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Gertjan Zwiggelaarʼs Show Record

  • 1968 Groupshow,DunlopArtGallery,Regina,Saskatchewan
  • 1970  Groupshow,NormanMcKenzieArtGallery,Regina,Saskatchewan
  • 1971  Groupshow,NormanMcKenzieArtGallery,Regina,Saskatchewan
  • 1972  Groupshow,NormanMcKenzieArtGallery,Regina,Saskatchewan
  • 1972  Two man show, University of Regina Art School, Regina,Saskatchewan
  • 1972  First Annual Student Ceramics Exhibition, Cross Canada Tour
  • 1972  Exchange exhibition, University of British Columbia, Vancouver
  • 1972  Exchange exhibition,University of Saskatchewan,Saskatoon
  • 1973  Group show ,Norman McKenzie Art Gallery, Regina,Saskatchewan
  • 1974  The Stream,Group show,Par Nuit Gallery, Regina,Saskatchewan
  • 1976  Group show, University of Alberta, Studentsʼ Union Art Gallery
  • 1977  Group show, University of Alberta, Studentsʼ Union Art Gallery
  • 1978  Group show, University of Alberta, Studentsʼ Union Art Gallery
  • 1980  Beaver Regional Art and Craft Fair,Viking, Alberta, (juried, 4 first,1 second)
  • 1983  Christmas show,Gallery One,Saskatoon,Saskatchewan
  • 1984  “OnBeingHuman; Seven Artists Explore the Human Condition” Francis Morrison Gallery, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
  • (I also curated this show)
  • 1985  One man show, Francis Morrison Gallery,Saskatoon,Saskatchewan
  • 1990  One Man show, Four Corners Art Gallery, Red Deer, Alberta
  • 1992  One Man show, Cronquist House, Red Deer, Alberta
  • 1993  Two Man show, Old Court House Gallery, Red Deer, Alberta
  • 1994  One Man show, Cronquist House, Red Deer, Alberta
  • 1995  One Man show, Old Court House Gallery, Red Deer, Alberta
  • 2002  Kokopeli Urban Grill, Kelowna, B.C.
  • 2002  Two man show at the Coast Capri Hotel with Geert Maas, Kelowna, B.C.
  • 2004  One man installation at the Red Deer Lodge, Red Deer, Alberta
  • 2005  Group Show at Tamarack Motor Inn, Rocky Mountain House, Alberta
  • 2008  One Man Show at the Hub, Ross Street
  • 2008  Publication of, A Pirateʼs Tale.
  • 2009  Publication of, Into the Game.
  • 2013  Publication of, A Journey to the Underside.
  • 2014  Publication of: Marty & Me, Another Pirateʼs Tale, Hanzel Sventska, a Third Pirateʼs tale, and, Islands of the Chimera.
  • 2016  One Man Show at Arbor Valley Interior Design, Red Deer, Alberta.  Acrylic Abstracts and Ink Sunsets and Sunrises.

A Small Town somewhere on my travels with my wonderful Toyota

Self Portrait on the Coast

 Peace at a Lake Somewhere East of Where I Was

Looking Through a Train Window
Mountainscape in Three Pieces
Mountainscape in Three Pieces
Dead Trees
Highway in the Mountains
Winding River
Tree on a Hill
On the Foggy Coast
Saying Goodbye
Forest Falls
Somewhere in Ireland
Somewhere in Europe
Lake in the Rockies
Lots of Water in Alberta
Odd Black Rocks on a Beach
Self Portrait
Taking a Break
An Impending Storm Over a Lake
Calming Arrangement of Rocks on a Beach
Night in the Rockies
Pale Rocks
West Coast
Three Pears
Three Pears and an Apple
Two Pears and an Apple

Following are an assortment of photos which attached themselves to this page.  Most are self explanatory.  The Photo of the aboriginal family is very gorgeous.  Mom and Dad with their little offspring; everyone so at peace and happy.  The expressions on the faces of the parents and the proud little girls tell volumes and I need say no more.

The two cars are: A 1978 Datsun 280 Z 2 x 2 in silver called, Silver Streak by the Author.  The Toyota Supra was fairly new in the photo taken on one of the Artist’s many travels in that car.  The former was destroyed in a white out by a hungover snow plow driver in 1982 putting the Artist into the hospital for five weeks with two broken legs.  The Supra achieved 414,000 km when he gave it away to the mother of his son when they separated and went in other directions.

  Sketch by Gertjan

Some photos of works by Gertjan’s Visual Arts Students at Lindsay Thurber Comprehensive High School in Red Deer.sole to soul ad




Blue Men Discover a Lost City  circa 2002

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