DtRH 84/2017

Volume 2, 84th Edition, Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Article by Stratophericus



Pay Attention to What is Happening in

South Africa!

And to What is Unfolding in Europe and Coming More and More to

North America and a Neighbourhood Near You.


In order to come to an overstanding of a situation it is always best to look at the story from a beginning which leads up to the circumstances one wishes to examine.  Hence, in order to truly know why and how matters unfolded in South Africa we need to take a look at Africa’s history.  So, let’s begin there and eventually I will explain the photograph which is displayed above, in case you were wondering what that lovely little White Child has to do with Africa.  Isn’t Africa the Land of the Negroes?

Well, actually only the people of Sub Saharan and Central African areas are what Hinton Rowan Helper called, The Negroes in Negroland in his brilliant compilation of first hand accounts of explorers, exploiters, missionaries, et al who made it back alive from that Dark Continent and recorded their accounts.  The book was published in 1868 when one was still able to speak one’s mind freely in the 19th Century.  The book is a free pdf and here is the link: https://archive.org/details/negroesinnegrola00helpiala.

Once you have read that remarkable anthology you will know what lies in the heart and soul of Negroes.  What lies there is so dark and diabolical that spirit has never left, in spite of the valiant attempts by Christian missionaries and well meaning White Folks to bring them civilization.  Remember, the traditional, Kraal dwelling Negroes of Africa still live in single or two story huts with no windows, no doors.  In the case of some, they don’t even build huts and do not settle in a single location; preferring instead to wander about and be in different locations every night; their only shelter being the bush in which the refuge is sought and it is pulled over the wandering family group and tied with a vine.  It is where the name, Bushmen came from; the fact those nomads sleep inside a bush.  However, those are not the people about whom Mister Helper wrote.  Those people, the Bushmen of the Kalahari are known as the San, and they are not Negroes in an area of Africa Helper referred to as, Negroland.  It is very important we get this straight.  The indigenous people of South Africa are totally different and are collectively known as the KhoiSan.  The Khoi Khoi were/are herders and do have villages.  Both peoples do not remotely resemble Negroes, nor do they speak any Negro language.  Their skin is a yellowish brown.

The continent of Africa consists of three parts, basically.  The top part is North Africa which stretches from Morocco to Egypt.  All of that region at one time was almost completely Christian until the Muslims came and wiped most of them off the face of the planet.

Negroland begins below those nations and things get darker and darker as one goes south.  Indeed, the first chapter of the book in question is titled:

“Cannibalism in Negroland”

A few months ago revelations were forthcoming from South Africa that human meat is available for sale in the underground market there.

The third region is South Africa which includes Rhodesia.  I refuse to call that place, Zimbabwe.  The indigenous people of that area of Africa; the south western, south, and eastern cape of the continent I stress it again; they are not Negroes and that is an important point to remember as we continue with this essay.

The first White People who did what White People do;

Build a fort and develop the area around it in South Africa were Hollanders

Dutch people realized the potential of the Southern Cape to supply the increasing sea traffic able to handle the Cape of Good Horn and sail from Europe to China, India, Indonesia, buying goods and selling them back home for phenomenal profits.

Jan van Riebeek Arriving at the Cape. circa 1652

Enterprising Dutch farmers;

Who had to spend a sizeable sum and undergo tremendous hardships came in increasing numbers to the place which came to be called, Cape Town.  Huge farms began to spread out in empty land devoid of any people as far as the Whites could tell for some time.  They did eventually come into contact with the Khoi Khoi and the San; who, being quite a lot smaller in stature than the rugged Hollanders, came to be collectively called, Hottentots and Bushmen.  These indigenous people of that region were not war like and were guileless.  Hence were treated more like children; not much different than the attitude taken towards the indigenous people of North and South America.  And, since they were brown and primitive those unfortunate people suffered tremendous discrimination over the succeeding centuries.  However, the story is not all bad because the White People were not all bad, either.  Many of them had books and were quite willing to share knowledge to which the Khoi Khoi took to like ducks to water.  The San, not so much; preferring their traditional ways.



