DtRH 92/2017

DtRH 92/2017

Volume Two, 92nd Edition, Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Let’s Take Another Look

at the

Double Headed Eagle

Article by Gertjan Zwiggelaar

In DtRH 91/2017 I asked if anyone reading it had any information regarding the origins of the double headed eagle, which as I indicated is seen all over the planet and in many cultures since the time of the Hittites.  A day later I received a response from one of my readers and he gave me permission when I asked to reprint his explanation regarding the double headed eagle.  I offer it here for your further consideration regarding this enigmatic symbol.

“Hello Gertjan,

regarding your invite to share insights about the symbol of the Double Headed Eagle:

       This symbol hails from the previous taboo civilization, the 17th on Earth, Atlantis. It  

symbolizes the truce, mutual recognition and the temporary dual reign of the two opposing

power blocks in the last and peak period of Atlantis, ca. 15000 BC.

       The Sons of Belial the Service-to-Self group, and the priesthood of the Law of One,

the Service-to Others. The power struggle finally brought Atlantis down and its memory

and artifacts are deliberately erased by our self-serving global follow-up, now crumbling

cabal. This Hidden Hand is rooted there in Atlantis. But a lot of evidence is still visible for  

the awakened observer and more is becoming available as time passes. At present there

is an update of this power struggle, a repetition of the once failed lesson, to finally succeed

into the Light.

      The Double Headed Eagle therefore is found on all continents of the planet upheld then

by the survivors of the global cataclysm in the ‘outback’ of our intentionally shortened history


Love and Light.

Roland Klein




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21 thoughts on “DtRH 92/2017”

  1. The sons of Belial were and are the worshipers of the two thing. James Churchward’s Book “The Sacred symbols of ” there were two groups. One worshiped the the One and the other worshiped the duality things this is described in the King James Companion Bible This was the first earth-age. Because Lucifer desired the love and worship That God received from the inhabitants of the earth he betrayed his position of trust. He was supposed to guard the Mercy Seat of God. He had performed this duty well until sin of pride entered into his heart. The first rebellion drew a third of the sons of God from heaven. Companion Bible Rev. 12 vs. 4.we had different bodies then. God did not wish to destroy his children (us) so he gave all of us a choice be born again thru water as we are to day. The fallen ones refused and are in chains until the day the Anti-Christ appears.It will be Satan him self desiring the love and worship. He will be a man of peace.He will call lighting down from heaven. His number is 666. It represents the sixth trumpet,the sixth seal and the sixth vile which contains the wrath of God. These viles are more like large mouth jars and when dumped everything rushes out at once. Jesus Christ returns at the blast of the seventh trumpet. The two dragons facing different directions signify the confusion comes with the worship of Satan.His colors are red and black.You can see his influence in the serpent mounds of tribes in the eastern U.S. and the tribes of Meso America with their flying serpent god..

    1. Thank you Robert for your comment. I always appreciate it when someone recommends a book. It indicates the respondent is a reader and not just someone with an opinion founded on nothing but hearsay. I watched an old movie recently which was made in 1979; Escape to Athena; a second world war propaganda piece/movie. The object which was the treasure sought in this Alistair McLean story was a collection of gold plates bearing the double headed eagle. It is shown at the beginning and the end of the film. Big stars played in it.

  2. “This symbol hails from the previous taboo civilization, the 17th on Earth, Atlantis.”

    LOL! How would one possibly KNOW this?


  3. Very interesting comments. reminds me of a non canonical book I once read The Testament of the twelve Patriarchs in it Ruben warns his offspring against fornication stating that it brings you closer to Belial which translates to he who will not be raised

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        1. Actually I think that Wikipedia is even more evil as is the History Channel. Google is not such a bad library. And, there are still old books out there available. My advice is to build your own library of books. Seek them out in thrift shops and garage sales. The internet is here and it is what it is because human beings are what they are. For the most part, most human beings have been poorly educated by a totally Jewish controlled public fool system. Schools destroy children and render them sheeple who still believe in Democracy. Educate yourselves and continually remain skeptical and willing to change your mind as new information comes to you. They who control the definitions of words control the world. Even the spell checkers are suspect now with regard to dumbing down the language for people. Simple speak, ie: sound bites, War is Peace, ie: Liberal Marxified Jude inspired governments, Pharmaceuticals = Health, and so on. Many brains have calcified pineal glands and but very limited connection with the Cosmic Mind and the Adjutant Mind Spirits. Hence the Jewish Entity is pretty much controlling things. Look at Facebook. I am heading into my 500th day in Facebook Jail; a term I coined. That is since 2016. Facebook, a judaic entity is controlling the conversation for over a billion subscribers. Until we address the Jewish Question once and for all, circumstances for many will continue to slide towards a Communist Horror the like of which will make the murder of 145 million White Christians in the USSR become but a minor statistic in the record book. The Devil Incarnate is the Jewish Entity which thinks it is collectively, God and can do no wrong against the Gentiles, whom they call, Goyim: ‘animals in human skin.’ Yes, Google is also controlled by Jews, so no wonder you have the opinion you do, Seanoamericano.

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    1. Thank you Gretchen. Your compliment makes my day. I will do as you suggest. Have a wonderful day and please let people know about DtRH and Stratophericus.com.

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    1. It is driving me crazy as well. I just opened my cpanel and I have over 900 to deal with. It is time to phone goDaddy, I think.

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