These are the very first experiments in Garage Band before I purchased Logic Pro X.  There is a real mishmash of sounds on this CD, including poetry set to music.  I had a lot of fun with this because there was an incredible amount of creative energy unleashed which resulted in 29 CDs of content in the space of three and a half months of steady work, morning till night.  I am manic that way.  I hope you will enjoy this collection.  For a mere $15 Cdn, you will have sounds which will amaze you and ideas worth keeping in mind.  ORDER TODAY.


  • Poisoned World.  This is the very FIRST piece I ever composed in Garage Band.  I made up the poem on the spot.  1:40.  You will note that as I progressed, the pieces became longer and longer, eventually resulting in a Symphony which runs for 73 minutes!
  • Soft Underbelly.  This piece has an ominous tone.  Think Middle East when you listen to this.  3:12
  • Her Love Was a Corpse.  This is a poem that was composed after a nasty break up a long time ago.  1:43
  • My Mermaid From the Sea.  This is one of my very favorite poems set to music.  4:01
  • Meditation on an Oboe.  The oboe is a very lovely wood wind which produces spine tingling sounds.  5:33
  • A Piece for Brasses.  Brass instruments, when combined, can really rattle one’s ear drums.  3:14
  • Till Three A.M. in the Orient.  Surely it does get to be that time over there.  10:26
  • An Irish Pastorale.  I have a great affinity for Ireland.  Since I am a ginger, I suspect some of my DNA is from there.  I love everything about Ireland; those emerald Isles by the sea.  5:33
  • What Time is it in Cambodia?  I think one loses one’s sense of time in that timeless place.  16:10

$15 Cdn plus Postage.