1. Eloquent speaker and writer of English.
  2. Speak and read Dutch.
  3. Speak and read some French and Spanish.
  4. Efficient multi-tasker.
  5. Efficient time manager.
  6. Having spent many years on various boards, I have become an able chairman, capable of running a meeting and keeping on the agenda.
  7. Computer literate, both Mac and PC.
  8. Skilled user of Adobe: Illustrator, Pagemaker, and Photoshop.
  9. Class 2 and 6 driverʼs license/clean abstract. I have driven everything from 18 wheelers to school buses.
  10. Rapid typer. Average at least 40 words per minute.
  11. Talented photographer. I have taught adult classes in Photography through the auspices of the Photographersʼ Gallery in Saskatoon.
  12. Talented painter of art imagery in acrylics, oils, and watercolours.
  13. Talented lay out artist.
  14. Talented writer of all kinds of material.
  15. Well honed leadership skills.
  16. Works very well in unsupervised situations.
  17. A motivated self starter.
  18. Excellent sight reader.
  19. Able to effect various accents.
  20. Acting skills. I have movie and television experience.
  21. Excellent imagination/ a quick thinker.
  22. Broad knowledge base.
  23. Well traveled.
  24. Friendly and gregarious demeanor.
  25. Excellent teacher.
  26. Good table tennis player.
  27. Has worked in the construction industry and am able to help withframing, siding, and roofing work.
  28. Excellent public speaker.
  29. Plays an accordeon.
  30. Enthusiastic/passionate/efficient/team player.


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