DtRH Number 80/2017

Volume Two, 80th Edition, Friday November 24, 2017

I have been experimenting with format approaches, especially regarding the title of this publication.  I have finally hit upon what you see.  The image will change but the: DtRH Number 80/2017 is good because as this publication continues to be placed into the world wide web over the years it will always be easy to identify individual editions since they do not always come out every day after day.  I only write Down the Rabbit Hole if there is something I need to talk about.  There is so much chatter on the Internet, there is no point in adding just more chatter for the sake of chattering and twittering and tweeting and twirping like a charm of finches or a murder of crows.  Perhaps an unkindness of ravens or a descent of woodpeckers?

Some people don't like woodpeckers.

Their constant rat tat tatting on a tree next to your window when you are trying to sleep is annoying for some.  In fact, there are even people who will say, 'I hate woodpeckers.'  That is of course a very extreme thing to say but it is perfectly fine to say one hates woodpeckers.  Nobody really bats an eye over that hate word in that context.  In fact it is perfectly fine to say, 'I hate Mondays,' or, 'I hate White People.'  However, when we, White People use the word hate in the same manner as the latter and replace White with Black, we White People suddenly become White Supremacists, Racists, Bigots...  It is perfectly fine to hate Germans, but for Germans to hate Jews; the source of the negative propaganda regarding those paragons of the White Race, all hell breaks loose and the entire nation is branded as anti Semitic; a brand name like a trade mark which Jews use to smear anyone who exposes the Truth about those Talmudic malfeasance spreaders.

The word hate is a politically incorrect word,

But only when used in specific contexts.  Language is being changed that way in that political sensitivities are now connected to words.  Indeed the Controllers of the World now dictate the definitions of certain words.  We have known for some time that shysters who operate the Legal Industry use English words but in some cases, the words mean something completely different in the courts; those nefarious playgrounds for Jewish men and women in which to fleece the unsuspecting goyim.  The word, client for example means: 'an imbecile.  A person of unsound mind.'  And, the word, person means; per the son; as in a facsimile of the original.  Not the son, but a pseudo son.  And so forth.

They say that sticks and stones can break our bones but that words can not hurt us.

Well, some words do hurt the weak minded and spiritually insecure.  Many human beings, albeit they appear to be adults in that they are in grown up bodies, are not evolved much beyond adolescence with adult responsibilities weighing them down such as something I absolutely detest; in fact I HATE usury.  I hate usury and income taxes.  However, we are supposed to believe that usury is fair and honest and that income taxes are a legitimate burden we all must bear in order to help retarded monkey hybrids from Somalia to come to our country and be able to breed, eat, and sleep under a better roof than they could possibly hope for in their own backward, war infected, bug riddled excuse for a country in north eastern Africa; the continent known as Negroland in the 19th Century.

Getty Images

Hatred for other human looking beings in Africa is endemic.  Africans are still very tribal in nature and natural to the Negroes is tribal hatreds which go back into their very DNA to the times when they were first assembled in that Dark Continent from which Joseph Conrad drew his inspiration and wrote those famous words, 'the horror.  The horror...'  Tutsis hate the Hutus.  The Zulus hate so much they have killed off most of the tribes who lived near them.  The Xhosa argue with the Khoisan and so on.  Hatred amongst the Negroes of Africa results in horrific violence reminiscent of Gothic Savagery during the declining years of the Roman Empire after they had let the barbarians in the gates and sought to rub their superior culture up against the thighs of the interlopers who did not integrate and eventually brought the inevitable ruin as is happening in Africa and now in Europe and sooner than later to North America, as well.

The plague of Democracy

Has taught White People to not hate; to not express extreme emotions of revulsion at the cultural differences of invading pre Medievalists such as the Mid Eastern and Negro Muslims, for example.  White People just take it up the wahoo and the moment they express their revulsion they are branded as being TERRIBLE RACISTS.  When White People put up a resistance and light the Torches of Truth, water cannons of hatred are directed against those valiant warriors singing those glorious songs of freedom and yet their fellows remain asleep at the wheel and will not budge.


I hate the fact there are so few White Men left.  I see how üntermenschen have now displaced a significant percentage of the White population and are raping the European White Women and Girls.  I recently read that more than ONE MILLION rapes have been reported in Great Britain; 99% committed by the Allah Akbarians who are guests on that island and are so arrogant they think they own the place.  The retarded, traitorous government of the UK goes along with that seditious idea and even provides housing for the infected invaders in their desert garb and black sacks with eye holes.

It is perfectly natural to hate; to have extreme emotional reactions to something intent upon killing you and destroying your culture.

White People of the planet, wake up!

There is an overt attempt to genocide us.

And you should all


that fact.


A Final Word

Don't you just hate some people's idea of sartorial splendour?  You are likely aware of the strange haberdashery of some WalMart shoppers. Photos of extremely fat women in skin tight yoga pants and halter tops, for example.  Or, photos of transgender creatures dressed in the most bizarre costumes; human beings dressed in fashions which clearly identify the fact they have escaped from an Asylum.  Those photos and YouTubes are readily available on the Internet.







This is a photo of something that breathes in Negroland.  How long will it be until we see this sort of diabolical weirdness in our White Nations, in your local WalMart, as more of these sorts of hybrids are imported by our treasonous governments of democratically elected, jude led, banker controlled nations?  Body mod taken to the extreme.


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