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Let’s Talk About our Hollow Planet

Article by Stratophericus

We can not talk about anything pertaining to this planet without talking about the Sun first.  According to the most plausible explanation, the planet we are standing on was derived from the sun.  Planet Earth was essentially cast out of the cauldron and tossed into orbit; a somewhat misshapen lump which eventually formed a more spherical form; spheres being very efficient forms for spinning about in an electromagnetic soup some have called, the Ether.  Most people refer to it as, Outer Space, that is that place between planets and stars and exists beyond the Van Allen Belts; the electro-magnetic shield which protects the planet to some degree and keeps our atmosphere in.

‘Keeps our atmosphere in.’  Let’s examine that for a moment since we can not take the atmosphere lightly.  Even though you have some trouble weighing the atmosphere which surrounds you but I can tell you that without it, you would not live here very well since that atmosphere is the medium which contains an essential element we need to effect respiration; that being, Oxygen.  O Two, to be exact.  There are other forms of the stuff, but the O2 variety is the one we really need for breathing and carrying on the multifarious affairs of the body and keep that incredible all terrain vehicle alive and well.

Photo of a female human spirit in a very lovely 21st Century all terrain sodium chloride bi pedal two brained carbon unit perfectly designed for traversing malls and other obstacles.

For you ladies reading this illustrated essay, here is the male equivalent of the two brained, bi pedal sodium chloride carbon unit perfectly designed for fixing things such as broken motors, childlessness, and, when motivated properly with the judicious utilization of specially designed components by the female version of this all terrain unit, will fix whatever needs fixing; including flat bank accounts in order to be able to obtain access to the specially designed female components on a very regular basis.

This is a photo of a high ranking carbon unit; an United States Navy Admiral named, Richard E. Byrd who proved the effectiveness of the all terrain feature by becoming an explorer who had personal experience with our hollow Earth and will become a more spoken of individual as this essay progresses.

Let’s talk about what happened when the Earth was formed, since we kind of got ahead of ourselves.  If we look back at the headline we are supposed to be talking about our hollow earth, so let’s explain how that came to be in the first place.  You can read a very wonderful description in the novel:

A Journey to the Underside.

However, if you do not have time for novels, let’s describe what happened when the planet was spun out of the sun and given her run around the glowing orb along with several other spewings which also earned a place in the spinning circus we know as,

The Solar System.

The Earth is a big blob spun out of the sun and spinning very fast, which considering the size of this sphere, makes for a HUGE inertia throwing massive amounts of heavy stuff out to the surface from within.  The force we are speaking of is, centrifugal force.  You know about that.  The blob is very hot and wobbling fiercely at first; when the planet was a glob which was not a sphere at first.  It takes many eons of spinning and turning for a potential habitable sphere to form and during that time as the thing wobbles and moves it takes a long time for a crust to form, which initially was much like pastry flakes as a little bit of material cooled off enough to coagulate and hold back some more stuff being flung up.  Over time the crust formed initially in layers and then more and more like a dense Swiss cheese in most places up to 1000 miles in thickness.  Like a Swiss cheese, there are huge pockets within that crust and we will discuss those more.

Let’s get back to the forming of the planet.  As material built up and the planet slowed down its spinning on her axis and everything on the surface and then the mantle and crust the centrifugal force lessened and what heavy material remained fell back to the centre of the sphere and formed a tetrahedronal glowing form made up mostly of iron. This glowing hot glob of metal is like an interior sun which continued to heat up remaining gasses and subsequently over more eons of time pressure built up on the inside of the balloon which is the planet and when the weak points of the Swiss cheese crust gave way, it was at the poles where holes were blasted open to relieve the stresses and form what came to be Planet Earth.


A long time ago conditions on the underside of the Earth’s crust became salubrious and able to provide a comfortable place for people to set up a colony.  The holes are large enough, indeed they are about 1700 miles in diameter and enabled colonists from other planets; maybe even from planets which surround the former sun called, Jupiter when they left their home planets since the giant did not provide the heat necessary to carry on without having to use block heaters year round and scraping windows free of ice, perhaps.  Living in a land of snow and ice isn’t as nice.

