DtRH 82/2017

Volume 2, 82nd Edition, Sunday, November 26, 2017

Cultures Clashing

Have we Gone too far?

Can you imagine Muslims walking in a parade entertaining people with a Scottish Pipe Band? 

How about a Muslim barbershop quartet?

Can you imagine Muslims doing that?  Having fun and singing in harmony; some old song sung in the South?  Below are some photos contrasting our White Culture with that of the Islamic idea of culture.

Here is an example of how paranoia is introduced to the Muslim child shortly after birth.  They pretend to throw the child from a building.  And then at some point, even when the child is 14 or 15 years old, the boy is subjected to circumcision.  Girls are also done, even as late as adolescence in some areas.  Fear and paranoia right from the get go is imprinted into the little Muslim brain and hence you can overstand why they are what they.  Add to that their Holy Book, the Koran and you will have a very good idea about Islam.  Read, The Horror; soon to come out as a revised edition and available from Stratophericus.com for $19.95.

We have lovely parades and everyone just loves each other and enjoys peace and celebration.

Muslims have to pray FIVE times per day.

Here Come the Africans

Do you realize that a genocide of White People is ongoing in South Africa?  The dark soul of Africa has never left the Africans in Negroland; that being Africa.  Indeed the indigenous people of Sub-Saharan and Central Africa; those black as coal human hybrids still eat human meat and believe in witchcraft such as, Ju Ju and Mumbo Jumbo.  Read, Helper’s, Negroes in Negroland, a free pdf on the Internet.  CLICK HERE.


Yeah, we’re all the same race.   That is obvious, isn’t it?

Coming to a neighborhood near you in the upcoming future as the Negro Muslims and the Ju Ju ones take over now this neighborhood, now that village and that town.  Eventually they take over your province or state due to their overwhelmingly increasing numbers and the scourge of Democracy.  They use it to take over and before you know it, just like London and Paris, Oslo and Berlin; White Women are no longer safe and Communist/Judified governments; now unelected bodies of fat Narcissists comprising the EU which spends billions and billions of dollars just moving headquarters from this place to that every other month.  Total insanity reigns and the peoples’ money is squandered on supporting third world and fourth world human looking creatures who are heavily infected with diseases of the body, mind, and spirit.  Creatures who think it is good to kill and eat White People or each other.

There is something about mutilation which is in the Muslim mind set. Either self mutilation or the mutilation of hapless transgressors of Sharia; you know, those women who are sick and tired of being treated like a dog and seek affection from another.  They are stoned to death.  However, according to the Koran, a man can have up to FOUR wives, as many concubines as he can afford, and sexual relief stations along the paths he travels.

There is nothing in the Koran which can be illustrated with the coloured drawing by Stratophericus.  Men and women, boys and girls do not dance together and enjoy a happy celebration such as that reflected in the drawing.

Men Dance With Men in Muslimland.

They can even have sex with animals.  And, not to forget; the Koran admonishes the tortuous death of all unbelievers on almost every page ad nauseum.

These Asiatics who came into North America and wiped out the indigenous White Races were also very savage and living a stone aged existence conducting internecine warfare over territory and women.  White People, when they came to North America did not find all of the Asiatic red skins so willing to share land and came to be called, savages for a reason.  Just take a look at the chap in the photo above.  That is how his people looked even into the early 20th Century.  And just like other third world people, have not progressed in their sartorial display.  Tradition holds back a whole lot of human hybrids who can not progress because of that.  There are lots of indigenous people who can not progress because they do not have the mental and spiritual capacity.  Judaics are stuck in tradition.  They even sing about it and think it is a good thing.  Their tradition is spelled out in the Talmud; and just as the Koran, is a literature worth delving into so you completely realize why some of us consider them an enemy of Truth and the Children of Satan.  CLICK HERE.

And, if you are not aware of this yet, Judaics are firmly in support of the massive importation of Third World and Fourth World Savages into our White Christian Nations to further add impetus to the genocide of our race.



Enough is Enough!!!




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