Hanzel Sventska

A Third Pirate’s Tale

by Gertjan Zwiggelaar

Published in 2014.

This is the largest book ever published by America Star Books with more than 62,000 authors on contract.  This incredible book weighs over TWO pounds!  It is a 6 x 9 trade paperback with single spaced type.  In other words, Hanzel Sventska is a HUGE pirate tale and classified as an adventure story.  I call it, A Faustian Fiction, in that my protagonist sells his soul to the Devil in order for him to continue enjoying the sweet trade for 100 years.  Of course, as you well know, when you sell your soul to that Master Thief and Consummate Liar, whatever contract you make will come back to haunt you and bite you in the arse.

AMERICA STAR BOOKS appears to have gone out of business recently, hence availability of this book is now in question.  We have only a couple left in stock.  You can order one of these very rare books for only $149.95, includes postage and your special ordered autograph and dedication.

Hopefully we will have the publishing issue resolved before too long.  We do not expect it to happen before 2018 sometime.

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