DtRH 85/2017

Volume 2, 85th Edition, Saturday, December 09, 2017

Let’s Talk About the Oklahoma City Bombing

Article by Stratophericus


Monday and Tuesday evening, this week, Jeff Rense presented four hours interviewing an incredible man; one of very few trained in the Black Ops realm of ultra covert operations.  As is so typical of Jeff he knows his stuff and how to conduct an interview, asking the important questions and getting to the bottom of a story.  In this case, the story is so incredible; so utterly revealing how completely contemptible are the Clintons and the Federal Government of the USA when you finish reading this article you will be pissed off.  I spent five hours listening to the discussion and fine tuning the information I needed in order to present you with an article that will not take you five hours to read.  It is one of the roles I take on; to help get information to you in a succinct version.  Jeff and I realize, not all of us have the luxury of listening to radio talk shows for four hours.  However, if you do have the time, listening to the interview in question; carried over two evenings; with more to come in the near future, I highly recommend you tune in and listen to Jeff Rense talk with Cody Golden Elk, AKA Cody Snodgres.  Be prepared to become very disturbed.

Okay, here we go Down the Rabbit Hole.  No holds barred.

Take a good look at the two photographs above of the Walter P. Murrah Federal Building before and after the bombing.  Now, this observation was not discussed on Rense Radio, this is something I observed as I stared at the photographs and the one Jeff has posted in the You Tube video of the interview.  Perhaps I am not seeing things correctly, so, if I am wrong about this, you may call me out.  Anyway, as I look at the rubble pile of the exploded building I note there is hardly any rubble.  By the time the photo was made, a few days after the blast, note how most of the rubble is already gone.  Gone!  Before any investigations were completed.  The crime scene was immediately scrubbed.  That is kind of an obvious sign of a cover up, wouldn’t you agree?

Cody had been offered the contract to blow up the building for a mere $1Million but turned it down because he realized it was a set up for a patsy and not something he wanted to undertake on home soil against Americans.  Besides, he was but a few months away from retirement at the time.  According to him there were three bombs which were supposed to have gone off because the building was to have been completely taken down.  Two bombs failed to detonate.  One of those bombs was in the day care centre and not intended to compromise the structure.  It was placed where it was in order to shred the children and create the maximum amount of fear and loathing in the local population.  The first responder on the scene was a policeman named Randy Yeakey, a veteran of the force with a military background who knew what he was looking for and how to identify ordinance.  He compiled a huge file after the fact about the bombing, not buying into the official story and was eventually tortured and killed for that.

Timothy McVeigh was charged with the crime, claiming he was a lone whacked out Patriot ticked off over the massacre of the Branch Dravidians in Waco, Texas.  Tim was allegedly executed for the crime of domestic terrorism causing death.  He was a tank commander with a bronze star in Desert Storm, by the way.

Tim operated the cube van loaded with explosives and parked it in front of the building.  It and the bombs inside the building were to have been blown up at the same time.  The truck bomb exploded and one bomb exploded in the building which is the one that caused most of the damage.  The truck bomb had little effect except to blow out some windows across the street.  And, yet, many people bought into the official story that the truck bomb did all of the damage to the building.  Of course anyone with a modicum of brain power and understanding of physics would realize that explosions go out in the direction of the least resistance.  And, explosions radiate outward like a ball; multi directional.  The van was parked not under the building but in front of it; not touching the building, just parked as a van might be parked in front of a building.  You get my drift.  So, the idea that Tim McVeigh was entirely responsible for all of the destruction, maiming, and death was obviously nonsense.  It is quite amazing how easily the majority of people buy the official stories when False Flags are effected.  It is as if most people are incapable of thinking for themselves and do not trust their own senses.

A cube van rental.  Likely similar to the one used in the bombing discussed here.

Oh, here is the Puffer Fish Tunnel

Down this Rabbit Hole

It is my opinion and that of other out of the box researchers Tim McVeigh was not executed but simply injected with the stuff Voodoo witch doctors in Haiti use to make zombies.  The main ingredient is the poison of a puffer fish.  In Japan special chefs are trained for 15 years to learn how to slice up a puffer fish and provide thrill seeking Japanese connoisseurs a bit of culinary magic; a buzz in the mouth without killing the diner.

In Haiti the poison is extracted and has the only value there.  I don’t think the fish meat is eaten. I am not sure about that. I have not been to Haiti and have no desire to go there to find out.


Voodoo believers attend a mass ceremony involved in sacrifices, spirits and religion at the zone of Plain Du Nord in Haiti July 2010. VP/ KZ


Mixed in the correct manner with some other ingredients and ingested by the one whom the Voodoo witch doctor wants to zombify renders the hapless victim into a catatonic state and enables the priest to have the zombie buried alive.  Then, when the poison has worn off, the witch doctor raises the dead from the grave to great effect and amazement of the credulous creatures who are the quite retarded negroes of the place; the descendants of slaves who effectively destroyed what was at one time one of the richest places on Earth.

