DtRH 89/2017

Volume Two, 89th Edition, Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Let’s Talk Some More About


Part 3 of Our Hollow Earth Series

Article by Stratophericus

This man went to Antarctica recently.

He is the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church.  According to Wicked Pedia, (sic): “Kirill or Cyril (Russian: Кирилл, secular name Vladimir Mikhailovich Gundyayev, Russian: Владимир Михайлович Гундяев; born 20 November 1946) is a Russian Orthodox bishop. He became Patriarch of Moscow and all Rus’ and Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church on 1 February 2009.

Another dignitary who recently went down to Antarctica is this walking chin that thinks it is a human being but is actually a Skull & Bones lying Judaic creepy guy named John Kerry, then the Secretary of State of the Jew Nighted States of America, the military arm of the International Bankster Ziotoads.

What were they doing “down there”?

It is funny actually how we think of Antarctica as being down there and the Arctic as up here.  As if the globe has an up and  down.  And, how easy it is to misspell the word, Antarctica and make it, Antartica; as I have done in several places in recent articles.  One does not pronounce the middle C anyway, so why bother with it?  I’m a writer and writers do that; they invent new words or modify old ones.  Or, sometimes they can’t spell any better than other folks.  Writers are human and they’re not perfect either.  Me included.

Have you also noted how we tend to look at Antarctica mostly only from one side; the side facing Patagonia?  Is there a ‘Dark Side’ to the Antarctic as there is a dark side of the moon?  It surely is a mysterious place under the firm control of internationalists and organizations like the Smithsonian Disinformation Circus.

There are lots of dignitaries visiting Antarctica and many who are not able to go are wondering why are so many going there?  What is it about that place all of a sudden?  Here is a link to an article that expounds on this topic.  CLICK HERE.  Here is another one which contains the following tweet from Buzz Aldrin who also went to Antarctica recently.  Buzz Aldrin allegedly tweeted

“We are all in danger. It is evil itself.”

According to the article he tweeted that cryptic message in reference

to the

alleged pyramid-mountain found on the continent.

Some other famous characters on the World Stage who went to Antarctica within the last couple of years are the following:

Here is the Antarctic trekker and traitor Pontifex Maximus Francis with a child. 

Children pick up the vibe off sentient creatures very readily and it is obvious from this photo that this Pope is a really creepy guy.  He is a Marxist Jesuit and even looks like some sort of reptilian humanoid who crawled out of a crypt and drinks human blood.  There are allegations to that effect abounding.

Here is a photo of the two top guys of two large Christian churches; both of whom went to Antarctica but not as a couple.  Note how these guys all like to wear funny hats.  The Pope wears a yarmulka like a good Jew does. The other guys are wearing assorted mitre like haberdashery.  Not the sort of stuff one wears in a carpentry shop.

The guy on the left is Prince Harry; a very wealthy Judaic parasite belonging to the Coburg-Sachen unt Gotha clan that sits on the throne of England; a throne illegitimately obtained but that is another story.  He went to the land of ice and snow.  Of course you all recognize the grinning street Negro who usurped the august office of President of the Jew Nighted States.  Barack Hussein Obama; a Muslim.  The name gave me concern right from the beginning when he was suddenly foisted upon the stage from out of no where.  Many of us Down the Rabbit Hole wished he had gone to Antarctica and become lost in a crevice but alas, no.  All that happened is a weather station was named after him there.  I have not been able to find out whether Mister Obama vacationed in a place where he would look very out of place.  Negroes and the Antarctic somehow is a strange disconnect for me just as the strangeness I feel when I see them up here in Canada during winter.  I digressed down a rabbit tunnel.  Let’s get back to Buzz Aldrin and some out there ideas.


Here is a photo of Buzz Aldrin in his Buzz Lightyear suit.  Probably got hot in there under all of those studio lights.  I wonder if he wore such an outfit when he went down to the icy continent.  From a distance people would have thought he was a walking snow man.

This lying rapist went to Antarctica. Too bad a sea lion didn’t get to snack on him.  Likely would have spat him up since he  probably tastes like crap.

A whole lot of people go to Antarctica, but only to a very small part of it.  Remember, the place is a HUGE continent.


Here is a link to a page of photos of some of the other people who have gone to the Antarctic.

When are you Going?

to be continued

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