DtRH 86/2017

Volume Two, 86th Edition, Tuesday, December 12, 2017


Let’s Talk About


and Some Other Stuff

Article by Emmanuel Truthseeker


Many people talk about Fascism in the media, both the discredited Main Scream Media and the Alternative Media.  There are highly charged organizations of Ignoratti who are vehemently against Fascism.  Indeed the race who constantly needs help, and the Jews who love the dark skinned small brained group, have eagerly stepped up to the plates offered by the retarded race, and have developed organizations such as BLM and the poverty law centres and so forth screaming the dreaded word, Fascist at White People who merely express a pride for their race, no different than other races.  Indeed, nobody thinks there is anything wrong with China for Chinese People.  Japan for Japanese People.  Israel for Jews.  Gabon for Gabonese, and so on.  Why is there a problem with White German people wanting Germany to be for White People; or any of the other lands of Europe?  Italy is for White People;

“White Italians they are,” Yoda would say.

The famous puppet philosopher, Yoda.

Thank You George Lucas.

I spoke of Germany and Italy specifically in reference to nations being for the people whose ancestors built the nation and whose ancestors bled into the soil. Germany and Italy are the two White Nations terribly vilified since World War II for having been Fascist during that awful holocaust in which more than 50 million, mostly White Christians were killed.  Few mention the other amazing number; that of the 145 Million White Christians murdered by the Jewish Bolshevik butchers in the former USSR.  Oh, and not to forget the millions of White Christian Ukranians and the White Christians murdered in Armenia.  So many dead.  So very many screaming human beings tortured savagely by their Jewish tormentors throughout history.  The numbers of dead White Christians are adding up by the day, even into this very century and they are in the hundreds of millions!

How dare <<<they>>> keep waggling their six million figure in our faces when we know the number is not even true but the dead millions murdered by the Synagogue of Satan which are widely published are likely still favourably inclined towards the Khazars since there are still so many who still believe that Judes are God’s chosen people and that Adolf Hitler was a bad guy and therefore will not investigate the Truth about the numbers because, ‘the Children of Satan do not lie.’  Of course that is blatantly nonsense.  We catch them lying all the time.  It is what Jews do.  Indeed, they are admonished by their holiest tradition, The Talmud, ‘The Law for the Jew is: he must lie, cheat, steal, and even kill Goyim.’  Goyim, in case you are not aware yet, it means: ‘animals in human skin.’  That refers to Gentiles; non Jews.  That is actually most of the people on Planet Earth, that is how utterly despicable the Jewish tradition is.  It is the most overtly RACIST document on the planet.  The Koran can barely hold a candle to the Talmud; and in my opinion actually is derived from Talmudic thought.  In other words the Talmud is a Satanic text and the Koran is a derivative.  You can read all about what is in the Koran from the pdf book: The Horror. An In-depth Look Into the Koran.  Order Here.  The Talmud you can read on line at: comeandhear.com.

So, let’s clear the dust of semantics off the word, Fascism.  Remember that the winners write words which explain events after the fact and provide the official spin on the malfeasance.  Definitions of words are controlled.  Very carefully controlled and they who control them, control the world.

Let us first learn where did the word Fascism come from.

The Fascia is a symbol for the Roman State.  It is a bundle of rods wrapped around an axe.  In other words the state controls the instruments for punishing those who seek to subvert the state.

Many nations and organizations which cherish the rule of law use that symbol and it is a powerful image in that it does not need a lot of explaining. The meaning is obvious.   What else is a rod used for but to beat something with it.

Carpet beaters look much different.  My Mother used a carpet beater when we lived in the Netherlands in the 1950s and every Housewife had such a thing because Dutch people liked having plush Persian carpets on their floors and they needed a good beating, now and then.  It beat beating children to get the frustrations worked out and gave the women another outlet to prevent them from killing their husbands; plus the added benefit of another exercise routine to keep them toned and glowing.