Little Haiti in Colours.  Such a pathetic place full of Negroes so badly robbed by the Clintons.

Read Rowan Helper’s 1868 book, The Negroes in Negroland in order to overstand The Negro Question and you will know why Haiti is what it is.

Here is the link.


There are so many twists and turns down a rabbit hole.  Anyway, let’s get back to Timothy McVeigh.  There are people on record who have said they saw the sheet, which had been placed over the cadaver move ever so slightly up and down.  In other words, respiration had not stopped and was extremely shallow, which is the case with the zombies of Haiti.  It is quite possible that Tim is alive and well and living the dream somewhere nice with a new face and a lovely girlfriend on a verandah with a delicious drink in a glass with a tiny umbrella.

Now let’s examine the reasons why there was an attempt made to destroy and vaporize the entire building.  Again, remember, Tim McVeigh was a highly trained military guy and would have known that the van and its explosives would have virtually no effect on the Murrah building from where it was parked.  As I already stated, anyone with half a brain would have figured that out; hence the entire charade after the attack on the federal building was just that,  a huge bloody charade.  And just as all of those events perpetrated by the Judaics of the federal government and Israel, the entire affair is so obviously the work of highly incompetent beings full of hubris and actually not very smart, at all.  In fact, Judaics apparently exhibit over 200 identifiable psychopathies and are crazy as loons; believing they are collectively, God and can do no wrong. We who know better realize that one of the reasons so many Judes are crazy Satanic mother fuckers, they are that way because inbreeding is a cultural trait with those human looking aliens.  So, they screwed up and only partly blew up a building which housed a HUGE financial liability for the federal government and the “Pentagram”

The Pentagon in the City State of Washington D.C. Corp.  Home of a huge amount of judaic malfeasance.

And, just a very short while before the attempted demolition of the W.P Murrah Federal Building, a massive pile of incriminating evidence regarding the gangsters called, the Clintons was brought there.  The fact those two very dangerous, murderous, raping, pillaging plunderers are not in jail totally baffles us and should be a major concern for all United States of America citizens.

Since the dirt on the Clintons is a short story, as far as this one goes

I will tell that one first and you will clearly see the hands of those Clinton criminals clearly evident on the crime scene in question.

You do remember the Contra Arms Criminal Enterprise during the years when Billy Goat was the governor of Arkansas; a backward, hillbilly kind of place, so some Americans have called that state.  It is the sort of place one expects scenes like that famous one played out in the film, Deliverance.  In spite of his Oxford Ph.D., Bill Clinton is a hillbilly and a dastardly villain and so is that monster which professes to be a wife; when we all know that she is a lesbian and the mother of a daughter by another man, allegedly.  Anyway, cocaine was being traded for arms to the tune of $100 Million per month from which Billy Boy was paid a 10% commission, month after month.  That windfall helped to finance his presidential campaign.  To think the people of the USA bought that walking dung heap a presidential library for ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY FIVE MILLION DOLLARS!  It boggles the mind.

Who says that crime doesn’t pay?

Judging from the Clinton story, which we all know about; the trail of bodies, the vaginas with cigars up there, Hillary eating more pussy than anyone Bill knows of, including himself; all of it, crime pays just fine.  And those sociopaths are still paid for speaking to audiences.  They are put up on stages and presented as appropriate material for the office of president of the United States of America.  What does that say about America?  I will let you think about that for yourself.  I think you can guess what my opinion is.  Anyway, all the records pertaining to the allegations of corruption against the Clintons were in the W.P. Murrah Federal Building.

Donald Trump called them,

good people,’ 

do you remember that?

That would be like saying that the Jew, Joseph Stalin was a saint.

Just to take your mind away from further thoughts of such an incredibly successful mass murdering criminal couple, let’s take a little side tunnel in this rabbit hole and look at some even more incredible mass murdering judaic psychopaths.  (Bill is not a jude but she is).  It is estimated that 145 million White Christians were horribly tortured to death during the years when the Jewish Bolsheviks were in power, and a goodly part was under the direction of that inhuman monster who, in typical chameleon judaic fashion changed his name and became Joseph Stalin.  His original name wouldn’t fit on the back of a sportsman’s jersey it being, Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili.  It doesn’t have that sound of cold hard steel.  Stalin was so much better.  He also liked being called, ‘Uncle Joe,’ by that other mass murdering war mongering  ziopath, Winston Churchill and the simpleton, Roosevelt.  Do take note of that judaic sounding name, as well. The original was, Rosenveld.  May all three of those creatures live in infamy.  Their triple conspiracy enslaved a whole lot of people into very miserable circumstances under Communist control.  Of course you are all aware by now that Communism is a judaic construct and boy, oh boy did those judes put people through a grinder.  Read: Gulag Archipelago by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn to get an idea about something the Germans never did and was truly mind numbingly alien and savage.  The utter hatred and contempt for Gentile humanity expressed by the judes of Bolshevik Russia makes one suck one’s breath in and truly wonder why the planet still puts up with them.

