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Let’s Talk About Paradise


What is your conception of Paradise?  When you meditate on the possibility of a life after death what comes to your mind?  Do you envision a place similar to what you experience here on Planet Gaia?  Tranquil places such as shown above captured somewhere in the Yukon, methinks.  You can find a collection of Yukon and Northern British Columbia photos by clicking here.  I often forget to label my photos thinking I can rely on my memory but, exact spots are not always identifiable other than to say that the lovely photo of three pyramidical mountains was obtained during my adventure in North Western Canada.

The conception of Paradise, or Heaven is considerably different in the various expressions of human organized religions.  Indeed the Christian idea and the Muslim vision of the After Life is not much the same.  Neither is the Judaic idea or the Hindu one.  There are so many official stories; each one vying for predominance.  Presently it appears that the Muslims are winning.  So, let’s take a look at their vision of Paradise first and then we’ll go from there.

Muslim Paradise is not a mountain vista such as this one in the Purcell Mountains of British Columbia.  No.  Muslim Paradise has carpets and cushions and fountains and running water.  There are rivers of honey and wine and houris, those being ‘bashful virgins’ the colour of coral or red as rubies.  There are also boys, lots of boys dressed in green.  In Muslim Paradise there are no adult women and Allah is not personally present, either.  No, the only ‘human beings’ who make it to the Muslim Paradise are men; those men who were either, martyred, or who tortured and murdered the most unbelievers.

Note the ‘virgins’ who are the colour of coral?  Those White Girls also turn red as rubies when baked naked in the hot sun of a Muslim Desert.  Slavery is openly advocated in the Koran and the Talmud.  Indeed it was Jews and Muslims who engaged and still engage in the slave trade in this very century when so many think we have arrived in Future World where peace and harmony come to those who eat the blue pill.  The image came from a Google search about slavery.


Note the cushions. They love cushions over there and in Paradise.  Carpets and Cushions are often mentioned in the Koran.

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These are some lovely interiors of a Middle Eastern flavour; the sort of place Muhammed might have discussed the Koran with Archangel Gabriel in.  I have no idea.  I was not there.  Were you?

And now for some boys dressed in green to add to the salad that is Paradise in the Islamic Mind.

What a very different concept of Heaven from that of the Christian idea where the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth is a Father figure; a loving, kind being who wants us all to succeed and Who does not lead us astray.  He is personally present in Heaven; on His Mighty Throne.  In the Muslim Paradise their god is not personally present and has no sons.  Allah prefers to be all alone.  A lonely god who gets his jollies by messing with human beings and striking them capriciously and demanding nasty things be done to unbelievers.

When most Western White People think of Heaven they imagine a place where there is fun and harps and joy and happiness all under the wise and loving gaze of Our Father and His Angels.

I can not imagine a Muslim barber shop quartet, can you?  Can you imagine a group of Muslims dancing for joy; men and women together; boys and girls; dancing to the joyful tunes of a Muslim jazz band?  Can you imagine such joy expressed by both sexes in Muslim land?  Be honest.  When have you heard a Muslim stand up comedian?  Did you hear about the Muslims who laughed their heads off?  No, but they certainly are adept at laughing whilst a screaming unbeliever is being separated from his or her head.

Christians do not get to Heaven for decapitating people who do not agree with them.

Christians get to Heaven by doing good and being kind to their neighbours.

When Christian people dream of Paradise they think of all the most pleasant experiences they can imagine.  A Christian child is led to understand that it is good to be good and one goes to Heaven for being good; for doing unto others as one would have others do unto oneself.  And, the child is happy to visualize God, the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth as a loving Father who provides a place where the good are rewarded and are able to fulfill their dreams.  If a person wanted to be an Artist, for example and was not able to fulfill that dream on Earth, surely that desire will be realized in Heaven under the loving eyes of God.  If one desired to be a composer of music, a Christian can see his or her reward, for it surely will come to the righteous.  The happy thoughts of a Heavenly Reward where dreams come true is the vision shared by Christians and Muslims, the only difference is, in the Christian Heaven, men and women, boys and girls get to enjoy adventures that make them happy with The Father personally present.  In the Muslim Paradise there are only men, young, bashful virgins and boys.  Allah is not there and he is not available for visitations.

Since there are no adult women in the Muslim Paradise why do women subscribe to that belief system?

Another big difference between Christianity and Islam is the fact that the staunch Muslim only considers one book; that being the Koran.  The staunch Christian also reads one book, however that book, The Bible is so much more interesting and varied without the constant harping on torture and death for unbelievers.  The Bible has all kinds of interesting stories and poetry and songs.  The Koran is very boring to read by comparison.

The Bible has a much grander vision of God and of course, the New Testament tells quite a lot about the prophet of Christianity, Jesus of Nazareth who is the exact antithesis of the Muslim prophet, Muhammed.  Jesus spoke of Love and Kindness and doing Good.  Muhammed spoke of conversion at the point of a sword, hellfire, and the scourge of Allah.  Big difference.  Jesus loves little children and admonished us to be, ‘as little children.’  Muhammed married a six year old girl and consummated the relationship with her when she was only nine years old.   For those of you reading these words who have or have had young children in your life, surely you realize that the only way to consummate anything with a nine year old is through rape.  Indeed, pedophilia is openly practiced by Muslim men.  They are also very adept at mistreating women. The Holy Koran admonishes the Muslim to beat his wife when she gets too, whatever.  It’s all up to the individual man to determine to what extent the beating must be carried out.  Some women have acid thrown into their faces; hence the burqa is very effective in covering up a Muslim man’s expression of appreciation for one of his wives.

Thank Allah those wives won’t be there in Paradise to crimp the Muslim’s style as he gets to play with thAt gorgous plethora of pink skinned virgins and all those boys so lovely in their emerald livery.


In the Christian Heaven pedophiles and mass murderers don’t even get past the Pearly Gates.


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