Today the indigenous people of South Africa are collectively known as the Khoisan.  Pictured above is a photo of King Koebaha Cornelius III with his family.  He is the King of the Khoisan people and figures mightily at this time in the unfolding story of South Africa.  Note how these people do not resemble Negroes but have more of a Polynesian appearance, in my opinion.  They, unlike Negroes in general, are highly intelligent and realized very early that the White Man’s Knowledge; ie: written language and books were valuable.  Indeed it was the Khoi Khoi who educated themselves and allowed themselves to be educated, hence the Khoi Khoi are smart and are using their knowledge of International Law and how they apply to indigenous people regarding land claims to attempt a new hope for South Africa by seceding half of South Africa to make a new state; the United State of Good Hope where people of good will and with Christian values can create a place that can prosper and where old grudges and resentments are forgotten and people get along.  See earlier editions of Down the Rabbit Hole for more on this story archived in my column on Rense.com.

Anyway, getting back to the South African story as it unfolded towards this century.

As the enterprising Hollanders built South Africa into an amazing nation, those White People eventually came into contact with Negroes from Central Africa. That was after 150 years of development already in South Africa.  The country was already exporting agricultural products by that time, not only supplying victuals for the shipping trade.  South African wines, developed by the French Huegenots who also sought out a paradise in that salubrious place, were already prized and sought after in Europe.

As time progressed, the Negroes, who are not very capable of inventing anything; being merely good at imitation and theft began to drift southward to pillage and plunder the farms and enterprises of the White People.  Gradually the Zulu became the predominant tribe and were very effective at minimizing the numbers of the other tribes.  Two other tribes did relatively well in the southern region; they being the Bantu and Xhosa; although a number of other tribes gained a foothold in the developing White Nations of Mozambique, Rhodesia and South Africa as well.

Eventually South Africa became a hodge podge of peoples.  Indeed it was the first multicultural experiment where Whites, (English and Hollanders) and Khoisan had to share their land with Chinese, East Indians, Malays, and a number of different Negro tribes.  Not one group really was all that accepting of the other group; there being lots of animosities in South Africa.  However, because of Apartheid, everything harmonized pretty well and the economy grew to become one of the most significant economies on the planet and the South African currency; the Rand was one of the most stable.

Since it is well established that the Negroes reproduce voraciously, their numbers increased over the years until eventually they outnumbered the Whites by a significant margin.  However, under the excellent system of Apartheid, the Negroes were able to do quite well in their independent Kraals; where each individual tribe could have control over their circumstances; including their various manifestations of witchcraft; Ju Ju and Mumbo Jumbo; and so forth.  Apartheid was actually a very good system and the Blacks; those who are honest and insightful will admit, life was better under that system than what is currently in place there; a Communist government of incompetants.  Their president, Jacob Zuma did not even pass grade one.  Today nobody is doing all that well, neither Blacks nor Whites in South Africa.

The plight of White People is becoming more and more precarious in a land their ancestors built.

The Negroes of Mozambique, Rhodesia and South Africa are interlopers.  They have no natural claim to any land in that area but since they largely outnumber any other group are now claiming that all the land is theirs; that they are the indigenous people of South Africa; which is not true and a gigantic lie.  The tragic thing is that just like so much of everything on planet Earth, lies and myths are replaced for truth and the majority of Negroes; the descendants of those tribes which migrated south believe the myth that the land belongs to Negroes since Africa is, Negroland.








The Scourge Called Democracy

Eventually led to a vile little verminous terrorist becoming president of South Africa and the ANC government proliferated under his guidance and began to call ever stronger for improving circumstances for blacks and the ever increasing reduction of circumstances for Whites.  Lots of nations called Nelson Mandela a hero, but, they did not know any better; the leaders believing what they read in the Jewspapers and what they saw on the Jewish Tell Lie Vision.  Eventually work legislation put increasing numbers of White People out of work having to give up their jobs to blacks.  These unfortunate White People; managers, teachers, dental hygienists; you name it, were thrown out into the street; many lost everything they worked hard to get and now are living in squatter camps which brings me to the main focus of this article and my desire to stir up concern and indeed

demand a call for action!

