DtRH 91/2017

Volume Two, 91st Edition, Friday, December 22, 2017

Let’s Talk About


Double Headed Eagle

Article by Gertjan Zwiggelaar

The symbol of the double headed eagle is very ancient.  Indeed it is found in the remnants of one of the earliest civilizations that we know of; the Hittites. It is also found in North, Central, and South American cultures.  The double headed eagle has graced the flags and breast plates of Romans and Knights Errand.  Indeed the symbol graces flags and the lintels of important doorways to this very day all over the planet.  So, to whom does this symbol belong?  The fact that it is found throughout history all over the planet would suggest there is some sort of a master culture to which it belongs and that is something in the shadows and we’re not privy to more information about it.

The Masons use the double headed eagle in their symbology.

Click the link to see more images of the double headed eagle in many of its variations if you have time.


Following is a link to a fascinating documentary YouTube pertaining to the symbol of the double headed eagle.  However, we do not learn about the originators and owners of this esoteric and important symbol every bit as ancient as the swastika; also seen in many places and manifestations.


The documentary to watch if you have time.  Click HERE

You have likely heard of the Habsburgs. Their family crest is the double eagle.

They were an European inbred family who ruled over a whole lot of countries one way or another.

Take note of the Habsburg snozz.  Makes one suspect they are Khazars.  Judging from their history, psychopathy runs deep in that genetic pool.  Click Here for a good documentary regarding the Habsburgs.

Here is a good article regarding the history of this symbol.  However, it talks about the historic uses but does not identify if there is a master controller whose symbol it is.

Click Right Here.

The double headed eagle is a strange symbol, widely used.  What do you know about it?  Share your insights with comments.

Have a nice day and watch out for low swooping eagles.

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