Down the Rabbit Hole etc.

Go Directly Down the Rabbit Hole.  No passing Go.

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Photo by: Jim Mill
The Artist making a phone call on the road to Big White, British Columbia. This photo is a bit of humour which evolved as a friend, a very talented photographer with 17 years experience in the international fashion industry and the Author stopped for a break whilst on one of their frequent road trips. They found the phone in the trunk of the photographer's car.

-photo credit: Jim Mill

BELOW IS A RANDOM SELECTION OF DtRH, Down the Rabbit Hole, a semi regular column Gertjan writes when the inclination strikes and he feels a need to add to some of the chatter of the day.  It is because of this column which is published and archived in that Andrew Carrington Hitchcock and Gertjan decided to name their weekly radio program:

Down the Rabbit Hole with Gertjan & Andy.

We hope you enjoy these editions of DtRH and will find them helpful as well.  They are designed to be easily photo copied two sided on a single sheet of letter sized paper.  Spread the word.  Hand them out.  Hang copies on your office bulletin board.  Every DtRH is written by Gertjan.

Here is the last Down the Rabbit Hole posted as a 2 page pdf on Saturday, November 18 in


From now on, DtRH will be posted as an html file.  Click Here for the first newly designed DtRH #77 for November 21, 2017

LOOK HERE FOR FUTURE POSTS OF DtRH, Down the Rabbit Hole with Stratophericus.

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Go to SoundCloud and listen to Gertjan's music that is posted there whilst you look at his Art.  In case you were looking for something to do and enjoy some pleasantries in your ears and eyes.

At the Trail of Ernst Zundel.  Sensitive Information very dangerous for judaic sensibilities was revealed.  Click Here.


for something completely different.


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