DtRH 83/2017

Volume 2, 83rd Edition, Saturday, December 02, 2017




When you Reflect on the Dark Ages

What Sort of Visions Come to Mind?


Have you watched the recently made movies of Roman history?  Have you seen the Spartacus series?  How about the two films set in 13th Century England; Ironclad?  Those movies depict scenes of barbaric savagery in close up gory detail.  Of course you know the amputations and decapitations are all Hollywood fantasy and you read about the prosthetics makers in the credits.  Clever camera work and artistry in the cutting room help to heighten the illusion and you are witness to scenes that many millions of human beings have experienced first hand through the centuries.  Even you reading these words likely have experienced some sort of savagery in your life, or there is someone in your family who survived a war and who has seen first hand some of the things people witnessed more often played out in their own neighborhood during those centuries we have been led to believe were, The Dark Ages.

When you reflect on those ancient times you likely envision more people with infirmities, since medical practice had been suppressed by the Catholic Church when the Roman Empire declined.  Remember that the ancient Egyptians, who are not the ancestors of the present day Gypos, were already well practiced in eye and brain surgeries and Greek and Roman surgeons were renowned for the many advances they had made in the practice of the medical arts.  Unfortunately, so much of what the ancients had discovered and developed was turned into esoteric knowledge and relegated to dusty shelves pertaining to subjects such as, sorcery and witchcraft.  Hence, the Dark Ages were a time when afflictions were not treated as well, if at all, and many people walked about with assorted maladies; bad teeth, open sores, scabies, bugs, twisted limbs as well as the ravages of inbreeding, miscegenation, and possibly even, beastiality.

Famous Painting by the Awesome, Hieronymus Bosch

Over time, Christianity gained the upper hand in Europe

And circumstances improved for the people as the Golden Rule came ever more into effect.  Eventually people developed hospitals and more advanced medical practices.  They developed the ways and means to overcome the ravages of nature and to make life ever less barbaric and more life enhancing.  Indeed, magnificent cities developed such as, London, Paris, and Rome; proud, Christian centres where life became quite a bit better for the average bloke than it was for people back in those ages when there was no electricity and a lot of darkness prevailed.


Eventually, as circumstances improved for more and more people in the Western White Christian Nations people became less and less savage and more and more civilized until we reached an apex of cultural development which was so well reflected in those heady years after the Weimar Republic fell and National Socialism became the political system for Germany

until the Jews destroyed it all

and returned Germany to an experience of savagery

on a scale never seen before; not even in the times of Genghis Khan.

However, as the decades passed, people again progressed up the ladder of sophistication and cultural development and began living the American Dream so well portrayed by the Great American Artist, Norman Rockwell.

Alas, that dream has de-evolved and is now becoming a nightmare

because the dreaming made most everyone complacent and thinking the Dark Ages would never come back again and that

people don't do those sorts of things in the 21st Century.

Well, Martha, I AM here to tell you that those barbaric times never went away in many places on Planet Earth where human beings are still inbred and savage.  The only places which experienced the 'American Dream' were in White Christian Nations and now,

thanks to the International Jewish Element,

the dream is evaporating and the Dark Ages are returning as Muslims are gaining an ever firmer foothold in our White Nations and we are witnessing barbaric savagery on an increasing scale by the day.  If the Muslim Invasion is not stopped, we will witness a Dark Age the like of which has never been seen before in which MILLIONS will die in very dire circumstances because that is

the Islamic Dream; to rid the entire planet of all unbelievers.

In order to learn the truth about Islam it is imperative that you learn what it is that they believe in.

What is in the Koran?

Unfortunately most of you do not have the time or inclination to read a fairly thick book; the Penguin paperback edition is over 400 pages thick and a tedious read.  However, to truly understand what it is that you have to be concerned about regarding the Muslim Invasion, you must know what is in their holy book.  Unless you actually know what they think, you can not act in a reasonable manner and allow yourself to be subject to the false vision of the religion of peace presented by the International Jewish Element which controls your government and media.  'There's nothing to worry about folks.  Trust us.  Islam is a Religion of Peace because we say so.'  Alas, so many people have bought into the idea that government is good for us and that politicians know what they are doing.  In other words, many people have become so civilized they don't think in those devious ways and are honest, law abiding, and kind; not expecting that there are actually people who are members of a rape and death cult hell bent on mass murder and theft.

In spite of the real news coming out of Europe regarding the barbaric savagery of Muslim invaders,

Most people in the west have not a clue and believe they are safe.  That certainly is the case where I live.  People shrug their shoulders when presented with the idea that mosques are weapons caches and there are two of them in our town already.  I have been banned from Shopper's Drug Mart in Bower Mall because I twice expressed a concern regarding the soft selling of Islam with a large advertisement in the bottom of my shopping basket.  A smiling Muslima covered half the place mat sized advertisement.  Even though I have read the Koran, and expressed that fact a number of times to the manager of the store, that had no effect.  He had not read the book of horrors but had an opinion that I AM a, racist bigot.  Or is it, I AM a bigoted racist?  Either way, I am persona non grata now in Shopper's Drug Mart at Bower Mall.  Perhaps a general boycott of Shopper's Drug Mart is warranted.  What do you think?

Gertjan's Koran


In order to give you an opportunity to make an informed decision

Regarding whether Muslims are good for your health and the well being of your community and nation it is imperative that you read what is in the Koran. Therefore, I have written a succinct 155 page look into the Holy Book of the Muslims which you can now purchase as a pdf file for a mere, $19.95 USD.  CONTACT US by email.  Type: The Horror in the subject line.  We will advise you how to proceed.

Knowledge Gives you Power.


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