DtRH 24/2018

A View From Outer Space

Communication Number Five

Article by Klaatubak

Today I am communicating with a strange disconnected feeling in my brains.   I am trying to overstand something I have been observing in many different places on the planet to which you sent me in order to observe developments here and I can not make any sense of what I see happening in this place.  Planet Number 606, known by the denizens with several different names such as, Earth, Gaia, the Globe, Mother Earth, and, the World appears to be organized and administered by idiots, morons, and psychopaths.

What I observe unfolding on this planet is a significant extinction event due to, what appears to be an infection of a type I have observed before.  (Cf: Reports #999666 A,B, Zt which I submitted after my sojourns on Ferengi One + Two and the nine Klingon spheres).  This very same infection is now resulting in the very rapid demise of the White Aryan descendants of our earlier experiment the humans know as, Atlantis.  Indeed, these very same human beings are being overtly genocided by the infection which has been clearly identified on this planet; indeed the One, Whom many human beings know as, Jesus of Nazareth called the infection:


The Children of Satan


Quoted from a book over a billion human beings revere and which they call, The Bible.  


The odd part of this story is the fact, most of those human beings who revere that book; a compendium of ancient writings call it, ‘the Absolute Word of God.’  The fact there are more than 34 different variations of the compendium in the Lingua Franca of the planet; a language the humans call, English apparently does not give those bi-pedal carbon units pause for reflection and they will continue to call the heavily edited and tampered document an, absolute word of The Father.  It is this sort of intellectual dissonance which drives me to distraction, as you well can imagine.  However, I AM happy to have been sent here because, in spite of their faults I love human beings dearly.  And, besides, who is without faults?  We all fall short of the Glory of Our Father.

Anyway, to continue, let’s talk about the infection for a moment and then I will illustrate my points with images and words to help you see why I am feeling the disconnect so heavily.  First let’s look quickly at the source of the infection; something the humans call, The International Jew.

It has been proliferating in various places on this planet for about three millennia, (one millennium = 1000 Earth years).  The infection appears to be similar in appearance to the planet’s denizens, it being very much like a chameleon; a cute reptilian life form with a long tongue and swivel eyes and able to camouflage itself.

      The problem a whole lot of the assorted species of humans have with the various manifestations of the parasite is that the above ground ‘fruiting bodies‘ of the infestation have white skins.  Indeed, many look just like the incredibly diverse members of what is rightfully the Master Race on this planet and therefore lesser insightful humans can not differentiate a judaic entity from an actual descendant of Atlantis.
A Quintessential Descendant of Atlanteans and a Fruiting Body attempting to communicate. ‘ It ain’t easy.’

White human beings are the result of tens of thousands of years of incubation and development; now under serious attack and hovering on complete and nigh on total destruction in many locations on the planet; Australia, Europe, Noram, and South Africa.

The situation is critical and unless there comes a significant response with Cosmic Bug Spray, I have very uncomfortable premonitions from time to time and am having considerably more trouble sleeping and wishing for a transfer.

The parasite has again done what it did in an area of the planet called, Europe during a period recorded as the 15th Century.  The parasite unleashed infected rats into Western Europe via a City State where the entity had set up shop; a place humans call, Venice.  I have attached a photo.

If you reference it with our ship’s data banks I think you will find we have a very interesting piece of human literature on record. It’s what they call a, play. The title is, The Merchant of Venice.  It was very famous for a time but now not so much because the story reveals some of the symptoms which the fruiting bodies exhibit above ground; and below ground, as well, if you follow the parasite into its various lairs.  I digressed.

Getting back to the point of this paragraph is to tell you that the parasite has now unleashed its poisons into the nations I identified above.  Just as bacteria and viruses on our home planet at one time in the distant past by rupturing their epidermis and expelling their infections created a whole lot of misery for our people, now the parasitical entity has spilled an infection called, Negroes and another known as, Muslims into nations mostly inhabited in the not too distant past only by White human beings, as is the case for Europe and South Africa, where there were no Negroes, and in the case of Australia and Noram, indigenous, pre stone aged peoples lived there.



Read my papers on the indigenous peoples of various places to learn that a whole lot of migrations occurred on this planet.  I do not need to be labor the point, I’m sure.  To suggest purity of any people in any locale on this planet is nonsense, in other words.

The parasite has unleashed its poisons

And now the White female humans are being horribly hurt and raped.

Many are killed and their bodies dumped like so much garbage by Negroes and Muslims.

Before I go any further I forgot to differentiate the two terms.  Negroes is a word which describes a form of human/simian hybrid which was developed on this planet many thousands of years ago by, The Other Guys.  The Negro tends to have very dark skin, some say it is black, which in some cases is actually indigo.  It has a very low level intelligence, can speak some words, is easily manipulated into very uncivilized behaviour very similar to that of vexed chimpanzees.  These creatures are highly destructive and, in the case of those infected further with the hive mind virus which is Islam, become as dangerous to the White humans as uncontrolled brain cancer.  Now these poisons are being unleashed upon White human beings wherever they are.


  Sweden, a once completely White Nation in the northern part of Europe is considered to be, LOST.  What that means is, the poisons, (Negroes & Muslims) have essentially destroyed the host nation and the fruiting bodies of the parasite are leaving; just like rats will do when a ship begins to sink.  There are places in Europe where the White humans are putting up some defences against the poisons; physical barriers and rules for behaviour; however, the poisons unleashed by the parasite are much like water molecules and they can seep through cracks, if you get my meaning.

How has all of this come to pass, you wonder.  How could the poisons become so concentrated?  How has it been possible to achieve such massive destruction of once magnificently beautiful places given the examples clearly set by the ancestors of the present day humans?  Indeed, I AM aware that up until recently 110 places had forcefully removed their parasite.  Usually the expulsion and/or attempts at extermination of the parasite followed revelations regarding the whereabouts of missing children.  However, expelling the parasite merely resulted in passing on the problem to another group of White people and did not really solve the problem.  The problem I see is that most White People today are led by females and the males have become like the females; both of them are hysterical narcissists with little reason in their two hemispheres.  As I said in the beginning, it appears that this planet is led by idiots, morons, and psychopaths.


If White human beings; not the white looking fruiting bodies of the parasite, but the Aryans; also called, Caucasians, but whom are many different tribes; Celts, Friesians, Rus…  disappear from this planet and the parasite is successful in raping and murdering an un reparable swath through the ranks of the Whites this lovely blue planet will become what one of the present day leaders calls places where the poisons have completely taken over and destroyed what once was; places such as, Haiti or Rhodesia, a Shit Hole.


—-End Transmission—-




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  1. exactly right, i used to live in los angeles until immigrants took over our neighborhoods and businesses with government help so i moved back to minnesota where we have no go zones in minneapolis again with government help

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