Recently, one such camp, where about 300 people were living on some unused ground was forcibly moved by the ANC thugs under the pretence that the land was needed for some dubious government project.  Hence, those hapless White victims of Democracy were moved onto an open dump site into corrugated tin shacks with no windows, no floors, and no running water; just a door and a leaking roof.  The refuge dump was still in use and the smell is horrific.  Shortly after the move, horrendous rain storms turned the place into a morass where White Men, Women, and Children tried to hang on to life amidst floating condoms, syringes, and the flotsam and jetsam of an urban centre nearby.  Some of the women had babies to care for and no milk because when a mother has little to eat, she can’t produce milk.

White Children and Adults are Starving in South Africa!


The Plight of All White People is Extremely Precarious in South Africa.


On December 31 of this year, the official policy of the ANC government is to steal all the property of Whites in South Africa claiming that the land and property belongs to the Negroes.  Indeed, even in the United States BLM leaders have called for the confiscation of White property to be given to Blacks in reparation for their ancestors having been enslaved.  Not knowing the truth of the story about slavery, the Blacks blame White Caucasians/the Aryans for that abomination and forget the fact that it was an entirely Jewish enterprise aided and abetted by Muslims and Negroes.  Muslims and Negroes practice slavery.  Indeed, slavery is condoned in the Holy Koran as it is in the Talmud.  Negroes back in the days before they were Muslimified, or other wise polluted with the virus called, Communism, already conducted regular internecine warfare amongst the tribes and slavery was just part of life.  Enemies and slaves could even end up in the stew pot and still do to this very day in the 21st Century and White Meat is the most prized of all.

I digressed, as I tend to do when we go Down the Rabbit Hole.
There are so many tunnels and twists and turns in a rabbit warren.  Let’s get back to what is going to happen come
December 31st in South Africa.

Already, up until now; since about 1963, more than 80,000 White, Boers, mostly, have been murdered in South Africa.

Today, one of the most dangerous jobs on Earth is to be a White Farmer in South Africa.

There were seven farm attacks just this last week.  If help does not come in time, most often those attacks result in an entire dead White Family; dogs included.  Sometimes all the cattle are killed, as well.  The human beings; those hapless Boers, whose own employee; who has to be Black due to the Affirmative Action Legislation, is usually the culprit who informed the attack gang about the comings and goings of his employer.  Then the attack gang carefully plan and commit atrocities upon those White People the like of which one would have witnessed during those Diabolical times of the Spanish Inquisition where people’s limbs were literally detached from their writhing bodies on racks.  The pain that people suffered then is akin to having an electric drill applied to one’s knee caps, shins, arms, everywhere but where there are vital organs.  That is the sort of intense suffering White Farmers are experiencing before they are murdered because, just as with the Satanists who ritually murder children in the basements of some dubious pizza shops; a couple having been identified in Washington D.C., or the dungeons of cathedrals, the more intense fear and pain a victim experiences the more JuJu goes into the meat and makes it very valuable and worth three, four, five times the price of black meat.  In the case of the Satanists, they drink the blood of the victim; it being filled with a special chemical that gives the toper an intense high and belief it will give them prolonged life.

Thanks to Liberal/Marxist Demon Ocracy, (sic) where Blacks, due to their huge numbers outvoted the Whites in a land built by White People:

  • The English, the inventors of concentration camps btw during their invasion of South Africa and theft of most of it during the Boer War under the rapacious inbred dwarf queen, Victoria.
  • And the Hollanders, those hardy Dutch men and women who came from my home country, I AM proud to say.  I know the Dutch spirit since I AM a Dutchman even though I live in Canada.  No matter how long a Dutchman is away from the home land, the Netherlands, one can never take that out of a human being who was born there and grew up there during very formative years.  Dutch people can be stubborn like mules and some become very self righteous Calvinists.  Not all Dutch people are laid back like I AM.  It is that stubborn Dutch spirit in many of the non English Whites of South Africa which is the peoples’ worst enemy.  Class conscience is still very much a part of the character of some people there and is one of the reasons the development of the United State of Good Hope is not progressing as fast as we had all hoped.   A wee digression.

