DtRH Number 81/2017

Volume 2, 81st Edition for Saturday, November 25, 2017

Let’s Talk About Symbols

What is a symbol?  A symbol is a mark, sometimes very simple as is shown in the abstract by Stratophericus, or the symbol can be very complex such as some trade marks, for example.  They can be quite complex but when one regards the symbol most human beings immediately know the marks to be those of massive corporations, nations, or religions, for example.

Apple is the most valuable corporation on the planet and was begun by a computer nerd and a brilliant visionary who knew how to strike a good deal.  Two men connected and started a business in a garage in California in a nation where such developments have taken place a whole lot because…

In America the people can be amazingly Great!

Apple’s corporate logo is very simple but it sums up something very huge!  A now MASSIVE corporation which has BILLIONS of dollars in the bank.  I have owned Apple Computers since I bought my first Mac Plus in 1988.  I work on several today from Pro Macs down to a still working G4 which uses a single cable for the Apple Cinema Display.  It was a better idea but people generally don’t like simplicity and preferred to have two cables for their monitors.  Sigh…

The American People stand as patriots for their flag and sing the national anthem.  Both the flag and the anthem are symbols for a very great nation of truly remarkable people.  Albeit their global politics is a little wanky, but one has to admit, the United States of America has achieved a level of empire never seen before and backed up with multi billion dollar aircraft carriers and weapons technologies which is an unprecedented method of diplomacy.

People in Canada are not like Americans and not so patriotic because up here we have so many different nations insinuated into the national tapestry that there is no large group of Canadians who stand and sing.  There is still a very serious discussion regarding what constitutes the symbol of this country; as in its flag, for example.  Canada is a relatively new nation having been founded in 1867.

The present day flag of Canada is the invention of Communists;

It being red; the colour of the International Communist Party.  The actual flag of Canada is the British Naval Ensign with the heraldic symbol which represents the original people of this nation and that does not include Middle Eastern Muslims or Negroes.

The symbol for the United States; as in the flag which so proudly stood in spite of the bombardment from the British fleet during the War of Independence is in fact the battle flag of the United States of America.  The actual flag representing the Republic on the Land has vertical stripes.  When any nation’s flag has a gold fringe around it, that indicates a military rule.  That gold fringe is a powerful symbol for those of us who know what it means.

There are symbols which people embrace and

There are symbols which are condemned and considered very evil.

A certain group of Internationalists actually want to put people in jail for flying the battle flag of the Southern States; the rebel flag.  Indeed, a madness has crept into humanity due to the infection of a certain entity hell bent upon world domination.  The Flag of the Confederate States which was the Southern States is now highly illegal in certain places in the Jew Nighted States.  For those of you not familiar with the flag and the powerful symbol it is, here is a photo of said flag.  The stars and cross of St. Andrew on a red field.  One version had this flag on the left top left side with a vertical red line on the right border.  A lot of people died under those flags.

There is an even more terrible flag

From which the judaic element shrivels away like cockroaches when you shine a light on them; they scurry away into the darkness.  That flag is best exemplified by this battle stained treasure; the battle flag of the Kriegsmarine.

The swatstika is a very powerful symbol for


White Race.

When it was depicted on an angle, such as in the flag above, and set inside a circle the symbol meant: Wealth and Prosperity for Everyone for Ever.  You see, the swatstika is a vortex which spins and spins for eternity.  The judaic element does not want wealth and prosperity for anyone else but themselves; hence they run away from the swatstika and sometimes members of their tribes paint upside down images which people mistakenly call, swatstikas but are, in fact, souvitskas and are a symbol for the moon, whereas the former is the symbol for the sun; it is a Sun Sign.

The swatstika and its counterpart are very ancient symbols and seen in many ancient cultures.  It is just a symbol and nothing to be afraid of.  Just as one should not be afraid of words and yet, the judaic element is afraid of both; symbols and words and go to great lengths to suppress those expressions of human thought; those amazing mnemonic devices human beings have invented to improve communications.  A symbol can sum up a whole lot of ideas.

Look at this one.

The prancing black horse sums up a level of automotive excellence and performance known as a Ferrari.

It is not a symbol which reflects something made by Negroes in Africa; although some of the more retarded ones will claim that black people founded the company and were Vikings and ‘wuz kaings who bilt dem pyrmids.’  (sic)

Indeed, the pyramids were likely built by giants…

And used to stabilize the electromagnetic field of the planet in order to stabilize the weather.  Pyramids are wobble balancers and capacitors.  They are a powerful symbol for a country called, Egypt.  People equate the pyramids with the country before they will do so with the flag of Egypt.  Most people recognize the former but do not recognize the latter.