Of course the ax, as depicted in the Fascia was for assorted purposes from mutilations to decapitations.  The symbol of state was carried by Lictors who were the body guards of high officials such as Magistrates.  Of course, the Emperor had his Praetorian Guard.  Government officials throughout the human story on Earth have needed armed personnel to protect them from Lady Justice.





The Amazingly Great Adolf Hitler could ride about

in an open Mercedes

and his people came out in droves to wish him well and spur him on.

Children and Animals came to him and they are not so easily duped by the facades some humans put on to attempt to disguise their evil nature.  Jesus of Nazareth also was a magnet for children and animals.

Neither Jesus of Nazareth nor Adolf Hitler were wimps.  They were Sons of God and had strong backbones, powerful intellect and being filled with the Holy Spirit, were righteous and clearly knew who the enemy is.  They clearly identified the enemy of life and the Kingdom of God and sought to defeat them.  Alas, Lucifer and Satan have a very firm hold on this planet and therefore we, The Sons of God have a huge task in front of us which could have been resolved 73 years ago and that was not through the utter destruction of a mighty nation of White People and the attempted extermination of same. And that brings me back to the focus of our discussion, that being, Fascism.

Most people think of Fascism as a very bad thing and immediately connect the idea to those evil NAZIs and misguided Italians during those heady times after the fall of the Weimar Republic and the end of WWII.  It is too bad so many just accept the definitions as they are promulgated by the definition controllers.  People easily understand things but rarely do they go further to reach an overstanding and that is what I am all about.  I want to completely control information for myself and not just accept what others tell me.  It is the same with the word in question.  I looked into Fascism and have found that it is not the evil police state control mechanism that people think it is.  The present popular paradigm is a police state under Democracy which has obviously proven its worth, hasn’t it?  Democracy got you Communism in South Africa, for example.  Democracy got you the Muslim Invasion didn’t it?  Indeed, Democracy got you the Angel of Death in Germany.

The Angel of Death From Germany on a Ship

So, let’s take a look at what people have called Fascism in Germany under the guidance of Adolf Hitler and the National Socialist Party.  After Germany had been brought to her knees by the Internationalists with the Treaty of Versailles the NSDAP rebuilt Germany in quick order, Fascism was the means with which the decrees of the government were implemented.  Fascism ensured that all production; indeed that all economic activity in the state was for the sole benefit of the people and the nation not for the benefit of a small coterie of international jewish banksters.  Under Fascism, international usurious banking could not flourish and, indeed, it quickly crawled away as the NSDAP did not put up with too much more of their malfeasance.  The Fascist government is a government which is not a pussy and is manly in its pursuit of an excellent life for the people and the balanced stewardship of the land.  Yes, it is a dictatorship but the boss is a benevolent philosopher king.  Plato was correct about the ideal of a leader in his discussion titled: Republic.  Americans reading these words, you have heard about, Republic have you not?  Oh, yes, let us not forget, just as elsewhere the Jews gained a stranglehold, your republics are now Democracies and the word, Republic is a dirty word.  Look at how the word slobbers off the fat lips of Liberals, for example.  It is another of those words but not at the august level of revulsion as the word, Fascism.

Fascism has been given a bad rap by the controllers because they want you to continue believing in your present circumstances and remain ignorant about what a useful system Democracy is for the elite since Democracy is a top down tyranny of the masses and those masses are almost completely controlled by the Main Scream Media including school textbooks. In one amazing textbook, The Oxford Universal Dictionary the word, Fascism is not even listed but the word, Fascist is and it refers specifically to a group of Italian Nationalists who banded together to fight the Bolshevik, Jewish scourge; one aspect of that would be their banking scam.  In Webster’s the word is included and speaks about a system of government where essentially the buck stops on the boss’s desk.  A dictatorial system which crushes opposition such as degrading Jewish pornographic filth, for example, and strictly regulates commerce.  If you take a look at how Germans fared under National Socialism during the direction of Adolf Hitler you quickly see that they had it good and were happy.  We don’t see any of that much today anywhere where Democracy reigns and psychopaths have been voted into office, not one of whom will dare ride in an open car today.  Not one.

I hope this clarifies something for you.

Have a nice day.