DtRH 90/2017

Volume Two, 90th Edition, Wednesday, December 20, 2017

We’re not Done Exploring our Hollow Earth

Part Four

Article by Stratophericus

Hitler’s Germany was extremely interested in Antarctica beginning in the 1930s.

Members of the National Socialist Movement, indeed many German intellectuals were interested in occult information not just about Antarctica.  Many historians attribute this interest in Antarctica amongst the NS inteligentsia to the occultist background of the upper echelons of the Nazi party, some of whom where members of the Thule Society.  You can read about that right here.

The Germans were also very interested in Vril technology.  You can read about that in an amazing book by Gerry Vassilatos; Lost Science.  I suggest you buy that book because you will learn so much that will literally

blow your mind!

Indeed, being Germans; the epitome of White Racial Development were interested in just about everything.  It is how we Northern White People tend to be.  We can not help it.  Our minds are restless and seek the Spring of Knowledge whose waters help humanity progress into the future.  The Northern Europeans are knowledge seekers and producers.  Germans were some of the most knowledge thirsty people on the planet and the Thule and Vril Societies were organized manifestations of that thirst.  Alas, so much of that natural thirst is being indoctrinated out of people in Public Schools and Universities.

By studying translations of old Tibetan, Indian and Greek texts, they came to know that our earth is hollow and inhabited within. Ultima Thule is supposed to have been the name of the capital city of the continent Hyperborea, older than Atlantis and Lemuria.  Indeed I have suggested the idea of there being very ancient civilizations within and on the underside of the Earth’s crust.   According to Thule texts, the Hyperboreans were highly technologically and socially advanced.  Read the novel: A Journey to the Underside to get a good grip on this inner Earth and under crust information.

Anyway, the continent was apparently located in the Norwegian Sea and sunk over the progression of an ice age. During the catastrophe, however, the Hyperboreans dug large tunnels through the earth’s crust using giant machines and settled under what is today the Himalayas.

It is said that they named their new kingdom Agharta or Agharti and its capital city Shamballah.

The current Dalai Lama XIV as well as lamas from Mongolia and Tibet claim to have known this subterranean kingdom along with The Lord of the World (Rigden Iyepo) living there.

Over the millennia, the subterranean kingdom has supposedly spread below the earth’s entire surface

with giant centres under the Sahara, the Mato Grosso in Brazil, Yucatan in Mexico, Mount Shasta in Northern California and many others.

It is highly likely that secret entrances to the Underworld may in fact exist under some, or perhaps most major temple constructions

around the planet including deep down under ancient cathedrals in Europe or the massive capacitors and counter weights known as the pyramids such as those at Giza, Egypt.

If such entrances exist all over the planet, they most certainly exist in Antarctica as well.

And, since Antarctica is a secret place the Germans built something substantial there which includes a submarine base.

With the possibility of there being an under ice channel of water which travels deep into the icy continent with a possible connection to shafts leading deep into the crust and connecting up with the world wide subterranean Maglev trains which travel at 1000s of miles per hour.

Admiral Byrd and his invasion force was scared away from Antarctica; in 1947.

It was the same year when a UFO crashed in Roswell, New Mexico.  It was not long after that and we had transistors and solid state circuitry.  Remember that?

Let’s get back to Operation High Jump and the attempted invasion of Antarctica.  As I have indicated before, it was a huge operation with over 4000 troops.  One source stated there were 4800!  Photos of the operation are extant and here are some for your consideration.


It is my contention that over the last 8000 years the polar holes have completely opened up and have allowed advanced flying craft belonging to underside or in crust civilizations to fly about over the upper surface.  Indeed, UFOs have been sighted and reported for centuries, the number of sightings have continued to increase since 1947.

Information is continuing to come out of Antarctica; some of it sanctioned and some of it TOP SECRET, which is almost impossible now that so many adept hackers are able to extract information out of the world wide web.  The South Polar region is a mystery but becoming less so.  Let’s examine some more photos from that awesome place.

It is painted as this terribly inhospitable place.  However, there are large regions on this mighty continent where there is no ice and

snow and indeed, living lakes exist.  There is also a huge under ice, living lake there, as well.



Indeed, the Antarctic is a very interesting place and you can easily see more about why that is so.



And the Inhabited Under and Inner World.


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