashed all they think matters is life after the grave, well, let me tell you something, a lot of things are impossible, life after death, a physical impossibility, the very substance of the body destroyed, get real, get a life, a real life and help your own kind out in South Africa, for starters.
    Learn and remember, humans were not made- rather by the Annunaki or some magical being somewhere in a non-existent space -made by the wave of a hand, in both instance the making of humans required substance, that substance was part of the Earth and subject to the same requirements as all the rest of Earth. In other words, we are made of Earth given an electrical life, when life is gone, the substance goes through the same things and conditions all living things on earth go through, that is, decay and, from dust to gas.
    White people better wake up and protect themselves and their children by protecting each other, right now, in South Africa. Non-whites have been chasing white people around and killing them since the beginning, Jews today, have made for the others, not white, an easy task, taking control of the wealth of white people, then using their wealth against them, brainwashing white people with insane religious ideas, white people are standing on the edge of their graves and seemingly don’t even know it. What a shame.
    White people better learn the Governments, the District of Columbia, London, France, Germany, every nation on Earth with a white majority people, every one of them are owned by the Rothschild Family, controlled, by the Jew agents working for Rothschild, and, Rothschild, wants white people gone from the Earth, a vendetta, ageless. Helping one another is all us white people have today, it is so obvious, just look at Europe and every other of our nations, the Politicians, the Judges, the Police and the Military all sold out to the Rothschild’s and their agenda, which is an agenda of death for us who are white people. Wake up, my dear and fellow folk, we are in our last days if we don’t get it together and quick.
    How can thousands of us other white people from around the Earth go to South Africa and fight this war, that is the problem we must solve and soon. The Rothschild’s Lawyer Jews control the law, for travel, the banks, for loans, the transportation, for going places, the weapons we need and the laws we need to get them, this is the first war, get the Jews off our stuff and free our people up so we can support one another.
    Muslims, Blacks and Browns have no trouble getting together and destroying our nations, but for the Jews, we cannot help one another, this is just wrong, unfair, at least we should get a fighting chance, but no…come together right now, or never, ever, again. This is, the last battle, on Earth.

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