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Before You Lose It

Article by Stratophericus


What actually is your mind?

Where does it come from?

Is it your brain?

Is it your entire nervous system?

Sometimes your mind is filled with thoughts which you did not originate.  Thoughts come and go in your mind.  You even see dreams in there.  Indeed, you see everything with your mind.  That is where you experience your reality.  It is all in your mind.  It is with your mind by which you the I AM whom you are organize yourself for your daily adventures on a physical planet which in this case is named: Earth, Gaia, Terra, The Blue Planet, The Globe, and Urantia, the name this planet was given when it was declared inhabited.  In 1955 the ‘manual’ for human beings on this planet was published and is known as The Urantia Book.  You can access the entire revelation on line.  Click Here.

The Urantia Book has the most plausible explanation of what mind is and how it manifests in the various layers of living phenomena on this planet on page 402 of my third printing of this book which came out in 1971; the year I bought it in Toronto.  It is the book which changed my life and has been an inspiration ever since.

Anyway, let’s continue and throw some light on this question of mind and how things work in that part of the human equation.

The brain is not the mind, it is the computer which serves mind.  Mind is more like the electromagnetic aspects of the computer; the magical interactions of electrons in circuits and transistors is quite similar to the biological processes which occur in the brain. 

Electromagnetic signals are sent along circuits and bits and bytes are stored in neurons in the cerebral cortex, the brain’s hard drive.  The human brain comes hard wired with ROM; read only memory, which enables the autonomous aspects of the nervous system to function.  The storage component of the brain’s hard drive begins that task very early; indeed the moment the child is born.

As the human being grows and develops and experiences everything possible the more data is stored in the brain and hence the brain grows denser and heavier over time.  The more one works one’s brain, the heavier and denser it becomes.  Indeed, the cerebral cortex is but a thin layer under which is the empty hard drive part which is kind of like a white spongy matter.  My take has always been that IQ is not a fixed quotient and one can work on developing a bigger brain.  Once you learn about how mind works, and you overstand what I am about to tell you, you will be able to work more with your mind and build your IQ to the stratosphere.

The human being is a two brained species of bipedal hominoid.  There are one brained and three brained species, as well.  Physically they sort of look the same except for the head.

This little skull is of a creature called, Star Child.  Whether s/he had a one hemisphere brain I am not certain.


Martin Lucifer King.  Had a problem remembering things.  Sexual deviant.  Whether he had a two hemisphere brain I have no idea.  He did have dreams, apparently.


The planet is surrounded with an electromagnetic field.  Actually there are a number of fields; all vibrating at different frequencies.  Part of that field is the Cosmic Mind which is the sum total of all human mind recorded on the planet and is continually updated.  The Cosmic Mind is a partition of the planet’s computer hard drive.  It starts recording when the first sentient beings evolve; those being a male and female who are self conscious.  I AM x 2 + + +.  The entire story is covered extremely well in the Urantia Book how life came here and how it evolved.

When the Life Carriers come to a salubrious planet such as Urantia became at some point in her story, seven Adjutant Mind Spirits accompany them.  It is about those Mind Spirits that we are now going to focus this illustrated essay.  When we are done, you will know a whole lot about your mind and figure out how not to lose it.

At the center of the human brain is a master antenna called the Pineal Gland. 

This gland is not something THEY who seek to control us want you to be aware of, and indeed, they do not want you to be able to use it fully.  THAT IS WHY they FLUORIDATE your drinking water, chemically spray your skies, and fill your food with poisons which all work together to calcify your pineal gland and keep it from working at peak efficiency.  It is with the pineal gland by which the transmissions of the Adjutant Mind Spirits are received I think, at this time.  By the way, Wickipedia calls the idea of chem trails and geo engineering as ‘Conspiracy Theories.’


Your hair are antennas which pick up subtle vibrations in the ether and also transmit to the pineal gland.  That is why women have that extra female intuition because if you think about it, globally it is our women who tend to have the long hair.  Remember the story of Samson?  When his hair was cut he lost his strength.  The Bible is full of that sort of information regarding life on Earth.  The Urantia Book expounds on all of it and so much more, including the information that is coming to you regarding the mind spirits.


If you doubt the information regarding long hair’s connection with intuition, l will offer the following.  During the second world war this idea regarding hair length and intuition was tested with native American scouts who had very long hair, as the traditional NORAM aboriginals tend to have; both men and women. 