Oh, look!  Here is a lovely photograph of London, England

and the focus point of international judaic finance.

Now let’s examine the huge financial and moral liability of the contents of the building with regard to the federal criminal government in Washington D.C.; a private corporation which is a city state; like the City of London and the Vatican.

Do you remember the Gulf War?  Do you remember hearing about, Desert Storm and about a pretty good leader of an ancient nation called, Iraq; a place where people lived quite well under his dictatorship? 

Indeed, under Saddam Hussein, the people of Iraq enjoyed a lot of the advantages of civilization; good infrastructure, education, and a vibrant economy.  Actually, Truth be known, Saddam Hussein was a CIA asset.  And, certainly you remember the famous photo of that arch criminal, Donald the Jew, Rumsfeld shaking Saddam’s hand after making a nefarious deal.  I recall another USA Corp. official assuring the Iraqi Leader that the USA had no concern regarding Saddam’s claim to Kuwait; another one of those artificial British creations in the Middle East.

Photo of the arch criminal, mass poisoner Aspertame guy, Donald, the Jew, Rumsfeld and a man who can’t remember where two trillion dollars went.  He was responsible for the money when he was a Slime Ball in the Pentagon, (SBP).  All the records recording the money trail were conveniently destroyed with a cruise missile on 9/11.  The much more honourable Saddam Hussein is the much taller man on the right polluting his hand with the sweat of that lying judaic person.

As a gesture of cooperation, since Hussein was having trouble with Kurds, the United States of America, thanks to the dual citizen criminals in Washington D.C. gave the Iraqi leader a sizeable supply of

militarized Anthrax!!!



Here is what one strain of Anthrax looks like under closer observation.

When the Gulf War was effected by the Jew Nighted States, the American military led by highly incompetent traitors bought a $44 million dollar supply of defective anti Anthrax gear from fellow judes which was issued to the fodder; er, the soldiers.  Albeit the gear was not needed, but had it been, the suits would have been as useful as chemical hazard suits in a nuclear disaster, for example.  In order to further ensure, in the event that the demonized Saddam Hussein was going to unleash the gift of Anthrax upon the American Foddery; soldiery, just Goyim; cattle in human skin; who cares, oiy vey, the Armed Forces fighting the sorry situation in Iraq,

they were all injected with an untested vaccine!

Which was full of judaic chemical crap including something called, Squalene, a component of some adjuvants that is added to vaccines to enhance the immune response.  Apparently this vaccine made a lot of armed forces people very sick.  Information pertaining to this was filed in the Murrah Building.  It was one of the vectors which was blamed for Gulf War Syndrome.

However, that was not all of it; unfortunately, the story gets even worse.

In case you are not aware of it,

the Gulf War


A Nuclear War!

There were no overt nuclear bombs exploded, but what was introduced for the first time in a theatre of war was spent Uranium 238 ordinance which is extremely effective at penetrating heavy plate armour such as that of a tank, for example.

According to Cody Golden Elk, TWO HUNDRED TONS of the radioactive stuff was gifted to Iraq by the

Jew Nighted States Military.

When depleted Uranium munitions pulverize a tank turret, say, the ordinance creates a lot of low radiation dust.  The unfortunate thing about it was that the military respirators which had been issued were defective.  They were likely also some defective Israeli made garbage.

I found this photo available on the web.  It is obviously not a gas mask circa Desert Storm.  I grabbed it because it such a silly looking attempt to keep an animal in human skin operable for a little longer.  Judging from the uniform I suggest this gas mask comes from the

First World War Which was a Huge Attempt to Wipe Out a Large Amount of White People.

I suggest that the masks used in Desert Storm were manufactured to be deliberately useless in order to add more fodder to the global judaic agenda to wipe out the White Race, in our opinion, since the majority of the boys and girls being sacrificed in Iraq are mostly White.  The dust is very tiny and the respirators did not filter the stuff out and therefore many soldiers sucked radioactive dust into their lungs.  On days when there was no fighting nobody was wearing the filters; not thinking them to be necessary.  However, they were never appraised of the fact that the very ground; the dust of the earth was contaminated by nuclear fallout and as vehicles drove past; perhaps a soccer field were soldiers were playing a game, the radioactive dust of Iraq was stirred up and drifted off into the air and the lungs of all who breathed it and are still breathing it in Iraq; that hapless victim of Israeli malfeasance and its war dog.  The US military is manned and womanned by ‘animals in human skin‘ those mostly White young boys and girls who were so tragically sacrificed during their tours in Iraq and are to this very day reaping the grim reward in increasing numbers.

