Islands of the Chimera

BY Gertjan Zwiggelaar

Published by America Star Books in 2014.

This Science Fiction/Horror tale is an homage to H.G. Well’s novel, The Island of Doctor Moreau one of the very first science fictions ever written.  That book was published in 1896.

Gertjan’s novel is about genetic engineering gone wrong.

An eccentric old researcher manages to convince the narrator of the story and some friends to fund an expedition into the Philippines; where thousands of islands can hide all manner of machinations such as a mad scientist with a nefarious plan to create and sell a superior soldier to the internationalists for their many wars to take over planet Earth.  ‘This story is creepy right from the start,’ according to N.R. Raffa who wrote the foreword.

A very limited number of these books are available.  It appears to be out of print; as in not available on Amazon any longer.  You can check out Gertjan’s author’s page there.

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