Half of the long haired test group was taken aside and given military hair cuts after the entire group had been thoroughly tested for their tracking skills.  After the hair cuts, that group was not half as effective as it had been before.  You do realize that it takes very subtle intuitive sense to distinguish what broke a little branch, for example.  Was it a man?  Was it a bear?  When did it happen?  That sort of thing.

Let us continue to examine the seven Adjutant Mind Spirits in the order of their appearance in the many layers of life phenomena on Urantia.  Think of them kind of like, circuits.

The first Mind Spirit is: INTUITION.  It is quick perception.

Those instinctual responses which are necessary for the maintenance of one’s life.  This particular mind spirit functions in all living things to a lesser or greater degree.  In the single celled amoeba you can see its functioning when you shine a light on the creature and it quickly seeks to return to darkness.  When you touch it, it reacts.  In some human beings Intuition functions on a very high level; to which you can attest at times, no doubt.  I am confident in saying that you have had experiences of awareness about something and were amazed and wondered, where did that come from?  How did I know that?   You know those feelings, for example of; There’s something wrong, Margaret.  You have all had those moments when you suddenly duck at the right moment to avoid an accident.  Have you also noted, since we are all hard wired into the Cosmic Mind, and we all have this Intuition Mind Spirit, when you are driving along and you stare at someone walking on the sidewalk who suddenly turns around and looks at you?  Happens all the time, doesn’t it?


Number Two is the Spirit of UNDERSTANDING.  The apparently automatic association of ideas.  Making sense of one and one and two and so on.  This spirit co-ordinates your knowledge and organizes it so that things make sense.  The better you fine tune this Mind Spirit, the better will be your quick judgement, rapid reasoning, and near instant decision making.

The Third Mind Spirit is COURAGE.  We will stick our necks out; deny ourselves all kinds of comforts, in order to achieve a goal.  That is Courage in action.  Courage is the basis of character development.  It is ‘the intellectual root of moral stamina and spiritual bravery.’  -UB pg. 402.  When you have filled your mind with facts and are inspired by Truth, it is this Mind Spirit which pushes you to seek the Stratosphere and not let negative influences prevent you from achieving that illustrious goal.  It takes Courage to put oneself on a path of conscientious, righteous self development.

Number Four is the Spirit of KNOWLEDGE.  This is the Mind Spirit which is the source of your curiosity and desire for adventure and discovery.  Knowledge gives one tremendous power because when associated with Courage and the fifth Mind Spirit, Counsel, you can really put yourself on a seriously amazing escalator of self development.

The Spirit of COUNSEL is the source of your social urge.  It is the source of the gregarious instinct in the higher animals and the reason we form friendships or seek the wisdom of a teacher at whose feet we sit.  It is the Spirit of Counsel which helps us harmonize with our fellows.

The preceding five Mind Spirits work in the higher intelligent animals and therefore it is possible to develop friendships with cats, dogs, porpoises but not with serpents since they lack the Spirit of Counsel.  Fish do not exhibit that either.  However, both creatures have the first four which operate, obviously at a much reduced manner than in a human being; but even a snake learns from experience and hence shows the functioning of the Spirit of Knowledge which can not appear if the previous three are not there.

What sets the human being apart from the animals is the functioning of the sixth and seventh Mind Spirits.

Number Six is the Spirit of WORSHIP.  It is the religious impulse.  We human beings have an innate awareness of a higher reality.  It is the reason we build cathedrals and sing oratorios glorifying God Almighty.  It is the spirit which leads one to naturally realize that we human beings are no longer animals but of a higher order.  We can know Our Creator and develop a relationship with Him.  ‘Worship is the badge of spiritual ascension candidacy.’ -UB pg. 402.

The Seventh Mind Spirit is WISDOM.  With this Mind Spirit finely tuned one can fine tune all of the others.  It is the reason that we sentient beings want to put ourselves on an orderly, reasoned path of self development and progressive advancement.  It is with the fine tuned functioning of the Spirit of Wisdom that one actively grows one’s own IQ and continues to strive towards oneness with God.  Wisdom is the acme of intellectual performance and the goal of a purely mental and moral existence.

Once you know and overstand this information you have an excellent model with which to work.  That is the power of language and words.  The more you know, the more words you will have in your vocabulary.  Knowledge gives you the tools necessary to reach the stars.

Have a Happy Time

Mind Building in 2018!

May Peace Reign Finally.

Alas, Wisdom tells me not to be deluded.


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