De Molen aan Wijk by Duurstede

Not an elevator but a grain grinder in oil by Gertjan.  This is a pastiche; as in a copy of another’s original painting. The original painter was the great Jacob van Ruisdael.  Collection of the mother of the Artist’s Daughter, Carey Annbrie; a ceramic artist and merchant in Nova Scotia.  The mother of the Artist’s three grandchildren.

VIKING, Alberta, before the elevators were torn down.  Circa 1980.  Photo by Gertjan.

Langham, Saskatchewan.  Oil painting by Gertjan.
Pioneer.  Oil painting by Gertjan.
Waiting for Grain.  Oil painting by Gertjan.  Collection of LTCHS.
Purple and Orange.  Oil painting by Gertjan.  A gift to a nameless girl, I can not remember.  She looked after the Artist’s daughter.

Photos of grain elevators by Gertjan Zwiggelaar.  Many of these majestic structures are no more.

Winter on the Farm.  Water colour by Gertjan.