The president of that once great nation now openly sings a song whose lyrics are mostly a few words and those are:

‘Kill Whitey, Kill the Boer!’


Unless the International White Community immediately reacts to the plight of White People in South Africa, there is going to come a genocide because to the Negroes, fed with Jewish Tell Lie Vision lies about White People, and some with the disturbing mind virus called, Islam as well; plus their natural genetic propensity to witchcraft and violence are going to have carte blanche come December 31st.  Unless immediate action is taken,

The White People of South Africa may very well be exterminated.

It is that serious.

There are several agencies and individuals who are working tirelessly to help assuage the dastardly circumstances for White People in South Africa.  Karin Smith, of Radio Free South Africa, has worked countless hours helping the Khoisan Royal House with the secession project.  The work load is heavy, but it is a worthwhile struggle because The United State of Good Hope is the only hope for White People to try and save themselves from what is coming when the ANC unleashes hell.  Karin’s people are in South Africa.

Another Valiant Warrior Queen for the White People squatting in miserably poor circumstances in South Africa is, Leigh Dupreez who took it upon herself to create The South Africa Family Relief Project which has fed and assuaged the circumstances of thousands of White squatters.  Leigh has been at it for five years and, indeed, her organization had a Pay Pal Account into which people of good will donated money for the cause.  Recently the ANC directed Pay Pal to freeze the five year old account in which several thousand dollars were ready for use during the upcoming Christmas Season; some hope for destitute families; perhaps a toy for their suffering children.

However, do not lose heart.  Help is on the way.  You can donate money into another account now.  Karin Smith has stepped up to the plate, as is her usual approach and has made it possible to donate via her website: radiofreesouthafrica.com.  She and Leigh are in regular contact so there is a way as far as that goes.  However, money is not enough.  Serious diplomatic, political help is required and therefore if you want to help it is imperative that you send a letter to the Amazing Mister Trump.  That man has a heart.  He is a good Christian White Man and if he receives enough letters of concern, surely he will be moved to do something.  After all, Mister Trump is a Man of Action and by helping the suffering people of South Africa he will certainly receive the thanks from millions and further help to

Make America Great Again in the eyes of White People everywhere.

Since most of you reading these words are pressed for time I have prepared a letter for you.  All you need to do is cut and paste the body of the text and merely put your name in the appropriate places.  Do this ASAP.  The sooner Mister Trump receives thousands of letters, he may just be able to help the White People of South Africa in time before no White People are left there.

Use letter sized paper and FORMAT THE LETTER AS FOLLOWS:

Your name and address in the top right.

Under that the following which you cut and paste.

Mister D.J. Trump

President of the United States of America

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue,

Washington, D.C.  U.S.A.



Following is the body of the letter.

Dear Mister Trump,

I hope this letter finds you well and happy.

I want to bring your attention to the plight of the White People of South Africa who are facing a genocide.  Indeed already more than 80,000 murders of White Boers have accrued in South Africa since 1963.  Indeed, once the Communist ANC gained power, the murder rate is increasing by the day.  Farm attacks are a common occurrence and White People are horribly tortured and murdered by barbaric savages.  The government essentially turns a blind eye.  Indeed, the president, Jacob Zuma openly sings the, ‘Kill Whitey, Kill the Boer’ song.

Come December 31st the ANC government’s official policy implements the confiscation of all White property in South Africa without recompense.  This will give Blacks the carte blanche needed to begin ethnically cleansing the White Population from South Africa; a nation built by their ancestors; not the Negroes who are the ancestors of interlopers and not indigenous to that southern part of Africa including Zimbabwe and Mozambique. Something needs to be done because already thousands of White People have lost their jobs due to the Affirmative Action Policies of the ANC.  These hapless White People have been thrown out of their teaching jobs; their jobs as managers, mechanics, you name it.  These people having been denied work and are now living in squatter camps where conditions are utterly miserable.  Indeed the people are starving.

Please, Mister Trump, please take note of this and do something for the White People of South Africa.  Perhaps your powerful voice can be what is needed to turn this potential genocide around before it is too late and no White People will be left in South Africa.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.  Let it be the year in which South Africa is saved.





Say some prayers your letter meets with success.








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