The soldiers brought back something which will haunt us for a very long time to come.

Radioactive crap like Uranium 238 accumulates in the human body and horribly compromises the human reproductive systems.  In men the testicles are irradiated and in the women it’s the ovaries.  By design, you think?  Are there beings on Planet Earth that would do that?  Yes, Martha, there are.

They are known as,

The Children of Satan.”

Veterans who returned from the Gulf War passed the radiation into their wives and girlfriends.  The female soldiers with their compromised ovaries, when they began to make babies; many, many babies came out compromised; in some cases very significantly.  When you consider the abominations which are regularly occurring in the birthing rooms of Iraqi hospitals; a country where birth defects are up over 600%!, you can imagine what some horrified military parents have had to bring home thanks to the nuclear war in Iraq.

So, here we are.  All the records pertaining to the American government’s liabilities were stored in the Walter P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City.  All the records which held the Federal government accountable for trillions of dollars in reparations and care for the thousands and thousands of, mostly White human beings and all of those unfortunate Iraqis, were in that building.  Those Iraqis never declared a war on the United States and now the place is like a scene from a science fiction novel.


The amount of money due by the jew for this horror story is so immense that the records had to be destroyed and that was the plan.  However, as I indicated, <<<They>>> are so often incompetent that we, who have our eyes open, see through their nefarious schemes as if we are looking through the glass of an aquarium at a little school of black fish gobbling up all the other colourful fish until only the black ones are left and they begin nibbling at each other.  Oh, look, gefelte fish. Or something like that.

 Have a Nagila or perhaps a bagel and we’ll drink some sugary jewish wine and “forget about it, oiy vey.”



So, there they were with a partially demolished building and unexploded bombs and unvapourized records which were quickly scurried out of there and dealt with in some other manner.  <<<They>>> are so lucky that the majority of the people; the Goyim/Gentiles are not awake and can only see through a glass darkly, made even darker and dimmer by the day with the propaganda tool; The Tell Lie Vision.  However now things have changed very considerably and the jew is out of another bag.  No wonder there is so much concern coming from the ADL and all the other judaic financial enterprises posing as NGOs and poverty law centres, refugee take in traitor councils, and so forth.  In the Jew Nighted States there are estimated to be about 4000 such judaic organizations under a plethora of names and logos.  They all cry, ‘Oiy, oiy. Anti Semitism is on the rise!  God help us.’  Yeah, well…  Good luck with that.

Now that you know more about what happened in Oklahoma City how do you feel about your government?  Is it not high time people are held to account for their crimes?  I mean, think of it.

A bomb was placed in a day care centre!!!


I mean, at what point are the American people going to rise up, as brave people have done in other ages?  Just because we live in the 21st Century does not mean events can no longer turn ugly against malfeasant rulers.  Indeed, the Constitution of the United States of America and their Bill of Rights clearly spell out that it is incumbent upon a righteous people to take down an evil government.  Indeed it is the reason stated for the existence of a free and armed civilian militia.

Disarming Americans in America is UNCONSTITUTIONAL

And any attempt to effect disarmament in the United States is guilty of treason against the people.

There is your tank, ladies and gentlemen.

Go get em!

Better do it sooner than later because the proverbial manure is about to hit the cosmic fan and White People will be victims world wide all thanks to, you know who.  That ‘wandering who?’  That international element with some evil protocols and some guide stones in Georgia and their effective tools; politics and religion, the two subjects you are not supposed to talk about.  Well, I say that is nonsense. Those two formalized human expressions to help organize their communal experiences and the directing of the metaphysical connections with the universe are the two most important matters for discussion.  True freedom of speech can only be fully expressed in an arena where one can Go Down the Rabbit Hole and not be afraid since we carry the Lamp of Truth and that always guides our way.  Of course it doesn’t hurt to unravel a ball of string as we wander through the warren.  Even though we carry a powerful light, we can still get lost and not find our way back out of the hole and come back to where we need to be.  At some point it is Home.  And now is that time.  So, please let others know about these pages: DtRH.  We are in dire circumstances today and proactive resistance to evil is the best way to attempt a return to sanity.  It is still possible to save North America.

It is time to act.  Do it now.  We need a new spring.

We need a new hope for North America.

Don’t you think so?


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