Flags are very powerful symbols…

And some human beings will even give up their life to protect that piece of cloth.  Each piece of cloth with its various colours, stripes and other symbols such as the eagle in the Egyptian flag have a great effect on large groups of human beings who happen to inhabit a piece of the planet and identify themselves with a certain tribe or nation.  Most human beings are rooted to a piece of the world and actually subscribe to the idea, ‘My country, right or wrong.’  That country is summed up by the official pendant; the symbol for the nation and all that it stands for.

The menorah is a powerful symbol

For the judaic element which subscribes to a very bizarre, anti life, anti joy cult of rule following psychopaths led by penis suckers called Mohols and Rabbis the menorah is becoming the main symbol for a yearly celebration which takes place in December called Hanukah.  Read the Talmud to learn what the judaics believe.  Go to this link:  Comeandhear.com

The judaics, who used Coca Cola advertising to promote Satan Claus to replace Jesus of Nazareth as the symbol for Christ Mass Day, have now replaced the Christmas tree with their ugly candle holder.  Indeed, up here in Alberta, on the legislature grounds one of the largest in North America of such ugly candle sticks is erected.  Edmonton, the capital has several Synagogues of Satan and other judaic expressions such as a very ugly facade on the peoples’ art gallery and really ugly, judaic art in city hall; which in itself is an ugly architectural expression set in a central square dedicated to:

The mass murdering psychopath,

Winston Churchill,

May his Name Live in Infamy.

Winston Churchill is a symbol. 

The photo is of the arch war criminal making a finger symbol which stands for Victory.

We National Socialists make a hand sign and shout: 


That means: 

Hail Victory!

On the misinformed, retarded side, W.C. (In Europe those letters signify a toilet room), is a symbol of the All Lies valiantly fighting the Hun.  The Hun were those peace loving Germans who never wanted war and tried so very hard to avoid it.  It took months of bombing German civilians and their glorious cities to smithereens when finally the National Socialist Government retaliated.  They DID NOT WANT WAR!

On the informed side, those of you reading these words, for example, Winnie is a disgusting, vile, verminous, mass murdering, Zio toad who should have been blown to bits with a cannon; the way the British occupation forces dealt with some people who would not go along with the robbery and murder effected in India by that rapacious little English dwarf queen, Victoria.

Just a tiny little queen.

She had a big impact, though.

A lot of her people didn’t like her very much.  Those would have been the awake ones; the people who know that the royal house of the UK is a house of lying reptiles who are actually very parasitical and cost the people a ton of money and who are actually pedophiles and murdering slimy cockroaches, in our humble opinion and the opinions of many, many others.  Indeed, there is an international arrest warrant over the present queen’s head in an International Court.  Note that she does not step foot outside the Commonwealth where she is well protected by her policy enforcers such as the red liveried mounties in Canada, for example.  QE II is the head of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.  An image of such an agent of the British Crown is used as a symbol for Canada, clearly indicating that the country is a police state.

But, that is another story.

Read, The Raj, an Eyewitness History of the British in India, compiled by Roger Hudson.

Symbols are everywhere you look.  Even nature throws out symbols for us; such as the provincial flower or provincial bird or insect or paramecium.  The dandelion, a most useful, edible plant, is a symbol for Spring as is the crocus.

And, of course, the symbols of the lying Main Scream Media are known to just about everyone and those are the symbols which should be avoided. Stop watching the Tell Lie Vision which implants the wrong ideas in your mind and is actually a MK Ultra operation to program you.  Here are some symbols to avoid to save your sanity.

     No credibility left in any of these agencies and apt symbols for the times we live in. Times of deceit.

Times of War and Rumours of Wars.  The rumours being spread by the main scream media; totally controlled by the judaic element whom Jesus of Nazareth called, ‘the children of Satan’ and who want World War III.  Stop supporting them and dismiss their logos for the symbols of deceit they are.

You see, Martha, some symbols are good and some are bad, but those symbols which are the good ones have been made into the bad ones; even statues; symbols of a peoples’ history are reviled by the ignoratti who are stirred to hatred by those lying propaganda disseminators some of whose symbols; logos are illustrated above.  Stop letting them dictate what you need to know and what you should believe.

It is the Season for Freedom to remember He Who Came to Set You Free and Whose Name is the Most Powerful Symbol of all and the one the Judaics are most afraid of.

Say it with pride and great joy this upcoming Christmas Season.

Hail all and sundry with a,

Merry Christmas


make a wish for a very good and prosperous new year.


Those words are a powerful Christian Symbol and expresses our Golden Rule

To Love One’s Neighbour as Oneself

and to do unto others as you would have others do unto you.

It is that philosophy which made our White Christian Nations

Never Forget That.

It’s Okay to be White.


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