I have no idea from whence those folks came and whether they all came from the same place.  However, according to the Journal of Admiral Byrd; the handsome admiral whose photo is posted above, he met some human like beings when he went on an adventure through the hole at the North Pole.  More on that further on.

Anyway, up until about 6000 B.C., according to credible sources Venus was not part of this solar system.  It came here as a comet which, as she passed Mars, stripped most of his atmosphere off the surface and then dumped massive amounts of ice all at once onto Planet Earth as Venus came closer to the sun.  Temperate zone animals, such as mammoths, were flash frozen in the ice packs which have remained at the poles and, indeed, covered up the holes eventually creating a massive build up of heat on the underside of the crust which became a great problem for the inhabitants who had set up colonies eons ago there because conditions are very salubrious and very large civilizations grew there as a result, not being troubled by the same sort of geo physical circumstances as the surface experienced; meteors and comets and such.

Speaking of comets; you know they are made up of ice, yes?  Well, some researchers suggest that is where water comes from.  Comets pummelled and continue to pummel this planet and water volumes continue to accrue.

Anyway, let’s get back to those flash frozen temperate zone animals in the ice packs.  You know that the Arctic is a fresh water ice pack floating on a salty sea, yes?  There is no land under that ice like what is the story in the Antarctic.  Islands belonging to Canada and Greenland reach up there and it is there where flash frozen mammoths have been found.  Now let’s take a look at The Journal of Admiral Byrd in which he recorded his adventure flying past his compass reading indicating he was at the North Pole.  He kept flying and unbeknownst to him he was flying into the hole there which has now completely opened up again as the heat from the inside has finally managed to melt those many miles of thick ice; the plug which caused severe global warming on the inside.  Now that both holes are open at the poles, the ambient heat from the inside is adding to the heat of the surface and the planet is merely returning to the normal temperature which was here before 6000 B.C. which was 85 degrees Fahrenheit.  There was no ice on Antartica or the Arctic.






Admiral Byrd’s

Arctic Adventure

So, there was the brave admiral, whom a lot of people thought was a, ‘crazy fokker,’ with his navigator flying, and flying north, ever north into the north pole hole.  They had no idea that is what was happening.  Unbeknown to them is the fact that the hole is surrounded with an electromagnetic field which makes it appear as if the compass reads North Pole no matter from which side one approaches the hole.  In other words, explorers stopped short always thinking they were at the North Pole when in fact they were standing on the edge of the hole.  Remember, the mantle and crust are up to 1000 miles thick.  You have no idea as you fly into it that anything is different unless, like the Admiral you note insects hitting your windshield.  Eventually he recorded seeing living mammoths walking about on ground not noted in his charts.  He and his navigator flew into uncharted territory and it was green!

Eventually the two men were ‘guided’ down and landed by a city inhabited with tall, Germanic looking human beings who told Admiral Byrd some amazing things.  You can read about all of that for yourself in his journal by clicking right here.

The pdf is the man’s private journal.  Why would he invent some cockamayme story for his private journal?  Admiral Byrd was not composing a sci fi novel.  Admiral Byrd’s Adventure into the North Pole Hole is a credible confirmation of the veracity of hollow Earth accounts.

 The plot thickens.

Let us now take a look at the other pole; The Antarctic.  That place is not a pole one flies over on international flights like one does flying over the North Pole.  A question obviously arises regarding why people flying over the North Pole on international flights do not see the hole.  That is because there is still lots of snow and ice and as the warm air from within comes out of the hole the sudden temperature changes create clouds which obscure the hole from 30,000 feet.  All that people see from up there is clouds.

The Antarctic is a continent.  It is a huge land mass and some of it is melting profusely whilst on the other side the ice pack appears to be growing.  Very interesting things are being revealed down there and most of it is


To be Continued.

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